How to Do French Manicures : How to Push Cuticles Back for a French Manicure

Hi, I’m Lillian with Salon de Scottsdale
and on behalf of I’m here to show you the next step in giving yourself
a home French manicure. Now my soaking has been completed, I’ve been soaking for about
7 or 8 minutes. So I will remove my hand from the soapy water and just dry off the fingertips
or the fingernails with a paper towel and I am ready to push the cuticles back. My implements
have been soaking in alcohol to sanitize and I will begin by just gently pushing the excess
skin off the nail at the base of the nail and around the sides of the nail, like this.
I will continue on pushing the cuticle and as you can see the excess skin is coming off
and I will show you the next step which requires using the cuticle nipper.

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