How To Care For Dry Skin | Glamrs Skincare Tips for Dry Scaly Skin

I have super dry skin, at the best of times! No one likes stretchy, cracked, flaky rough skin. So for those of you who are dealing with excessively dry skin, chill! I’ve got your back. What we feed our body has a huge impact on our skin so if you’re looking for that natural glow, hunt down superfoods like avacados, walnuts and dark chocolate that are rich in anti-oxidants and Omega 3’s and make it part of your diet, you skin will thank you! Does your skin get dry and itchy no matter how many oils and creams you slather on? I’ve had my share of bad moisturisers too and tossed out hundreds of them! The Nivea Body Milk works like magic on my skin. I take a coin sized amount and slather it on my hands and legs immediately after a shower and then wait for about a minute before I wear my clothes so that the moisturiser starts working it’s way in. It has a 48 hour deep moisture lock in formula that repairs the skin from within, hydrates it and makes it nice and soft. Choose fabrics like tweed, cashmere or even velvet that won’t irritate your skin but if you love to play dress up, even layering with cotton can be to stay stylish. I hope these tips help you enjoy healthy and radiant skin. Until then stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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