HOW to INSTANTLY ELIMINATE ACNE … FAST! | How to Get Rid of Acne & Pimples
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HOW to INSTANTLY ELIMINATE ACNE … FAST! | How to Get Rid of Acne & Pimples

If you have acne, you know this topic has
been done to DEATH already. But there’s SO MUCH FUCKING INFO that even
if you’ve already heard it all, you probably still have no idea what to do, and you probably
still have acne. Right? So today I’m here to give you a very simple
list of SPECIFIC things you should do – these are what I consider the MOST IMPORTANT things
that everybody with acne needs to be doing. #1 Diet. Now you’re probably thinking “oh THANKS
Zeus, I’ve totally never heard THIS tip before. Eat Healthy! Thanks for the fucking insight bro!” But wait. I’m gonna tell you SPECIFICALLY, EXACTLY which
foods to eat, and exactly which foods to avoid, including an EXACT LIST of the food I personally
eat in a typical day. AVOID: dairy, super sugary shit, processed
foods, greasy food, junk food, soda, candy, fast food, and sugary cereal! Also, if you’re eating packaged food – for
example, a bag of chips, or a frozen meal – and you look at the Ingredients list on
the back and it takes you more than like 5 seconds to read it – that’s too many fucking
ingredients and you should probably stay away from it. I also recommend drinking water that’s as
clean as possible – I actually discovered this recently: if you live in the US, the
requirements for water treatment are pretty lax, meaning in most places if you drink water
from the tap there are tons of chemicals and toxins in it. Now for most people they don’t really notice
a difference, but for dudes with sensitive skin, that’s exactly the kind of bullshit
you need to avoid! So I highly recommend getting a water filter
for your tap. Now. The 5 things you definitely NEED to be eating
are: Green Tea because it has tons of antioxidants that prevent the effects of environmental
stressors on your body, Fruits, Vegetables, a Vitamin D3 supplement, foods that are high
in Omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation AND a probiotic supplement. Probiotics are good bacteria that populate
your gut and help optimize your bodily and immune functions, so they can also be helpful
at reducing inflammation – aka the big ass inflamed things on your face known as pimples. They sell these at practically every grocery
store. One of the most important factors determining
whether or not you’ll break out is your diet. If you eat a shitty diet, it’ll translate
to shitty skin, it’s simple. Now I’m not saying you need to switch up your
diet so you’re eating NOTHING BUT FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND TEA – but, making sure your
diet is at least CENTERED AROUND these things is the easiest way to clear up your skin. # 2. Cleanse your face This is something that a lot of guys struggle
with – even me. For most of my teenage years I barely used
anything for my face because it just seemed like such a fucking hassle, plus you never
really know which products work and which ones are bullshit, so even if you do use products
you usually only got mild results anyway. However, consistently cleansing your face
is probably the most important thing you can do to prevent acne. Throughout the day, the oils and sweat from
your face build up and clog your pores, along with all the dirt and pollution in the air. If you don’t cleanse your face, you’re
letting all that shit build up, and that leads to breakouts. Now I know exactly how it is, no dude wants
to take time out of his day to wash or moisturize his face, it’s something you forget about
easily when you’re in a rush, AND even if you want to you’re not even sure what to
buy because there’s like 10 trillion different versions of products and moisturizers that
all claim to be “THE #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT FOR SKINCARE!” How can every product be #1? That doesn’t even make sense. Now lately, the product I’ve been using is
Tiege Hanley. Tiege allows me to do the minimum amount of
work, while getting epic results: It’s simple as fuck, it literally adds just TWO minutes
to my morning routine and it makes my skin noticeably clearer and healthier. Right after I brush my teeth, I use the Tiege
facial cleanser to make sure my pores don’t stay clogged and to make sure my face stays
clean. Then I just put on the serum, eye cream, and
moisturizer and boom I’m done. And the reason it’s so simple is because
when you get the kit, it comes with EVERYTHING, and each of the bottles tells you exactly
how much to use and in what order so you literally just read it once and then know when to put
which product on. I actually really like that feature, because
it really simplifies the process, and you don’t have to struggle with reading tiny little
directions and figuring it out yourself, nor do you have to try a bunch of different stuff
and experiment with this product and that product and when to use it and all that. You also don’t even need to worry about
going out and buying it, because it’s subscription-based, so you subscribe to it once, and you get it
delivered to your door every month. Throughout history, men have searched for
the long-lost Holy Grail, believed to bestow supernatural abilities upon any one who drinks
from it. Many kings and queens died in their quest
for it. A group called the Knights of Templar was
created and their sole purpose was to search for the Grail and return it to their kingdom. They were never successful …….. until
now. “IT’S THE BLOOD OF THE GODS!” Yeah, WELL, I don’t know if it actually bestows
supernatural abilities on you – but, its ability to completely clear up your acne is so good
that it’s practically supernatural. If you want to check it out I’ll have a
link and a Based Zeus certified discount code in the description. # 3. Don’t touch your face Now this is an obvious one but let me really
break it down for you guys so you fully understand what I mean by this. DO NOT touch your face. Throughout the day you touch all types of
germ-filled stuff like other people, door knobs, hand rails, and more. So when you touch your face without washing
your hands, you’re putting all that bacteria and dirt all over it, leading to clogged pores
and a breeding ground for breakouts. Also, this goes without saying but you’d
be surprised by how many dirty dudes I see walking out of the bathroom without even looking
at the sink! WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN, especially after using
the bathroom, don’t be disgusting. It only takes 20 seconds to wash your hands
with soap and water and ensure your hands are clean, and you’re reducing the amount
of gross shit you come in contact with. Seriously, I was at the gym last night and
judging by the sounds, some dude was in the stall taking a MASSIVE shit. Then he came out, and just walked right out
of the locker room! Didn’t even wash his hands! I was staring at him like …..That’s disgusting. If you don’t wash your hands after you take
a shit, what the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously. What is wrong with you. It’s scientifically proven that you touch
your face hundreds of times a day whether you realize it or not, so you might as well
make sure your hands are clean if you’re gonna be touching it without realizing it. Also, from a general hygiene standpoint you
SHOULD be washing your hands after you use the bathroom because if not, you’ll be more
likely to get sick and you’ll be literally touching your own shit and putting it on your
face and everywhere else! Holy shit, that sounds so disgusting when
I put it like that. But it’s true. And it really is disgusting. Holy shit. Pun intended. [OUTRO] Click the link in the description
to check out the skincare product I recommend – Tiege Hanley – RIGHT NOW! And be sure to use the coupon code BASEDZEUS20
when you checkout and you’ll get a huge discount on your order!


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