How To Actually Get Rid Of Acne & Myths About Acne
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How To Actually Get Rid Of Acne & Myths About Acne

How To Actually Get Rid Of Acne & Myths About
Acne Are you tired of hearing “ugh, what’s that
on your face?” when it’s obviously a pimple or some other blemish? Don’t you just wish you knew the right and
wrong things to do when you’re trying to rid yourself of the horrible curse that is acne? Well, don’t worry, cause today we’re going
to explore 8 Acne Myths And How To Get Rid Of It. But before we get into that, you should thank
us for helping you out with your pimple problem and subscribe, then click that notification
bell. Hey, don’t mention it, what are Besties for? Alright so first, we’re going to talk about
all sorts of myths about pimples and blemishes, that is to say, acne. Acne is terrible and can really hurt a person’s
self-esteem. Whether you have acne as a teenager or if
it’s adult onset acne, it can seriously be a drag. Since we all dream of “perfect skin”,
it’s easy to do a quick google search to find out how to help clear up your complexion. Your Bestie always delivers; it’s full of
methods that claim to get rid of acne. But like most things, you shouldn’t believe
everything you read or hear on the internet. Especially when it comes to your skin, and
especially if you have sensitive skin. More often than not, easy-fix methods have
the opposite effect and can actually make your skin worse. Make sure to do thorough research before you
try any acne-solution on your face. Today, we’ve got a video of myths about acne
and acne-solutions that have been debunked. Hopefully, it will make your road to clear
skin easier! 1. The Way You Eat and What You Eat Doesn’t
Affect the Spread of Acne: There is an old myth that says that there is no relationship
between your diet and acne but science has debunked this idea. Products with a high glycemic index as well
as the hormones that are contained in milk can cause acne and clog your pores. 2. Smoking Causes Acne: There are a plethora
of health risks associated with smoking like cancer and lung disease, but causing acne
is not one of them. Smoking does slow down skin regeneration,
which causes acne to heal more slowly. It does not, however, cause acne. 3. Makeup/Cosmetics Cause Acne: This is a half-truth. Not all cosmetics are bad for your skin. Try searching for products that are labeled
as non comedogenic as they are made specifically for problem skin. Also, avoid all products containing alcohols
and oils as they cause dryness and will clog your pores, respectively. 4. Tanning Helps Clear Acne: This is a harmful
misconception. UV rays can actually cause the emergence of
more acne. If you currently have acne, stay away from
tanning for excessive periods of time. If you have to be in the sun, be sure to use
sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays and your acne potentially spreading. 5. Stress Causes Acne: This is also a misconception. Stress cannot cause new pimples to form. However, it may slow down the healing for
pimples that are already present on your face. 6. Washing Your Face Often Will Clear Up Acne:
Also untrue. Acne and blackheads are caused by the clogging
of pores so washing your face on the surface won’t unclog your pores. In fact, excessive face-washing may lead to
irritation and cause your acne to worsen. Use a sulfate-free cleanser to avoid irritating
your skin and pat-dry your face afterward. 7. Toothpaste Helps Get Rid of Acne: Toothpaste
contains chemicals that cause mild burns which can certainly dry acne but may also cause
irritation and rashes. Try using benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatments
instead. They are developed specifically for acne. 8. Popping Zits: This is pretty common knowledge. Popping zits can permanently scar your face
by damaging infected follicles and thereby aggravate the inflammation. If you decide to pop your pimples, make sure
to clean your hands before and after because touching your face with unclean hands can
worsen your acne. So now that the myths about that horrible
scourge are out of the way, let’s get to the real meat of the video: how does one get rid
of acne? Well, why don’t we just get right into it,
shall we? First, you’ll have to figure out what KIND
of acne you have. Do you want to get rid of your: (Editors: Here’s a picture for reference: Blackheads? These are the little black dots that’ll appear
on your face, mostly around your nose or T-Zone, but keep in mind they can show up just about
anywhere: the back, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms. BIO CLARITY tells us that: “Blackheads are
one of two types of comedones (a skin-coloured, small bump (papules) frequently found on the
forehead and chin of those with acne) or acne lesions caused by clogged pores. Blackhead comedones are open versus closed,
leaving the plug at the top of the clogged pore exposed to air on the skin’s surface. It’s this exposure to oxygen that accounts
for their color, which can not only be black but also gray, yellow or brown.” Luckily, they’re usually pretty painless and
easy to get off. Whiteheads? Remember when we talked about how black heads
are closed comedones? Well, whiteheads are open comedones. If it’s small, if it’s white and if it’s round
on your skin’s surface, there’s a good chance it’s a white head. They can vary in size, they can appear anywhere
but best of all, they’re usually pretty painless, and generally considered to be mild. Papules? This is where we’re going to dive into the
grosser forms of ance, so hold on. These happen when blocked pores become more
and more irritated, growing in size and digging deeper into your skin. Afterward, if pimples get trapped underneath
the skin’s surface, they’ll turn into papules. These monsters are defined by BIO CLARITY
pretty clearly: “red, sore spots which can’t be popped (please don’t try! Squeezing the oil, bacteria, and skin cell
mixture can result in long term scars that may be unresponsive to acne treatments). They’re formed when the trapped, infected
pore becomes increasingly inflamed and irritated, and they usually feel hard to the touch. Papules are small (less than 1 centimeter
in diameter) with distinct borders; when clusters of papules occur near each other, they can
appear as a rash and make your skin feel rough like sandpaper.” Because they’re hard to get to, they’re considered
to be more severe forms of acne than the other two. Pustules? These forms of acne are formed pretty similar
to papules, however, there’s a slight difference. We’re pretty grossed out by it, so we’ll let
BIO CLARITY speak for us: “The difference is that pustules are filled with liquid pus,
giving them a white or yellowish appearance akin to blisters”. They’re usually tender, hard and pretty severe. Like papules, you probably shouldn’t try to
bust these babies on your own. Ech! Gross! Nodules? We end our description of various forms of
acne with the most serious of the five, Nodules. Usually about 1 to 2 centimeters in diameter,
these pus filled sacks are serious business. Wherever they show up on your body, whether
it be somewhere externally like the face, neck, armpits, groin or somewhere internally
like the lungs, thyroid, and lymph nodes, you should always consult a doctor if you
think you have nodules. Now that you know what you’re looking to destroy,
let’s go through some methods of doing so: 1) Wash Your Face. You don’t want to use regular soap when you’re
washing your face, because that’s not enough to clean it. The people at THE KNOT.COM recommend that
you: “Look for topical acne medication ingredients salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide in
your face wash and use gentle, non abrasive cleansing techniques.” Also, look for something that’ll get the dirt
and oils out without over drying your precious skin. 2) Moisturize. There’s nothing worse for guaranteeing you’ll
get acne than an overly dry face. That’s why you’ll have to moisturize. However, make sure that it’s an oil free moisturizer,
because if not it won’t be good for your skin. 3) Take Medication. If you’re really serious or have really bad
acne, you’ll want to consider medication for the job. There are a couple different types of medication
that you can use in order to clear up your acne. THE KNOT.COM recommends a couple of different
medicines: The first one is Topical (also know as when
it’s applied directly on the skin) or Oral (also know as when it’s taken through your
mouth) Antibiotics. THE KNOT describes them working like this:
“Topical antibiotics kill bacteria in the upper portion of your pores, while oral antibiotics
can reach to the lower depths of the pores”. Also, they say that “These antibiotics are
the most effective for treating acne because they both kill bacteria and act as anti-inflammatory
agents to calm down the skin.” So, if you’re really serious about getting
rid of your acne, then you might want to talk to your doctor about this. 4) Natural Options. Say you’re not about all those government
pills with their chemicals, man. You’re a hippy, you want nature to cure your
acne. However, you need to remember this about natural
treatments: there’s no research supporting the effective use of natural acne treatments. So if you’re using this, remember it might
not work as well as all those government chemicals. Anyways, THE KNOT says to try this remedy: Coconut Oil: In order to use this apparent
miracle product as an acne cleanser, you’re going to have to add it to your diet. THE KNOT says that: “The fatty acids like
lauric acid and caprylic acid are metabolized into antibacterial agents in the body” which
apparently help get rid of pimples. Either that or you can rub some on your skin
after cleansing. It’ll give you a hydrating boost! And that just about wraps it up! What did you think of our acne video? Leave your thoughts in the comments section


  • Fred Ramm

    This video totally missed the point. Simple: knock off the Corn Sweeteners, and possibly corn starches … Knock off, most candies, and especially soft drinks, or any thing that has this stuff in (you will notice that many food manufactures are now advertising "NO CORN SWEETENERS") . Read ingredient labels…It worked for me at 40, after battling it for 20 years…even at 67, I can still have a zit, if I don't watch this situation. There may be a little more to this, but just start with, "stopping the corn sweeteners"…note: I do not have a problem with fresh corn or regular sugar. Question: have you ever been to a country, that doesn't use corn sweeteners? Notice the people: do they have zit problems? Try it, stopping this food product, in your diet…you have nothing to loose.

  • Annelee Girl

    This is why its better not to ask a cartoon. Hes basically telling people that washing your face doesnt clear the face. But not washing the face and eating junk food can cause acne. If you dont eat healthy.

    I have 3 different skin products. I used to have pretty bad acne. But now i wash my face twice a day. Just dont mix products or wash at the same time. Its the same as being on medicine. Wash once in the mourning, once at night and take vitamins after a good meal and watch the skin not only clear up but it actually takes the age off my face.

  • Bestie

    What did you think of our acne video? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  • Ar'Necia Rhodes

    Him: moisturize you face, but make sure its an oil free moisturizer.

    Me: uses OIL to moisturize my face 😶

  • Andrew Lepkowski

    Are you having problems cleaning your skin so it's finally without any acne and red blemishes that go over see your face? Well the genuine problem that people face is because usually are not told the whole truth about finally getting clear skin and that's why they have problems with acne week after week.
    You see I was an acne sufferer myself but I finally learned the reality regarding eliminating the ugly red blemishes and it is actually much simpler then most believe.
    One reason for acne that a lot of people fall to is because they think that greater they wash their face the cleaner it will become but this is actually going to make your complaint worse. If you really would like clear skin you need to be washing your face twice a day as that is the minimum and maximum total gain a clear complexion.
    What you need to be doing is employing a cream cleanser that one could simply invest in your local grocery story and push the button into lather before applying to face. The trick here's being quick because longer you massage it into the skin the more irritated your acne can become. You should have only the cleanser on see your face for approximately 20 seconds or less because an ideal period of time for your skin complexities being soaked away. Was off with lukewarm water and then it is usually smart to apply a benzoyl peroxide treatment to aid oxygenate your skin.
    You can read more details here :

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