How to Clear Acne Forever and Fast :  How to Treat Zits Naturally VitaLife Show Episode 213
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How to Clear Acne Forever and Fast : How to Treat Zits Naturally VitaLife Show Episode 213

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and in this episode we’re talking about natural treatments for acne. Now acne is an inflammation process that’s happening causing pimples and maybe blackheads or whiteheads on skin can cause scarring so this is you know for a lot of people if it’s a chronic issue then this is a problem in the long run. So what are the causes for acne while it could be or hormonal issue definitely a toxicity issue and that’s why you know as a naturopath I’m always looking at the root cause as to why certain conditions arise in the body and toxicity is one of those things that you know you can’t get around it were all exposed to toxins the question is what are you doing naturally to help to combat those toxins and to get them out it could be oily skin that is you know makes you more prone to acne stress as well for sure is always a factor, different medications and a poor diet can also lead to acne so what are the natural treatments how do we get rid of the act and how do we do it naturally well in terms of the diet we want to certainly increase our natural raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible increasing our whole grains as well helping also with the acne is decreasing the red meat in the dairy in the diet because these can be a little bit inflammatory in the body and we want to decrease that overall inflammatory response pumpkin seeds are very high natural zinc and zinc actually is a mineral that helps to heal the skin so by eating you know about a small handful of pumpkin seeds raw everyday this helps to increase your zinc levels tea tree oil and hot compresses with hot water externally can really help if you actually have a breakout of acne and you can do this daily just keep it away from the eyes the tea tree oil is quite strong so you don’t want to get too close to your eyes now what do we do internally because essentially it’s because of that toxicity and those toxins coming out on the skin surface that we need to deal with and we actually formulated vitadetox here at vitatree is a natural whole body full body detox it’s a cleanse for all of the internal organs and for the skin and that’s so important because you want to cleanse the blood the limp and the skin as well as those other internal organs to help with that acne probiotics are super important as well putting the good guys back into the system is important for our immunity but also for helping us to break down our food and we don’t break down our food optimally this can lead to acne on the outside on the skin we also have our hair skin and nails formula which is super super popular helps to strengthen our collagen elastin also helps with acne also with acne rosacea so thanks for joining me today i hope that you enjoyed this video please leave your questions and comments below we do get back to everyone to help you on your health journey also click Subscribe that you always get our newest and our latest uploads here on the vitalife show like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @vitatree and check out our other videos as well so if you click up here you’re going to learn more about detoxification why it’s so important to do it on a regular basis in a safe and natural way click here for how to treat varicose veins and how to do that naturally and click down here for our super popular yoga facial exercises we have a ton of those videos here on YouTube which you’ll absolutely love thanks for joining me today

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