How to Give a Pedicure : Cuticle Softener: Beauty Spa Pedicure Methods & Nail Care Tips

This is the cuticle softener that I purchase
at Beauty Supply House that sells products to the public. The importance of a cuticle
softener is to do just that it softens all the dry dead skin all around the toenails.
I’m going to start applying it and you use that with the hot soapy water to soak just
to help it loosen it even further. So you just apply the softener on each toenail and
just rub it in really really well just even rub it even around back of the toes because
there is really dry skin and this would help loosen it and just kind of work it in each
toe and each nail try to get it really good under the free edge which is underneath the
top part of your nail. Once that is complete on one foot we would continue on with the
other foot doing the exact same thing.

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