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today we’re going to talk about mature
skincare over 50 and how to get rid of dry skin hi I’m Schellea and welcome to
Fabulous 50’s today I’m going to talk about how to get rid of dry skin and if
you’re a woman over 50 it’s more than likely that you’ve had some kind of dry
skin issue because what happens when we go through menopause is our skin becomes
drier it can become itchy and irritated and there’s a couple of reasons for that
but one of them that we would all have in common is that our estrogen levels
decrease and unfortunately one of estrogens big jobs is to stimulate our
collagen and our oils within our body and as our estrogen decreases as we go
through menopause all of that decreases as well so we have to put things into
our body and onto our skin to help with the process because the slowdown of
estrogen reduces our body’s ability to retain our moisture so if you’re in your
menopausal years and you’ve got dry skin I’m gonna give you some tips that I use
they work and it really helps making everything smooth and soft again the
first part of this video I’m going to share with you things that I put inside
my body that moisturize from the inside and then I’m going to share with you
products that I put on my face and my body that actually work I’ve always
struggled with dry skin because naturally I’m red hair with freckles so
that kind of coloring and skin type is prone to being very dry and I think now
that I know what to do even though I am going through menopause my skin is
better now than it was when I was younger
not as supple but it’s not dry like it always was and that goes for my hair as
well so here’s the thing as we get older our skin gets older and that’s a natural
process but this is really important if you consume a diet low in fat you can
expect your skin and your body to age more rapidly and this happened to me
when I was doing a low-fat No fat diet back in the 90s when it was
the thing to cut out all fat so I did that
but what happened was my skin got really dry my hair got dry it was the time when
I was having children and my hair started to thin and I noticed a lot of
my friends who are doing the same thing you know we’re exercising and we were
reducing our calorie intake but we cut out all fats and that affects our face
so much that’s the first sign that someone’s not having enough oil inside
their body as you can see dry wrinkly face and when I started learning about
good fats and good oils I was able to turn that around very quickly and I’ve
been doing that ever since and I think a lot of ladies who are
having very dry skin and a big problem with it during menopause will be able to
sort it out if you start introducing oils into your diet and I’m going to
share with you the things that I do and then the next phase of this is some
skincare that really really works so we’ve got to get the right kinds of oils
and they’re called essential fatty acids and the reason they’re called essential
is it because our bodies can’t make them and we need to get them through food a
really good source is coconut oil extra virgin coconut oil is great and olive
oil is amazing as well and the Greeks who consume a lot of olive oil because
that’s their culture and they know they know the benefits of having olive oil
but it has been said that the only reason Greek people eat food is to
combine it with their olive oil so they can get enough oil into their bodies so
this is really great and another thing I learned about when I did a controlled
fast was to use Udos oil which is the perfect combination of Omega 3 6 & 9 so
this is quite expensive but it makes such a difference if you start consuming
this twice a day you will notice a difference in the moisture content in
your skin very very quickly but you can use the oils that you have and olive oil
for example when you buy this it’s got to be
first cold-pressed that’s the best one to get in a dark
bottle not in a light bottle because the light can get into it and oxidize it so
just make sure you get good quality oils and get them into your body another way
that you can get oils and fats into your body is with seeds and nuts so good
quality seeds and nuts and lots of avocados and oily fish things like that
are going to moisturize your body from the inside so when you’re addressing
your dry skin with just skin care alone you’re already 3/4 of the way there and
this is so true when you start doing this and then stop because you might
need to go traveling or something like that you’ll notice the difference within
the first couple of days so believe me this absolutely works
the estrogen has decreased in our body so it’s all we have to do is start
replenishing our body with the things that aren’t there anymore also drink
lots of water because water will keep us hydrated and everything helps so good
fats good oils lots of water get started that’s your first step the second phase
we go into is good quality skin care and I’m going to share with you some things
that just completely stopped my dry skin I was using all kinds of cleansers but
I’ve never used an oil cleanser because I thought that would just not remove all
my makeup and when I did my skincare video with will Finnell he’s a skincare
expert and he said to me when you are particularly at our age group over 50
women should be using an oil cleanser because it’s less drying and less
irritating it still gets all the makeup off but if you want to reduce the drying
you start with the cleanser and I’ve got to say it made a big difference so when
I was using a non oil cleanser I clean my face and it was squeaky clean it felt
good but like one minute later my skin was dry so
I used the one that he recommended by a Drogo cleansing oil it is so beautiful
and so luxurious and I love it so you could give this a try the other one that
I use when I’m traveling it’s called simple hydrating cleansing oil it’s like
$8 and it works beautifully the next thing I do after cleansing morning and
night is use a hyaluronic acid and the reason hyaluronic acid is so amazing for
women over 50 is that it’s a moisture binding ingredient so when you put it on
your face it’s pulling the moisture and keeping your skin really plump I use the
neon multi molecular hyaluronic complex this is beautiful and I use it morning
and night and you can tell the difference straightaway when you put it
on so if you’ve got dry skin try a hyaluronic acid and I try to find
hyaluronic acid in all of my products when I first started researching
hyaluronic acid I went on to Amazon and I ended up buying the Joyal it’s royal
with a J the their hyaluronic acid and I bought that and I bought some for my
friends as well and we all tried it and all of us thought that it made a big
difference and we reordered it then I started doing a little bit more research
and this one came up as well so the one on board on Amazon is only $17.99 it’s
inexpensive and it’s a perfect place to start and also the ordinary has a great
hyaluronic acid and that also is a perfect place to start if you fall in
love with using hyaluronic acid maybe give this one a try those same
girlfriends we all buy this now so you have lots of options and you put it on
straight after cleansing another ingredient that will Finnell told me
about i’ll leave his video up here it’s a super helpful video to explain the
ingredients of skincare and how it affects women over 50 but he said one of
the great ingredients that we can use at our age is squaline so I found the
ordinary sells this product but it’s yet the ordinary squaline this is a really
great ingredient so you can if you’ve got really super dry skin and
particularly for mature skin all you do its add a little bit of the oil a couple
of drops and you can add this into your moisturizers it’s just a beautiful oil
and it’s inexpensive because it’s from the ordinary and when you’re feeling
particularly dry add a couple of drops of squaline to you can pat it under
your eyes or you can add it to your moisturizer and you can rub it anywhere
you like it’s great and it really helps when you’re super super dry after I use
my hyaluronic acid is a Charlotte Tilbury magic cream so this cream also
is full of hyaluronic acid and different ingredients to make your dry skin feel
beautiful this one is amazing I got the sample size so if you can get a sample
and ask for one to try I think they send this out for free because I got mine for
free when I ordered something else and I loved the consistency so much because
it’s rich and hydrating but it doesn’t leave a film and when this ran out I was
really upset I had to go and buy the big tub the best thing I love about this one
is you can use it as a moisturizer but it’s not so rich that when you put your
foundation on the top everything runs it’s so beautiful
this is very similar to the Lumiere and the La Mer cream is so luxurious and so
beautiful I’ve had a sample size the same size as this of the La Mer and
it’s you don’t want it to run out because it’s so beautiful but it’s super
expensive and probably hard to justify the price but this I think does the same
thing it feels as luxurious and it’s got the same kind of consistency another
great one for dry skin is the appearance medical barrier
room this is another product that I’ve found that I would always keep buying
because I use this at night over the top of my resume and if I’m feeling really
dry or my skin’s really itchy I can use this and it kind of calms everything
down but this is one of those ones that is really very moisturizing
and then we get to our body and dry skin in our body looks flaky and if you want
to wear bare skin you need to maintain that so the oils will help and the foods
that you eat will help keep your skin in better condition but the best thing that
I’ve found to help with my dry skin on my body is to dry brush it and I’ve been
doing this for many years and what it does is it takes off all the dead skin
cells and it stimulates all of your skin brings the blood to your skin and it
helps with lymphatic drainage so you buy a brush like this there’s a couple of
brushes on the market that have got like a handle that slips into the top don’t
buy those because the handle always falls off and it’s so annoying but you
need a long handle so you can reach your back and what you do with a dry brush is
you start at your feet and move upwards always going towards the heart
so you brush up and when you get to your arms you just brush like this and you’re
stimulating and regenerating the skin cells and getting rid of all of that
dead skin on top and you do your whole body
I don’t do this area because I think it’s too sensitive I’ll do my shoulders
and then finish there and then I’ll exfoliate this area these bristles are
firms so you can feel it when you’re doing it but after you’ve done it for a
few times it’s it’s not an issue so you do body brushing then have a shower and
if you’ve got dry skin this is really important to don’t make your showers
very hot if you can handle a lukewarm shower that’s the perfect thing the
other thing about brushing is that you buy a brush once and you
wash it once a week and you don’t have to spend money on exfoliators for your
body so it’s money-saving and it’s all natural and it does an amazing job when
you get out of the shower moisturize moisturize moisturize and moisturizer
for the body I just use a natural moisturizer this is a pure Fiji it’s
natural but this is super hydrating and I add the squalane
to this as well so it just gives me that extra boost of moisture if you want a dy
I recipe for a really great moisturizing treatment that you can make yourself
this is a glycerin recipe that I have and I spray it on to my body just like
that and it’s so moisturizing and it’s so cheap to make so you add glycerin and
water and rosewater and I have a video I’ll leave a link up here with the
recipe for this this is great it doesn’t cost hardly anything to make and when
you’re feeling really dry particularly in winter just keep spraying yourself
and and it gives a nice glow as well so I think in our age you know for mature
women skincare is kind of important there’s so many things we have to deal
with now that we’re getting older because everything’s changing all the
rules have changed now that we’re older but if we know why things are changing
and what we can do to make it better our life is just a little bit more simple I
really hope this can help you get rid of your dry skin please give a thumbs up if
this video was useful to you and share it with your girlfriends thank you so
much for watching and have a beautiful way

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