How To Fill An Acrylic Nail With A Cuticle Moon – Step By Step Tutorial
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How To Fill An Acrylic Nail With A Cuticle Moon – Step By Step Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to fill a moon design nail. Now, we did this nail about three weeks ago and people have asked, “well, how do you fill something like that?”, so I’m gonna show you how. So, here’s the gorgeous nail, so we put some one-stroke on it as well. Which is still all intact looking beautiful, I must say myself. So, first of all, what I need to do is remove the little stones that we’ve put on. So, I’m gonna use some old cuticle nippers and just crack the gel from around the sides. Don’t attempt to file those off because you’ll just ruin your file. We don’t want that. I’m gonna push back the cuticle, which will obviously reveal more of the natural nail. So, we’re just doing that with the other end of the pinching tool, so your pinching tool is a 2-way tool. So, you’ve got your pincher on one end and your cuticle pusher on the other end. You’ve also got a little cuticle knife as well, to scrape around if you need to scrape off any non living tissue. Now, what we’re gonna do is, I’m gonna take away the artwork. I’m supporting the nail here. File that off. And then what we’re gonna do is, just buffing this fill line. Make it nice and smooth. Don’t file too much away here, because you will start to lose the moon. Dust off that excess dust. So, the colour that we used was Midnight Stardust. Just gonna wipe over the nail with some acetone and then, we’re gonna dehydrate. So, the prep procedure is the same as if you are doing a fill. We’re gonna prime. I’m gonna use high speed because it’s only a small area. Plus I want it to set up quick so I can actually really make those edges sharp. There are two ways you can do this. You could build up your pink here. So the natural beige colour here and here and then fill in with blue. Or you could do the blue first, get that nice and neat and then do the pink. That’s the way we are going to do it. I think this is the easiest way to do it. So, get your bead, take it to one side first and the other side. Obviously, the more you have these nails on for, the further down the moon will grow, till you get a full moon. So, we had like a quarter of moon. Now, we have a half moon. So just use your brush to keep that edge nice and neat. Make sure you match this point here and then you pat it. We’ll also make it a little bit sharper. So, it’s kind of like when you do a smile line. We’re just doing it a lot further up the nail. Gonna get your warm beige. Gonna do one side at a time because you need to concentrate on what you’re doing. So, you’re putting it right up till it gets really neat at the cuticle. Bring it round. Feather it out. And do the same on the other side. And then, you’re gonna make sure that the middles connect and add a bead there. So, you structure is all rebalanced. Allow that to dry. And then, what we will do, if you look at the side view of this, we’re gonna file till those two colours meet each other and that’s what’s gonna give you a sharper edge. Though it’s still not set properly. Because that’s the hard nail, it’s set. Listen to the sound. Adam: Will it take longer to set because there’s not as much heat going through because obviously, you were going acrylic on acrylic as well. Weren’t ya? Kirsty: Yeah! If you look at this bit, this bit is set, but the coloured part hasn’t set as much yet. Colour takes longer to set. Let’s go for it. So now, I’m gonna go back into my normal filing routine. Doing side walls first. I’m gonna angle my file because you don’t want to over file this section. If you over file it, you’ll lose the colour. Then, you’re gonna file over the top. And can you see what’s happening? The two colours are meeting and it gives it a crisp line. So, you’ve really got to be quite perfect when you do your filing because if you just file willy-nilly, you will, you know, destroy the moon. You don’t want to do that. We don’t want a total eclipse. Adam: Oh, what a bad pun. Kirsty: We’re just refining the surface now. The surface of the moon. Kirsty: They get worse. They’re getting worse. Andrea: We don’t want any craters. Kirsty: No, we don’t want any craters. That was a good one, Andrea. So, using a white block , just gonna smooth this nail. Did you see the fidget spinner going for it, then? Look at that. Andrea: Oh yeah?
Adam: Are you filing it? Kirsty: I’m filing it at the same time. Then we’re gonna wipe over with the pure acetone. There you are! Look at that moon. Nice and crisp. I’m gonna seal this with the urban graffiti top coat. I’m gonna finish this nail off with some cuticle oil. Got the Freesia cutucle oil here. So, don’t be worried and thinking “oh, I don’t want to do a moon design on somebody because I won’t know how to fill it and I won’t know how to maintain it.” It’s not that hard. That’s how, for now. Kirsty: Do you remember that?
Adam: Hmm mm! Kirsty: ”That’s how for now!” I used to love that program. Adam: I did too. Kirsty: Ah! They should bring that back. Adam: Terry Nutkins was like one of the guys in it. Kirsty: I don’t know.
Adam: I can remember that name. Terry Nutkins. Kirsty: They were just geeks weren’t they? really? Adam: Yeah! That’s why I kind of fitted in. There you are! All restored and back to beauty. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video, guys. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. All the products that I’ve used today will be listed below as always. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Keep watching. Bye bye! Andrea: Well, put it this way. It was -20 in the day. Kirsty: In the day? Adam: My friend Joe, who was just… Kirsty: In the day?
Andrea: In the day! Adam: My mate Joe who has just been back over here. He’s gone back to Minnesota today, right. Last week -27 during the day. Andrea: Hmm-hmm Adam: And that is normal.
Andrea: That’s normal. That’s every day. Adam: That’s in Minnesota. That’s in America. Andrea: Yeah. So, Canada… Kirsty: Holy s***. What’s it gonna be at night? Andrea: – 40. Kirsty: Oh my God!


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