How to Care for Dry Skin : How to Choose & Apply Moisturizer Based on Skin Type

Hi! My name is Yvettte Parrish and thank you
for visiting I am here at Cynergy Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas.
We are going to be talking about moisturizers for different skin types. There are several
different moisturizers out there. You have to consider your skin type or your clients
skin type. Are they oily skin, dry skin? Combination, which is normally in the center panel, this
is where we have a lot of oil build up right here, right around the nose, right around
the eyes. This is where your center panel and this is where you are going to see the
most oil produced. Typically when you get near the cheeks and near the end of the face
that is where some dryness is. If this sounds like you, that is a dry combination skin type.
If you are all over oily, even your cheeks are oily, your forehead oily, then you would
need an oil free moisturizer and most moisturizers will say on the bottle oil free, replenishing
and anti-wrinkle. Those are the kinds of words you are going to be looking for when you are
choosing the correct moisturizer. The reason why it is so important is because that is
the very first thing you are putting on your face before you are putting all the makeup
on. So if you do not choose your moisturizer correctly, for instance, if you are very very
oily and you are getting a moisturizer that is highly moisturizing you are going to have
yourself or your client produce a lot of oil. Then when you put the makeup on top of it
and it produces more oil during the day, it is just going to be a mess, your client is
not going to be happy and you are not going to be happy. So really take a look at yourself
in the mirror or your client and see what kind of oily skin. Are they breaking out,
are you breaking out, where are you breaking out. Typically any break outs around the chin
is gynecologically related. All right, I know that is a large word. Don’t ask me to spell
it. So if anything is on your chin, you kind of leave it alone if you are a woman. If you
are having a break out on your forehead, it is usually the bangs that is kind of producing
heat with the hair spray and it kind of gets it agitated and that is why you can kind of
break out on the forehead. So kind of look where you are breaking out. Have a really
good luck at your skin and that way you can get the correct moisturizer.

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