How to get clear glowing skin ? – Beauty Tips in Tamil
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How to get clear glowing skin ? – Beauty Tips in Tamil

How to get clear glowing skin ? – Tamil Beauty Tips We give much importance to maintain our face as it shows our beauty. But dry skin or skin cracks may happen for some people due to dehydration. To cure this they use moisturiser. But it is enough if we take fruits and vegetables which contains more water to prevent this problem. In this video we are going to see the ways to prevent this skin problems. The ingredients which we use in food may also cause irritation, psoriasis and allergy for some people. The best remedy for this is to take medication as per your skin specialist’s advice. It is best to avoid if the food doesn’t matches for you. Because it will be helpful to protect your skin. Vitamin C is rich in Orange, sweet lime and lemon. We will get 90 % of the required iron if we take it. It will be a remedy for our skin problem as well as we will get a glowing skin. For some women there will be excess hair growth in face and other parts. It may be due to hormonal changes but the temporary remedy for this threading and waxing. You can get permanent solution for this problem by undergoing laser treatment. Some people may have problems in feet like crack, Toe nail, blisters etc., The main reason for this is fungi and lack of maintenance. If it is fungal infection then it is good to get advice from skin specialist. If it is lack of maintenance then scrub your foot with pumice stone while taking bath. Or soak your feet for 15 minutes in a tub with hot water twice in a week to prevent this problem. Boil rose petals, jasmine, marigold in water and refrigerate it after 2 hours. If you take bath in this water you will get glowing skin and it prevents sweat smell. Many people have problems like dark circles, hair loss in eye lashes and eye brows. The reason for this is iron deficiency. To cure this we should add , any type of spinach, dates, curry leaves, black sesame, dry amla etc in our food. As these are rich in Iron it is necessary to add it in our food. The block in sweat glands causes skin irritation and leads to prickly heat. To cure we should bath twice, drink 3 – 5 litres of water, wear cotton clothes,live in a room with good ventilation. If we do this we can prevent us from skin problems. Carrot, beetroot, tomato,grapes, papaya, pomegranate, citrus fruits, amla, cucumber, Almond,Walnut act as skin guards. If we add this in our diet we can prevent skin problems.


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