How to Give a Pedicure : Removing Cuticles from Toe Nails in a Home Pedicure

Hi, I am Danielle DeCamp with Intuition Salon
and Spa. I am the foot care specialist here. The next procedure is removing the client’s
cuticles. Now usually what you do first is remove the nail polish with nail polish remover,
but in this case my client does not have any on, so I am going to go ahead and deal with
her cuticles. I am going to have her remove her right foot off my tub, go ahead and dab
some of the water off there, grab my cuticle remover going to put that on my fingers. You
never want to put it straight on the toes for sanitation reasons. Go ahead and apply
this to her toes, right at the cuticle and around her toe to soften that right up and
that I am going to take my implement and I am going to remove the cuticle. Now what I
am going to do is start at the top of the toe, get over the excess build up of there
and make sure I go straight down. Don’t press too hard, you don’t want to hurt the
client but she do want to get all that gunk off of their toes. Make sure you push down
into the cuticle and around the edges to make sure you are getting that all off of there.
I am going to continue to do that with all of the toes until you are down to just the
pinky. Now make sure you really are getting down in there because they don’t want to
pay for pedicure that they are getting the full service out of, so make sure you really
get in down into the cuticles, am I hurting you am I… Now when I have pushed all the
cuticles down I am going to take my cuticle clipper and then I am going to go ahead and
remove all the excess down here with her cuticles, make sure you get all the excess skin around
there. Sometimes you even have on the outside of their toes, around whole toenail so make
sure that you remove that for them, and I am going to continue to do that with all of
the toes
and that I am also going to do that on the left foot.

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