How to Determine Your Skin Undertone | Color Analysis | Skin Tone | Find Your Skin Undertone

In this video I’m going to share with you
two tests you can do on your own to assess whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone. Your skin undertone is the coloring underneath
the surface of your skin and does not change during your lifetime. Which is very different
from your skin tone which is the coloring on the outer surface of your skin and can
change from season to season as you burn or tan. Knowing whether you have a warm or a cool
skin undertone is a key piece of information about you to take with you makeup shopping
or when you go to the hair salon to choose a hair color as makeup and hair colors are
typically grouped and labelled by skin undertone. If you choose a makeup or hair color that
does not match your skin undertone you could be making yourself look older, duller, washed
out and if you have any skin imperfections such as acne or scarring, these imperfections
may be magnified. There are a few things you need to do to prepare
for these tests the first thing is if your hair is not 100% your natural hair color,
pull it away from your face and ideally cover it with a white piece of fabric. These tests are best done in natural daylight,
with no makeup on and if you can wear a white top or cover what you’re wearing with a white
piece of fabric that is also ideal. As you can see, what this does is isolates
your own personal natural coloring. The first test is the Silver versus Gold test.
So what you are going to want to do is take a silver piece of jewelry and a gold piece
of jewelry and hold it up to your face. I am just using for this demonstration, my color
analysis fabrics. So look at yourself in the mirror with silver
and gold against you and ask yourself which one is adding a sparkle to your eye color,
vibrancy to your coloring and which one is in harmony and balance with your coloring. If you wanted a reference during this video,
the silver is the better option for me and if silver is more favorable for you that may
mean that you have a cool undertone. And if the gold is more favorable for you, that may
mean you have a warm undertone. Another test you can do is take a cool white
piece of fabric and a white piece of fabric with yellow and brown added to it. And hold
them up to your face and ask yourself the same line of questioning as you did with the
silver versus gold test. In this example the cool ice white is the better example on me.
If cool ice white is better on you, that may indicate that you have a cool undertone. And
if the white with yellow or brown is better on you, that may mean you have a warm undertone. If you wanted to test additional fabric colors
on you, you could test a cool gray versus a warm brown, a cool pink versus a warm orange,
a cool blue versus a warm green and a cool burgundy versus a warm red. So there you have two tests to assess whether
you have a cool or a warm skin undertone. There are other tests out there, but, I have
found these two tests to be most reliable. There’s also a third skin undertone category
called neutral. But, I have found that most people either lean warm or they lean cool
and for simplicity of this video I have focused on those two categories. I hope these two tests have helped you to
assess your skin undertone and make better hair and makeup color choices for yourself.

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