How to Combat Dry, Flaky Scalp in the Winter Months

this is NBC 6 south florida today thank
you so much Joel well a dry flaky itchy scalp cannot only be bothersome but also
quite embarrassing as we approach colder days ahead the winter chill can flare up
some symptoms associated with scalp conditions here to give us some tips on
keeping our scalps in tip-top shape during the winter months is Dr.
Manjula Jegasothy with the Miami skin institute welcome back thank you very
much good to see you and I guess it’s a little bit deceiving you think down here
with all the humidity that dry scalp wouldn’t be a problem but you think
differently true absolutely went Florida definitely has a winter in the sense
that the humidity changes a great deal in the winter month and so that can have
a real effect on the skin and especially the skin of the scalp it exacerbates a
lot of conditions people already have and sometimes if you have a normal scalp
in the summertime you can develop conditions in the with the lower
humidity such as seborrhea etc what do you do about it the first step would be
to go to a more moisturizing shampoo and actually the head and shoulders Procter
and Gamble line is done very well about with new intensive conditioning shampoos
and dandruff oriented medicated shampoos if that doesn’t work then you probably
do need to see your doctor for an oil or some sort of scalp medication that will
moisturize a little bit more than that is it bad to scratch it because like for
example you know sometimes you see people with the white stuff on their
collar i’m thinking maybe if they scratch that and shook their hair or something it would
gone that way until they can wash it and we had dermatologists we always say the
worst thing to do ever is to scratch anything oh really okay in the scalp it
only drives up your histamine levels and makes things worse Oh golly gee
willikers okay I wasn’t talking about me I don’t scratch because I don’t have it
not now anyway all right now does it damage your hair at all because you
would think that if you use a shampoo that’s got more oils and you already
have oily hair and that’s going to you know exacerbate another problem
absolutely if you have inflammation to the extent that it’s very severe and
certainly most people have thought a doctor’s advice before it gets to this
level but certainly have seen people who have so
much inflammation in the scalp that their hair comes out in clumps and then
that needs to be addressed first as the scalp level and then the hair and then
the hair needs to be addressed as well and so are there any I guess telltale
signs that tell you when it’s not just dandruff or you know dry skin from the
weather and it might be something more serious I think if you use one of those
intensive solutions type shampoos and it doesn’t work or you’re still getting a
lot of flaking or if you notice your hair falling out certainly more than
ever I think that’s the time to consult a doctor I think the first the first
sign is really the things have changed from the way they were in July August
okay all right well some great information we really appreciate it and
it’s always wonderful seeing you again for more information on keeping your
scalp clean and healthy you can give the Miami Skin Institute a call at 305 373
SKIN that’s 305 373 7546

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