How To Choose Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin • WHY YOU NEED IT.
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How To Choose Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin • WHY YOU NEED IT.

Okay, here we go. So finding the right moisturizer for acne-prone skin can be a major pain in the ass And today, we are going to go over some of the basics some ground rules that you guys want to implement in finding the right moisturizer And also in the next video, I will be recommending some products However, I think after watching this video, you might be pretty solid with the basics So you might be able to find your own moisturizers. So while watching this video, I want you guys to do one thing Rethink about the purpose of why you want to moisturize your skin because I found a lot of people among you guys just add a moisturizer for the sake of adding a moisturizer into their skincare routine and it’s not really giving a lot of you know Ideal results Acne-prone skin have shown that, they have a damaged skin barrier function So the skin barrier is basically the outermost layer that we have on our skin to protect our skin from the outside world And also it really helps balancing out everything So this guy is really really important. This guy in charge of healing your acne or repairing your skin and once this guy is compromised and weakened, what happens is that your sebum production goes up and also your chance of water loss which is the dehydration, it goes up too So that’s why a lot of you guys experienced that oily but dehydrated skin It actually does exist. Also, if you do have acne-prone skin you might have more chance to be exposed to these following treatments which is oral medication, like Roaccutane topical prescription medication, like Retinoic acid and also Tretinoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, BHA and you might be scrubbing your face with physical exfoliant, harsh cleansers which is too alkaline which contains too much foaming agents, harsh toner, or an astringent. And a lot of people, after they implement in properly moisturizing their face They do see big massive improvement in their acnes. A lot of you guys might have dehydrated, but oily skin but this can easily be fixed by properly moisturizing and by properly moisturizing, you will have a optimally running and functioning skin barrier And this will really really give good results in clearing up your skin Hydration, moisturization are completely different things Hydration always comes first which is a concept of feeding your skin basically water It’s charging and quenching water into your skin by using a toner, serum, or essence. However if you don’t lock that hydration It’s easy for the water to escape and run away from your skin because it’s so easy to evaporate And once your skin barrier is damaged, you have more chance to lose water which happens to a lot of acne prone skin So if we’re really thinking about What true moisturizers should do It doesn’t need to be really fancy. It doesn’t need to come with super anti-aging ingredient. What it needs to be doing is keeping that hydration inside, preventing the water loss, and also maintaining the healthy skin barrier functions To achieve these two goals Moisturizers should come with some sort of occlusive agent And the “Occlusive Agent” is something that separates moisturizer to every other skincare products that you applied before Because it has an ability to seal, retaining the hydration. However, a lot of acne-prone skin people associate those occlusive ingredients to pore clogging or something that will exacerbate their acne Of course, there are ingredients, like petrolatum or mineral oil which is known to be the best occlusive ingredient for dry skin type because it really doesn’t give any space for your skin to connect to the outside world because it’s such a thick, like filmy barrier However if you do have acne-prone skin and sensitive skin type Dimethicone, which is another occlusive agent is highly recommended because it’s non-comedogenic It’s hypoallergenic as well It doesn’t give you that greasy feel and it’s a pretty lightweight ingredient and your skin is well prevented from water loss So “Occlusiveness” means the longevity of the hydration as well So if your current moisturizer is kind of drying you out throughout the day you might want to level up your occlusiveness in the moisturizer My number 1 tip when you’re shopping for a moisturizer apply several different moisturizers that you’re planning to buy and then leave the store, go out for a walk for 30 minutes or so, get a coffee, just chill and then see which side is well or more hydrated where you don’t want to off for something that completely dries your skin out because that means, it’s not going to act as a moisturizer it needs to have some level of occlusiveness but your want to off for something that’s not to filmy and too greay, if that makes sense Things get a little bit tricky when there’s botanical or seed oil like avocado oil, green tea seed oil, Camellia oil, etc So not a lot of people do know How greasy that oil is? or how dry or how absorbable or how acne-prone-skin-friendly that oil is? So you might be better off just opting for a moisturizer that doesn’t come with these ingredients and then you can always add your favorite facial oil like I know a lot of you guys love the Rose Hip Seed oil and I love it too, and I love mixing Hemp Seed oil, too But if you guys already do know which oils work amazing for your skin and you see that’s in a moisturizer Definitely go for it But if you don’t know Just to reduce the chance of, you know, possible breakouts, probably avoid these Look for a moisturizer that doesn’t come with any sensitizing ingredients or irritants And the biggest one in my opinion is Fragrance and Essential Oils So if you do have acne-prone skin, you want to, you know, classify your skin as sensitive skin as well and if you look at sensitive-skin-friendly products They always get rid of fragrance and essential oils Why is that? Because it can trigger sensitivity to a lot of people including, Lavender oil, Orange Peel oil or the Lemon Peel oil, Bergamo or you know Geranium like these kind of friendly-looking natural ingredients can trigger some allergic reactions So those are like the non-negotiable, when you’re choosing moisturizer Now, we’re moving on to some bonus factors that a moisturizer can win you over another one Number 1: Non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic So these are the label that kind of assure you that it’s not going to clog on your pores, or it’s going to worsen your ances Number 2: Moisturizer with Antioxidants So the most commonly used Antioxidant is probably green tea and vitamin E I really cannot address the importance enough Your acne starts from your sebum oxidizing So to prevent that and really protect your skin Antioxidant plays a such a big role Number 3: Skin Repairing Properties So this is something like Centella Asiatica or Madecassoside, which is super popular in Korea right now but it not only maintain that healthy skin barrier function but it actually does benefit you in repairing Number 4: Natural Moisturizing Factors So this is a group of ingredients that we already do have in our skin and in our lipid When we apply topically, we have very very minimal chance of irritation, our skin tolerated really well because it’s not a foreign ingredient and these ingredients can help restoring and really repairing your skin when your skin is really imbalanced Last bonus factor is Essential Fatty Acid Especially the Linoleic Acid Acne patients are naturally deficient in Linoleic Acid And this is why your sebum might be a little bit too goopy, too sticky and it clogs the pores and then the P.acnes, which is the acne-causing bacteria tend to flourish inside Therefore you pop another acnes So when you topically apply Linoleic Acid on top of your skin, your sebum might be a little bit more regulated in terms of the production and also your sebum is much more fluid so it doesn’t really clog up the pore I don’t feel like you really need to spend a lot of money on a moisturizer And it only needs to do one thing which is to keep your skin hydrated throughout the entire day by preventing water loss I think if you’re using a serum, or I think if you’re using a spot treatment for acne, that should be enough You don’t really need to rely on a moisturizer to do all of those things Secondly, you don’t really need to look for something that’s oil-free or mattifying or acne on the label So these can be kind of counterproductive I’m not saying every oil-free moisturizer is like this However, a lot of them lack in the occlusiveness so when you apply it it sinks in right away, it doesn’t leave any residue this is why your skin is drying out because you don’t really have any barrier to protect your skin from preventing water loss, right? So I feel like oil-free moisturizer are really not different from hydrating serums So that was it for today’s video I hope you guys found it really really helpful If you did, don’t forget to share with your friends and family who’s struggling in finding the right moisturizer And if you are using an oil-free moisturizer, mattifying moisturizer or something with fragrance or essential oil and if you guys do find it to working for your skin, keep on using it If you haven’t joined our Palm Palm Fam yet, please subscribe down below and join us And I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!


  • Noor Allawati

    Ok i listed down all the tips cause i dont have a proper moisturizer! I love my shiseido oil free emulsion, but since it says it should be the last step, i apply a cream before it. But now i noticed that i use Chanel firming cream & its oil free .. and i dont use any sort of oils cause im combination to oily, acne prone & sensitive 😂😭
    The only good thing at night i use shiseido night cream followed by laneige water mask which has dimethicen in it

  • Annastasya Frida

    Hi liah, i got really interested to your feeds cause you're so informative. Thank for sharing those good things to us. In choosing mosturizers, i tend to look for a non-oily ingredients but however it still hard to find the best one since there are lot of composition that are still unknown so i preferly choose the aloe vera gel. What i wanted to ask is if I use the aloe vera gel will it be really prevent my oily and acne prone skin from getting oily but still moisturized? Tell me what do you think about gel for acne prone skin. I'll be waiting for you answer Thank you, liah.

  • Jie Iman

    may I asking you ? if I have nothing at my face can i apply it ?(I means that product you told it )
    Sorry fir my bad grammar😄

  • Mayra

    Any recommendations for aging, oily acne prone skin? 😩 seems like now I don’t just have to worry about acne, now it’s also aging. My skin is very oily but at the same time, If i don’t apply something right after cleansing it’s very tight.

  • Nuri nuyi

    How if the air is humid like in Indonesia? I feel more oily when using moisturizer…i don't know maybe i was wrong choosing my moisturizer product..

  • Asma Shaikh

    How about using asprin tabs with water or lemon juice bcoz its popular as it contains salysilic acid.. plz do confirm.. Thank you

  • Yoanna Wei

    Yoanna Wei

    1 second ago

    While the article you cited by Del Rosso is very informative, it is worth noting that he consulted (with compensation) for Galderma Laboratories that makes the Cetaphil products that he conducted studies on. It is definitely a conflict of interests–even a dermatologist cannot be unbiased. Nevertheless the article outlines the importance of maintaining the skin moisture barrier for acne prone skin, and the detrimental side effects of many "acne-curing" skin care products and ingredients.

  • Tasha

    I'm a complete oil slick with really acne prone skin and I really like first aid beauty products. I use the mineral sunscreen spf 40, their AHA serum, and their moisturizer in a pump bottle with a blue cap, but theres other ones

  • Wonwoonizer O.O

    Is Day Cream a moisturizer? I use ponds day cream but I dont really know what it is and if it fits for me. I have acne prone oily skin.

  • Josh Keller

    Would anyone be able to recommend a water/gel moisturizer that doesn’t have fragrance, silicone, and preferably contains ceramides?

  • Sailesh Das

    I took notes!

    Occlusive agents (previously water loss from hydrators like serum)
    – petrolatum or oils (comedogenic)
    – dimethicone (not comedogenic)
    – any botanical oils (avacado/etc) (tricky, use oils you know for a fact are good for your own skin)
    – no irritants like fragrance or essential oils
    – Best features for a moisturizer: noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, antioxidants (like green tea or vit e), skin repairing (centalla), natural moisturizing factors, essential fatty acids (like linoleic acid), not necessary to use oil free moisturizer

  • beatrix po

    I don’t think u mentioned Squalane in the acne/oils video. I thought it was a pretty neutral non-acne causing but moisturizing oil?

  • SpiritedAway Eleven

    Watching this in 2019, approximately 2 years from the post of the video. Still great information!

  • mountainsarecalm

    Hye liah yoo! My face is super oily and dehydrated and has acne around the chin area. Was thinking to get the hada labo super hyaluronic acid water gel because its lightweight and affordable. But in the ingredients i saw that there is alcohol. Do you think its okay for me to use it? Ive seen reviews and alot of people are loving it and i havent seen any review from others that the product breaks them out. Just wanted to get your opinion. Thank you liah yoo! Your videos are the best!

  • Ani Naderi

    Can you combine moisturizers?? I couldn’t find a moisturizer with everything you mentioned listed in the ingredients

  • Mikayla

    Omg this is so helpful Liah!! I have oily and acne prone skin. Ive been trying alot of moisturisers but it kept giving me acne after just one use. At the same time, I also tried the face wash from Neutrogena for brightening and it gave me the same result. I compared the ingredient list on both moisturizer and face wash. They use some flowers oil in it! That’s when I realized that my skin won’t react well to those flowers. So you talking about it basically confirm my theory too😂

  • Emerson Harrell

    Do anybody know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it really work? I hear most people clear their acne naturally with this popular acne treatment.

  • Julene Rivers

    Hello there, have you considered Fopobiacne Secrets yet? Just simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover that an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can get rid of your acne problem. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • Shana Lawson

    Very informative! Solidifies to me how I learn bc I need visuals and will definitely have to come back with a pen a paper bc I got overwhelmed in the middle.

  • Anaya 123

    Omfg!!!!This girl is a blessing in my life!!!!!Since this morning i'm watching her videoes and already i learnt so many things about acne!!!And now i came on youtube again to see if i find any video on moisturaizer for acne prone skin..And It's already in my reccommendation!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

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