HOW To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Fat Loss
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HOW To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Fat Loss

hey guys so I want to talk about what
you can do if you have loose skin after losing a ton of fat so as you gain
weight you know as you become very overweight and sometimes obese your skin
doesn’t just expand you know you can grow new skin cells the surface area of
your skin increases and after you lose a significant amount of fat especially if
you lose that fat quite rapidly you left with a lot of loose skin and this can be
pretty disheartening because you look great now right you’ve got a body that’s
getting more ripped but it’s kind of ruined aesthetically by having excess
loose skin so you know it’s just like what what the fuck what should I do
uh and there isn’t a simple solution for this and unfortunately if you have a lot
of loose skin then all you can really do in that circumstance to truly get rid of
it if we if we’re being real is to get surgery and and that’s a realistic
possibility if you can financially you know afford that because it can be quite
expensive but if there’s just so little loose skin then I’ve got good news for
you because there are some things you can do to basically hopefully make it
disappear or look less noticeable at least and probably the easiest thing you
can do although it is quite difficult but the most effective way in the most
realistic way is to build more muscle so basically you’re gonna replace the fat
that fat with muscle you can’t turn fat into muscle but I’m saying once you lose
that fat you build muscle up and because you build that muscle up you kind of
fill in and make a use of that excess skin and over time
you know building muscle is gonna take a long time but over the years as you
build this muscle up any loose skin should become less noticeable as you get
stronger and bigger there are also a number of other things you can do to
improve your skin’s elasticity right so the first thing is to be consuming
enough protein which you should be doing anyway so this probably isn’t going to
be a problem unless you’ve been under eating it but if you have this issue I
would suggest consuming about a gram per pound of body weight of protein which is
probably about what you’ve been consuming or maybe a gram is
a bit more than what you have been consuming but around that amount is
gonna be good and like I said you should be consuming this anyway another thing
which is gonna help is to consume Omega 3 right Oh Meghan 3 commonly known as
fish oil but it’s also found in cod liver oil and krill oil and you know
when salmon and fish and different seafood as well as beef and butter but
basically consuming enough Omega 3 is gonna help with your skin’s elasticity
has the fatty acids DHA and EPA and there’s some evidence to show that it
may be helpful so consuming enough omega-3 whether it be through
supplementation or whether it be through consuming fish a few times per week it
is probably going to be advantageous for you I’d suggest just trying to consume
it from fish more because a lot of these supplements out there have been shown to
be prone to lipid peroxidation which is not a good thing it’s not something you
want to be happening in your body so you know buy a quality fish oil supplement
or just opt for consuming fish a few times per week another thing you want to
do is make sure not to be smoking now you know if you want to smoke a bit of
weed with your friends occasionally something like that so if you smoke the
old cigarette once per month or something like that I mean that’s not a
it’s not a problem that’s not gonna cause any long-term harm although it can
cause a potential risk for addiction in the future and so on but if you’re
smoking regularly this is not something you want to be doing for your general
health anyway but especially for this problem because it’s gonna restrict
blood flow it’s not gonna be the best thing in the world you really want to
minimize smoking as much as possible I know if you are smoking it’s very tough
to stop right but you have to find a way you have to do something about it
because it’s it’s very damaging like I said the occasional one isn’t gonna be
the worst thing in the world but if it’s a daily habit then it is something you
need to make sure to to minimize to help this problem another thing you can do is
take gelatin right so you can make stocks you can buy gelatin and you can
use in your food you can find different recipes and different ways to
incorporate this into your diet there has been some research that has shown
that gelatin is going to help increase your skin’s elasticity and basically
that’s about it the main thing you can do is build muscle
but his probably the best thing you can do and it’s more of a preventative thing
so although aggressive fat loss and losing fat quickly when you’re really
obese is tempting because you can do it and it works well this is one of the
reasons why you may get a lot of loose skin if you drop 60 pounds within you
know three months you’re gonna have probably gonna have more loose skin than
if you drop that same amount of weight over a year’s time yes so to keep things
simple try loose fat aggressively because it can work really well but if
you’re seeing that you’re getting a lot of loose skin very quickly then perhaps
consider slowing it down and focusing a bit more on building muscle while
they’re still slowly more gradually losing fat so instead of a 700 caloric
deficit maybe go down to a 3 or 400 caloric deficit and that may give your
body your skin the chance to adapt to having a less fat on it so that’s
basically it to conclude you know try to build muscle try not to lose fat too
aggressively and don’t smoke have enough protein have enough omega-3 and consider
consuming some gelatin as well and that’s basically all you can do if it’s
really bad then you’re gonna have to get surgery and that’s the unfortunate truth
but that can be an option if you can’t afford it so hopefully this video helped
you and leave your questions for other videos in the comment section down below
and I’ll get to them as soon as I can alright so as always guys I appreciate
you watching and I’ll see you in the next video see ya


  • kaeseistcool

    One way would be to increase fat mass and lose it again thru water fasting. Skin is made mostly made of protein and the autophagy will use it (as there are many reports of people losing scars and stretch marks on a fast). I don't have any lose skin problem but much of my weight loss was while fasting.

  • Mike

    I’m getting quite down about my weight. I’ve started lifting weights again after a long layoff but worried once I lose say 50 lbs I’ll have a load of loose skin, especially on arms and stomach. Belly measures 44 inch and was 30.5 inch @190 lbs so that’s a lot plus my arms now measure 19 inch with loose skin already apparent so imagine they’re going to look horrendous. Sucks man. Kids don’t get fat or dirty bulk, you’ll only regret it down the line. Thanks for the upload Phillip 👍

  • VollFlippi

    And what if you loose weight with a smal IF window or prolonged fasts as you have your autophogy working to theorietically get rid of the excess protein/ skin?

  • Jonathan Hawes

    You say to consume 1g of protein to every pound of body weight. Is this at every meal or the maximum protein per day?
    Thanks for clarifying 🙂

  • Philippe Winston

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    this is one of the most honest-to-goodness channel
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    big thumbs up

  • eltoro fitness

    I lost 80lbs first time i cut now my skin stretches on my arm…..bout the size of an index finger. I joke that i store snacks in my arm to kids, like a koala or a kangaroo. They laugh atleast 🙏😂

  • prince walton

    People that do extended Watering fasting say they body eats away the extra skin because it’s no longer needed, I haven’t reached this stage of my weight lost yet.

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