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♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie with Eminence Organic Skin
Care and welcome to another episode ofIn The Mix. Today is going to be all
about any of you who are suffering with dry skin and have redness. So,
this is going to be a great mix for you for that type of care. And I’m
thinking as the weather changes and any time there’s a season change or
you’re going to different types of climates, the skin is going to react in
that way, and dryness is one of those things that does tend to happen. So
we’re going to be using one of our classics, our Linden Calendula
Treatment Cream and of course, one of our other soon-to-be classic is our
Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness Masque. So what we always want
to do is we want to use Linden and
Calendula Treatment Cream. Nice and bright. Look at that gorgeous
color from the flowers themselves. Now, linden and calendula together are
both great ingredients to be using to help with bringing down any redness due to
dryness in the skin and it’s also going to leave the skin deeply moisturized,
so it’s going to give you that plump effect. And then we have
our gorgeous Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness Masque,
a little bit of a different container because it comes from our Biodynamic
Collection. And the blend in here from the sweet red clover also is really going to
soothe the redness that you do get from dry skin as well. Up to you
how you want to put these two old guys together. I like to go…
I love the smell of the Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness Masque. Now
you’re thinking, “Natalie, it’s a mask. What are you talking about?” Well, Masque,
it’s a cream-based mask as you can see here, so it’s going to have that great
texture. And you want to spread it all over the face, and this is why I like to
use it first. So I want to massage it into my skin and again,
from all the way from the forehead, straight down across the décolleté
area, and massage it in very well. Because we also get dryness in
the neck and in the chest areas. We really want to make sure that is also
taken care of. And you want to massage it through. So I actually like to massage
this one in till it’s almost all the way absorbed. That way, then
you’re getting that mask benefit and the moisturizer benefit to it. And then
you want to go ahead and use the Linden and Calendula Treatment Cream,
and you want to place it over the top. And again, massage this beautiful
treatment into the skin. So Chris, don’t forget your neck and your chest as
well. And you can see that you get this beautiful dewy and hydrated effect to your
skin. So, I really hope you enjoyed this gorgeous mix especially if you’re
suffering from redness due to your dry skin. I’m Natalie with Eminence
Organic Skin Care for anotherIn The Mix. If you love watching these,
please click and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and I’ll
see you next time. ♪ [music] ♪

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