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How to get Soft Skin | Spa Day | ANN LE

(upbeat pop music) – Hello, everyone! How’s it going? Anne here, and today I’m
going to share with you guys some of my tips that I like to, some of my tips and
products that I like to use to obtain nice, smooth, and soft skin. Now that summer is almost over, and it’s going to transition
into a new season, fall time, it’s time that we take
good care of our skin because over the summertime we tend to hang out in the sun, and it really dries up and
suck out all the moisture from our skin. And plus when the season changes, your body needs to readjust. So it’s time that you take
good care of yourself, have some me time. I’m going to share with you guys different products that you can use, and that will enhance your whole overall bath experience. And so the first thing I
want to share with you guys is a dry body brush. This one is by Bathery. I love this ’cause it has a handle. All the Bathery products
that I will be showing you guys are from Target,
and you can find it there. So what I love about a
dry brush is that you can exfoliate before taking a bath or before taking a shower. The great thing about a dry body brush is that it improves blood circulation, and at the same time, you’re brushing off all the
dead skin cells on your body. So the way I use this is
that I just go in very light motion, and I brush toward my heart. And this should really, really feel good, especially if you are feeling itchy, you have dry itchy skin, it feels really, really good. So in the bathtub I also
like to mix in some salt. And sometimes I would mix in epsom salt. It’s very inexpensive. Or I would use a therapeutic salt that has like a nice lavender scent to it because it’s nice and relaxing. It just really calms down the overall mood in your bathtub. So after exfoliating with a dry brush, you want to use something that is soft and gentle on your skin. Therefore, this delicate
bath bomb is, bath bomb? I said, “Bath bomb.” Bath sponge is perfect for the job. And you just have to
squeeze in some body wash, and just, you know, kind of massage it onto your skin. So speaking of massage, I also have this massager that you can use in the bathtub. And if you want more of a deep massage, and if you have an area on your body that is tense, aside from the epsom salt that will help you, this is also great. So the way you use this
is that you push this on your problem area, and then you just go in
like circular motion, just like this. And it feels really, really good. At the same time, it just
relieve all that tension on you. Alright, it’s also really important to take care of the skin on your feet. And I absolutely love this wand because it has like everything I need to give my feet a little pedicure. So it has a pumice, a
brush on the other side, and then down here
there’s like two buffers that you can use. So I would use the pumice first. And then I would use either
one or the other buffer, depending on how bad, you know, my skin is, and how rough it is. And then I would use the brush to like brush it off, and like
clean off all the dirt that’s stuck in between, you know, the texture on my feet. If you want like smooth skin on your foot then definitely get something like this. It’s so, so helpful. Alright guys, another
great option for scrubbing and exfoliating are these bath gloves. And they’re just another
great way of cleaning. If you don’t want to use the bath sponge, and if you want more of an exfoliation, then you can use these bath gloves. I like to take these
with me while travelling because it takes up less space, and it fits in my shower
caddy a lot better. So, after your bath, make
sure to dry up nicely, and then moisturize yourself
with a deep moisturizer. Now if you have super dry hands and super dry feet, then
you might want to use some gloves and socks before bedtime, and, well, during bedtime. So these are also from Bathery. And they’re super cool
because you can wear them during bedtime, like
while you’re sleeping. And then in the morning
time, when you wake up, you can take them off, and your hands will
feel super moisturized, and your feet will feel super soft. And you guys are going to
love, love the feeling of that. Alright guys, so that concludes
my ultimate bath me time. And I hope you guys
found this video helpful. If you do, don’t forget to
give this video a thumbs up, and also subscribe for more weekly videos and helpful tutorials. So if you guys want to get your hands on all these amazing Bathery items, they’re available at Target, or you can also enter to win two $100 Target gift cards. If you guys want to enter to win, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter, and #mybatherysweeps. And I will see you guys
in next week’s video. (blows kiss) Ciao! (upbeat pop music) ♫ Hey hey ♫ – [Voiceover] But we’re taking a pit stop. Winston is getting tired it looks like. He’s the other man.


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