How to Apply Fiberglass Nails : How to Push Nail Cuticles Back

This is Valda Sarty with Sarty Mountain Inc.
on behalf of Expert Village. This step is cleaning the nail plate in preparation for
the fiberglass application. We will apply alcohol to the nail plate to make sure it
is completely free of the nail polish remover and any lotions or oils that may be on the
nail plate. Being careful not to put the alcohol anywhere except on the nail plate as you don’t
want to extend the alcohol to the skin in case they have sensitivity or to dry the skin.
We will be cleansing the nail plate with alcohol to remove all nail polish remover, lotions
or oil that might be on the nail plate. Repeat the process on all 10 nails. Watch our next
segment on pushing back the cuticles to prepare the nail plate.

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