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hey guys welcome back thanks so much for joining me again if you’re new here well welcome to you too if you haven’t done so already don’t forget to click the subscribe button so that you can become a part of the girly squad there’s definitely incentive to doing so because then you’ll get to hang out with me every single time I upload a new video but if that’s not enough for you once this channel hits 5000 subscribers we’re hosting a giveaway so go ahead click the subscribe button and tell all your friends we’re also taking giveaway suggestions so comment those down below. in today’s video I’m going to show you how to use color corrector in order to hide redness in your skin. if that’s something that you’re interested in then go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and stick around so today’s video is also brought to you by another girly squad member request one of you out there wanted to know what do you do to hide redness in your skin when concealer and foundation isn’t enough. whether it’s a red pimple some broken capillaries maybe some realization in your skin or maybe even a red nose because it’s cold outside well the answer is simple you’re gonna need to turn to color correction specifically you’re going to want a green tone color corrector like this one from NYX this is the HD studio photogenic color correcting concealer. so you may be wondering why green color corrector? well again we’re turning to color theory. on the color wheel green and red are opposite sides which means they counteract each other therefore when you apply a little bit of green to a red area is going to cancel out the red tones so now that you know that let’s jump into the tutorial alright naked face in the interest of saving some time I already have my primer on and clearly i did my brows I waited for a day when I had some breakouts going on which my light is nicely washing out right now but i do have some redness in my skin from some pimples that decided to pop up on my face overnight and we’re basically going to render them completely invisible with a little bit of color correcting magic ok so the process is pretty simple you’re just going to go ahead and take your wand and dot it where you want to hide redness add some there a little bit here some right there and I got a little going on right here… for good measure around my nose. Once you’ve gone ahead and applied your corrector where you need it then you’re going to go ahead and blend it out. now we want to be careful not to over blend because you do want some of this green still kind of left. so you just sort of want to lightly kind of press it into the skin blend it a little bit but yeah they’re still going to be green left on your face don’t worry you’re not going to walk around looking like something is the matter with you this is my first time using this NYX corrector and wow, a little bit really just goes a long way so looks I’ve over applied but i guess it works for the purposes of this video so that I actually like shows up on camera and you can see what I’m doing but basically just gonna sort of going to blend it out taking any leftover i’m just going to apply it to the tip of my nose which sometimes gets a little bit red. just cleaning off my brush. that’s my cinema secrets brush cleaner which is, oh it’s a godsend but that’s off topic alright so next you’re probably wondering are you actually going to walk out of the house with a green face? and the answer is no, no I’m not. so the next step in the process is to cover this up with concealer so basically you’re going to take a concealer that matches your skin tone i am using benefits boi’ing which is basically my all-time favorite concealer and i’m going to go ahead and apply this over the areas where I applied my corrector we need to switch brushes here real quick. there we go. we’re going to apply it with a flat brush and then we’re going to blend it out with a regular brush. i love this concealer because it covers everything and even though it’s creamy and looks like it should feel super thick it isn’t like you can apply a thin layer of this over something and just make it vanish. again i’m applying more than I need just that you guys can see this on camera you probably don’t need anywhere near as much as what i’m using right now. I’m going to use my fluffy it cosmetics concealer brush to just sort of blend… magically blend everything away and you know you don’t have to use a brush you could use a sponge. you can use whatever tools work best for you. i just happen to like using brushes. I also like sponges too this is just what I grabbed for the video basically. and voila that’s it. now just go ahead and apply your foundation and the rest of your makeup like you normally would and you’re good to go without any red splotchiness showing through on your face alright guys so there you have it i applied the rest of my makeup and all redness is a distant memory comment below and let me know if you found this video helpful or if you even have any additional tutorial requests and don’t forget to go ahead and click that subscribe button so you can become a part of the girly squad and I can see you guys again here in my next video until then I’ll see you soon bye!

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