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We’re gonna show you light
correcting on a freckled skin tone. I’m starting with a product
called Softening Lotion. It removes any excess oils from
the skin, while still giving it a nice pump of moisture. In some cases, not a ton
of additional moisturizer is necessary. In this case, I’m choosing
to use a serum instead of a moisturizer. Now I’m just going to give
the skin a light touch again and make sure that everything
absorbed the way I want it to. I’m going to come in with
a little bit of Studio Fix Perfecting Stick. I’ve got three basic
colors in my hand to figure out which
one of these is going to be the right choice
for our situation, and W15 seems to be
that one perfect color. I’m trying to just generally
watercolor the skin so that the redness almost looks
like it’s just erasing itself while still keeping
the natural tone of all the freckles crisp and clean. And I’m going to do just
one side of the face so you can really see the
kind of impact this has. Now I’m going to use
the concealer palette. The palette allows you to
really customize and get exactly what you need for the
level of lightness or darkness in your skin. Just stipple back
over the foundation to catch any areas that
your initial solid color may have missed. Lastly, for this look, it’s
about controlling the shine. So I’m working with Studio
Fix Loose Perfecting Powder and it really provides a
lovely, velvety matte finish. All right, so once our
make up is powdered, you can take a pencil brush
with a little bit more of that softening lotion
that we started with and go back over some of the
freckles with a dampened brush, and what it will do is it
will remove the excess powder from those areas. It just brings the life
right back into the skin, and that’s it. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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