How to Give Face Scrubs for Dry Skin : Rehydrating After Exfoliating

Kate: In this clip I’m going to show you how
when you remove dry skin with the scrub, we have to remember to rehydrate the skin and
protect it. Using a toner like this, we’re just going to spray it. You’re going to hold
it about six to twelve inches from the skin and really saturate the skin with that moisture.
We’re going to pat it in. It’s an important step because toner restores the acid mantle
of our skin, which is the natural protective barrier that we have and also allows us to
use less moisturizer and have it be more effective. I’m also going to apply mineral sunscreen
for our client and I like the mineral varieties of SPF because they offer full coverage UV
and UVB and UVA blockage. You want to shy away from the mineral ones if you have dark
skin though because it will leave you ashy.

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