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I love baking but not the cleaning part. If you are lazy like me or like to be efficient this video is perfect for you because
I’m going to show you how to make cake liners for not just the typical round
pan but also for other types of shapes and sizes as well. For other tutorials
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every week. Alright so we have a basic round pan and another one that the
bottom comes off.. a cake ring …tray rectangle cake pan and a little bigger one
that you often use for things like bread. Let’s start from the regular round pan.
We’re gonna first make the buttom. So cut your parchment paper into square shape..
hold it in half..hold in half again and keep holding like this to make a really
nice sharp rectangle. So the tip is gonna be the center of the bottom. Mark the
edge like this and cut through the line. And the bottom is complete. Next
let’s make the side. I’m gonna need two stripes of parchment papers for this size.
Hold into your desirable height and cut about a half or one inch away from the line depending on the size of your mold. And cut diagonally to create the fine
frills.. or fringe I should say? Just like this…
and the side is complete as well. And I just decided to cut this in half. Just
make sure that the side is completely covered. Place the bottom and… it’s
complete! For a pan with a detachable bottom, do the exactly same thing. The
batter will not start leaking from the bottom if you make the frills
precisely. And for the cake ring you’re gonna use exactly the same method. I’m just showing you here again. Very important thing is that you want to
place your ring on a sheet or tray before you pour the batter.. I’m sure you
can imagine how disaster is gonna be if you don’t. And cut diagonally to the line but do
not go over the line. What I love about cake liners are, besides easy cleaning, is
that you can use the same pans right away without washing them off when you
need to bake again and again and again throughout the whole day. All right
next, let me show you how to do with a tin or tray whichever you have. When
your tray is shallow I always make sure that it’s higher than the Height. And
what I’m doing right here is to mark the lines and fold to create the really nice
sharp edges. Once you’re done with that you want to
cut the excess papers but just make sure that the length is a little bit higher
than the height of your tray. And you want to cut the corner diagonally like this up to the very corner. And cross them
together when you place them… like this. So as you can see the corners are not
completely sharp, it’s a little bit round so I just needed to tear the lines a
little bit to let them completely fit in the bottom. And that’s it!
And when I was working on it. my daughter just woke up from her nap time. Did
you sleep well? yeah. All right so let’s do the loaf pan this time. You want to
make sure it’s a little bit longer than the height and pinch the bottom lines so
that you can fold through them later Mark the top lines as well.. and again
just like you did with the tray, cut a little bit away from the line so that
the batter won’t overflow while you are baking. Fold through the lines like this. Don’t skip this part because it will create
really nice and sharp look for your cake. And here I just decided to trace the
lines so that you guys can see clearly. So we’re going to cut the edges but
there’s two ways.. you can either cut diagonally like that
or cut straight. I’m gonna show you both ways but let’s start from my preferred
way which is cutting straight. So turn 90-degrees every time you cut.. and cut
straight along the line. I like this way better because it fits really nice and
then there is no parchment paper is hanging around everywhere. And let them
sink in the pan like this.. and make sure that it is fitting to the bottom really
nicely. And I like to pinch the corners to create the extra sharp look. And it’s done! all right so this is a smaller pan, small
rectangle pan that we often use for cakes like pound cake ..but let me show you the second way which is cutting diagonally at the very end. All the
other steps are same. So again, what I am doing is marking the bottom and top
corners so that you can fold them and after that cuts a little bit away from
the lines just like this. And double-check because it’s always
important. And this time cut diagonally just like I did earlier for the tin or
tray. This is probably the easier way. And just like I showed you earlier with the
tray cross the edges like this and let them sink to the bottom. And pinch the
corners. And all done! Now you know exactly what to do to make a perfect liner for
your cake, make sure to hit the notification bell because on next week
I’m going to share the step-by-step tutorial on how to make delicious
classic vanilla butter cake. It is often used for cakes like fondant cake or
buttercream cake because it can really sustain the weight. So if you liked this
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