How to Build An Effective Skincare Routine for Clear Skin: for ALL Skin Types
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How to Build An Effective Skincare Routine for Clear Skin: for ALL Skin Types


  • Hannah Osio

    This video really helps me to establish my skin care routine! I am having a hard time taking care of my skin since here in PH the weather here is so humid, dry, and super HOOOOOOT!

  • safoofa

    I’m not sure what order I should do my skincare routine

    Products I use:
    -cetaphil cleanser
    -diy apple cider + water toner
    -Australian pure beauty exfoliating scrub
    -clean face tea tree moisturiser

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  • Shelley Becker

    is it true that its best to stick to one skin care brand routine as they are formulated to work together? And if so what is a good line from cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer? do I need hyaluronic acid, Coq10 serums? I'm mid 50, don't do fillers or botox, I do dermaroll at home and have very few wrinkles. people think I'm 40. which I'm thankful for, but I see all these serums as I mentioned…order. Vitamin C, Coq10, hyaluronic acid specials in a kit. then there's mask's etc. all different brands. isn't it best to work with one brand that is formulated to go together or does it matter? I'm so confused and I feel I'm ordering way to much of the same stuff. Help😕😕

  • Altura beauty girls

    I'm 13 years old and my skin is extremely dry and I have tiney bumps and my mom says I don't need a skincare routine and I don't know what to do. I really need help 😞😢🤔

  • j solomon

    its all about whats inside,try lypo-spheric vit c, schisandra,amla,zinc and a good diet ,stop wasting your money on hype

  • Aisha

    Its so sad because pakistan hardly has any of the products these people talk about. Even amazon doesn’t ship here and the ones that are available are extremely extremely expensive since they arw imported
    Even drugstore items become extremely expensive.
    Could you please talk about ingredients and what they mean and what to avoid. So we can substitute the for products here.
    Especially sunscreen. What are the products to look out for.
    It’ll be a huge favour!

  • Tif

    Before i continue in this journey of watching all your videos THANKS!! Im looking to start a mindfull skincare rutine and you girls are the only ones that have teach me in a way that I understand and can see the scince behind every step. I have seen all tje videos you recomend in this one and have a notebook with one page for each one so i can teach my mom and brother what they can use.
    You just won a new subscriber!
    Srry for my english in advance 😂

  • Shelby B

    Anybody have cleanser suggestions? I have tried a few different cleansers and they all have dried my skin out so much! Now my skin is extremely painful and it stings to wash my face.

  • Tru Leuthoudom

    I’m only 15 years old and I already have wrinkles on my forehead. What products can help me get ride of them? Please help🥺

  • aloe4radiance

    If your moisturizer has SPF and you put on a foundation that has SPF do you still need to wear a sunscreen under the foundation?

  • Janna H

    Thank you ladies for this wonderful channel!! I just discovered it and I've been watching every video. One question I have that I can't find in your videos is should you use products all from one brand/line? For example so many brands like Tatcha and Clinique have whole skincare sets. Or can I use a Clinique cleanser, Tatcha moisturizer and a serum from a different brand? I've heard you should use just one brand, but you ladies seem to use all sorts of different brands.

  • Huma Bushra

    I'm from Pakistan & love ur vedios.. but it's difficult for me to get good products.. can u help me with some products that are easily found all around? I got combination skin..

  • 고양이Miiint

    Im 17 aaand Im just about to start skincare and I'm a bit scared to do it and i dunno where to start,, Lol I just bought a traveler's kit size basics (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) and i dunno if I'll do it as a night routine first or morning or both😅, sos sisters..!

  • Lalfakzuali lalfakzuali

    I think most of the tips that your recommendng is towards dry skin. And i never woke up feeeling my skin so dry its always too oily every morning, eventhough i use only toner and serum. I really don't need moisturiser and definitely not a sleeping mask😊.

  • Paola Anneline Méndez Ruiz

    It takes me a complete day to proces the information cuz I don´t practice my english but I want to learn more. The channels in spanish are not to good to spread information about skin care.
    I really love this channel cuz the animation makes easier for me understand how my skin works<3

  • juhee

    I have a quick question please – are sunscreens as required in colder rainy countries where there is cloud cover most times?

  • Isabella

    I have an oily T zone with some blackheads and whiteheads + large pores on my nose. can you please help me? I'm looking for a new cleanser and maybe something to exfoliate? help

  • Chancey Taylor

    can you use an oil-based sunscreen on combo skin? I'm trying out bare republic mineral face sunscreen lotion.

  • Arienna Lamb

    One thing that stops me from trying some of these products is the fact that everything with salicylic acid irritates my skin. I also have oily to combination skin also super sensitive skin. So i really don't know what to try

  • Kimy-Melody G

    im a bit confused everyone recommends using sunscreen but doesnt it have cancer/acne risk? are spf bb/cc creams enough?

  • Nanny Ninera

    How about products that are drug store and affordable, instead thethe high
    end crap.
    Also toner is not recommended for mature women with dry and sensitive skin.
    It can be omitted out.

  • itS rEwINd tIme

    I have dry skin but i have sooo many blackheads like they are everywhere my nose chin, cheeks, forehead, EVERYWHERE, i feel like useing a milk or gel cleanser wont do much for me because of my blackheads

  • Samantha Moorman

    Can you make a video on why we get Milia on or face and eyelids and what we can do to get rid of them and what products to use?

  • Emmna Chan

    i’m just getting into skin care and my mom and i bought the first moisturizer and i got a allergic reaction on my cheeks. Wha should i do?

  • Kaeson Mantla

    Hi, I’m 16 with rough skin, pimples, redness, dryness. I only use cleanser and need to make a skincare routine. My skin is oily a lot I would say so I wash and a lot but doesn’t work. I need help, if you could reply and tell me 4 products for a great new skin routine I would be greatful. Please

  • Cur Ergo

    I just use my bioderma H2O , my la roche posay serum , Clinique moisture surge and bioderma 50+ spf sunscreen. Is that good?

  • Sam Frost

    This routine saved my skin! I used to only use moisturiser and my skin would peel off in rolls and it would never soak in at all. I tried this routine and from the first try my skin didn't peel. It's amazing!!!

  • Becca 123

    Hey there! I need some tips. I get creasing under my eyes and I have a lot of redness in my cheeks just wondering if anybody has any tips for either of these??

  • Ainhoa Gallo

    I'm gonna start using products from some by mi but idk if i should try the cleanser with the toner or without the toner because if if i have a breakout after using both idk if it's going to be the cleanser or the toner.
    What should i do?

  • Nour-Huda Al-Arab

    use rose water as a toner it's amazing
    it has so much benefits ,you won't be disappointed
    (suitable for all skin types)
    thus it soothes irritation 😍

  • ITS TYRIQ YO!!!!

    Actually you know why ur skin gets wrinkled when in water too long its because the top layer/epidermis is actually not water proof but the rest of the layers are water proof so if you ask if ur skin is water proof the answer would be yes and no/it depends on with layer your talking about

  • Angelina

    Seriously love you girls and all the information you provide. But honestly, what's up with al the finger tapping on your face? See it all the time and honestly don't get it.

  • Hi There

    Time stamps
    What a healthy skin barrier is and why it’s important: 1:39
    The 4 core products you need 3:54
    -cleanser 4:24 (recs at 6:38)
    -toners/hydrators 8:16 (recs at 10:50)
    -moisturizer 11:06 (recs at 12:15)
    -sunscreen 13:08 (recs at 14:18)
    Products outside the essentials:next tier 14:51
    -serums 15:02
    -eye treatments 16:06
    -night creams 16:58
    -exfoliants 17:45
    Products outside the essentials: the extra 19:08
    Debunk a major myth 20:23
    How to tell when to switch up your routine and why 20:53
    Breakouts/bumpy skin 21:06
    -How to deal with it 23:05
    Dehydrated and dry skin 23:24
    High risk products 26:10

  • Sophia Waldow

    I have try skin and I just bought the Burt’s bees gel cleanser is that ok for my skin it seems to dry me out a bit but not to much what should I do

  • DeeDee Atkins

    You say not to use BHA every day, but I am using BHA Blackhead power liquid in the morning and Trentinoin at night. I want to keep the acne from even popping up because it takes so long to heal my cystic acne. Do I only use the COSRX when I’m having a breakout? I have dehydrated cheeks, overall dry skin, but my t zone collects the most oil. 🙄 PS— your videos have been incredibly helpful in helping me understanding how to apply skincare!! 💖💖

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