How To: Cuticle Care

Hey, great that you arer watching this video! We are going to talk about the Cuticle Peeling Gel, cuticle remover and cuticle Pusher. That’s a mouthful! But yeah actually should be because healthy cuticles are very important for healthy nails. without healthy cuticles you also can’t get beautiful nails. So, we are going lend you a hand with this today. We have 2 different types of the Cuticle care products. Let’s start with Cuticle Remover. You apply this in a U shape. arround your nails. And then you let it to soak for 3 minutes after that you can carefully use the Cuticle Pusher to push back the cuticles. That is this one! The Cuticle Pusher has a rubber top. which is very soft is as you can see, you can bend it. Tis is very nice for your cuticles so they do not get damaged. So, we are going to wait now. Three minutes Shall i do it for you? Yes! There we go, that has been pushed back now. And do you have to wash your hands now? So while Noelle washes that off. We will start with the Cuticle Peeling Gel, This one is for more damged nails. Is everything off? Yes! Yeah, so if you have loose skin parts or damaged cuticles then we recommend the Cuticle Peeling Gel aan. But if you have reals wounds then we don’t recommend is, really open wounds. So this one bring also in a “U” shape arround your nails. This one you leave to soak for around 5 minutes. But do pay attention to wash it off afterwards! Because you don’t want the rubberen particles to end up under your cuticles when you push back because that hurts. Don’t forget that when you have applied it onto your cuticles you can massage it a little bit because after all it is a kind of scrub. Then it will do its job better. You can really feel those grains! Funny! You can’t see it, nah you can see them but they aren’t very large …. Well I think the 5 minutes have passed. Go wash it off. It also contains Allantoin and that is anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, there is also Almond oil and Glycerin inside, which. When you have washed your hands, you can push back the cuticles with the Cuticle Pusher. Yes, you can give that to me! I still have to do that but afterwards my nails are ready to grow again! They are in shape again I can start creating beautiful nails again. Yes, cause we regularly receive the question about why you should push back your cuticles? The reason for this is because cuticles lies are loose on the nail plate so that nail can grow out, if you get stuck then you get those ridges and they don’t grow as quickly. Never push back your cuticles with something hard or with your own nails. A lot of people do that, but there are a lot of bacteria on your nails and then you get bacteria under your cuticles. And the cuticle is there to retain moisture and keep the bacteria out. Yes so take good care of them and you can easily do it every week. And make sure to clean the Cuticle Pusher, just rinse it off, spray some Direct Desinfect spray and it is ready to be used again. to be used again. Good luck, bye!

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