How to Become Fair / Skin Care Routine by Myna Nandhini / 2018 India
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How to Become Fair / Skin Care Routine by Myna Nandhini / 2018 India

Skin Care Routine… Today when a person see’s me they ask how my skin tone improved and i got clear skin. I pledge to tell the truth and nothing but the truth! I’ve not worn any makeup. We are gonna talk about skin care. There are two important things involved. 1. Out Take 2. In Take Like everyone else i tried things on my outside first. I tried multhani mitti, rose water… I tried different creams available in the market. Many promised to brighten my skin so I tried them all. It din’t work for me. Then I was advised to use sun screen lotion. I guess this tip will be useful for all. Six years back it was different. Today I may be 1 among 4 artists. But back then I was 1 among 4000 artists. I used stand in the crowd and under the sun for long hours. We would not get to stand under the shade. The important point is not to stand long under the sun wearing sun protection cream. You have to re-apply the lotion else your skin will get damaged. So you can keep an umbrella or a dupatta. When you get exposed to the sun, do not wash your face immediately after getting home. Some people wash with soap after hitting home. That must be avoided. First relax for 10 minutes and then wash. After which some people apply sandal wood/ turmeric paste. We have heard our mother and grand mother asking us to use turmeric for skin’s glow. As turmeric has anti-microbial properties it is advisable to use it twice a week. It might affect the top layer of your skin when used daily. I too experimented on my skin with many methods. Finally i met a doctor. They asked me to take a treatment for my skin. I was asked to pay Rs 30,000. Am not mentioning their name here. My skin got aggravated after the treatment. When asked they told me that first my skin will get aggravated and then it’ll get cured. For an artist the look and feel of the skin matters. So I’ll give a best tip for acne. There is a cream called ‘Retino AC’ avalable in the drug store. Its a powerful cream If you can take a week off you can try this. This cream costs Rs 200/- Apply on your pimples. Apply over night and wash it in the morning. On the second day you will have a burning sensation. Third day it will worsen. Apply on all the pimples. On the fourth day your skin will be completely wounded. From fifth day you can start seeing new skin. After one week you see completely clear and smooth skin. You shouldn’t apply makeup for 10 days. After following this, you should focus on intake. Drink lots of water after waking up. I still find it difficult to practice. Many of us vomit if we drink lot of water. Bare it and drink. You’ll not feel constipated. Drink carrot juice after you wake up. Don’t take it daily it may lead to constipation. Take carrot juice one day then beetroot juice and then tomato juice. Take more veggies and fruits. You can apply papaya externally. Mash papaya. Add 1 tsp of lemon and 1 tsp of honey. Mix well to form a paste. Apply on face, hands and legs. Lemon and curd can be mixed and applied for de-tanning. Do it regularly to maintain skin tone. Best food for skin is egg white. Beat egg white and apply on skin. If you skin is affected by tan, mix baking soda, egg white and icing sugar. Beat it well it forms soft peaks. Apply it on face to maintain clear skin. This is my regular routine. Apart from all this your daily food matters. Even without applying any skincare just drinking carrot juice and beetroot juice for a week will show difference in your skin. Applying externally is like an extra cover up similar to dresses. Try all these!


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