How I Keep my Skin Acne Free (+ Make it Less Oily)
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How I Keep my Skin Acne Free (+ Make it Less Oily)


  • Sharmander

    ★ The mobile Wishtrend website is currently being fixed so please use a computer to access the link guys 🙂 If it doesn't work on the computer keep trying it should be back in a few min. Due to lots of visitors for Black Friday Deals it's having some problems →

  • Leonie Kuhnert

    last week my skin was the worst it's ever been (i dont have acne but it was red and i always had breakouts). my mom got msm capsules by nuU and now i take oje or two everyday and they are working so well. the skin on my forehead ans next to my nose is clearing up finally. also do sports so you sweat out the toxic stuff and melt blackheads, and less sugar and salt!

  • Candycane

    This has got to be the best Christmas present ever. Buying a few for me and my kids. Oily skin is in the family. We all struggle with it. I use neutrogena, but it tends to dry my skin, especially in the winter. Summer time my skin is greasy 1 hour after washing it. I always told the kids I wish there was a way to wipe off the grease, purify it and sell it…..we'd be rich! Lol thank you for sharing. I too stifle with good and bad face days, plus the body acne as well. (Shoulders and chest) it makes it hard to wear comfortable summer clothes.

  • RatherStrangeCat

    These products all sound perfect for my skin type and acne troubles! Thank you for releasing these helpful skincare boxes, Sharla! You’re so kind and thoughtful to create these deals with Wishtrend to help others fix their skin troubles. ❤️

  • I Shimura

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  • Haunted

    My skin is so dry it looks like a desert! (I live in Norway so its really cold).
    I've only just started trying to take care of my skin but so far the only thing thats slightly helping is those night time moisturising creams. Can anyone help me out?

  • decemberclouds

    Something similar to the Cosrx things were sold in the US and Canada by Neutragena apparently, but then they were discontinued! Or at least someone told me that…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I had no idea you had acne.

  • Helli We

    @Sharmander My skin is terrible. I know howit is when people stare. I have Psoriasis, which means I have dry scabby patches on my forhead, my arm and legs and on the skin under my hair. Its really bad under my hair, which makes me feel like my skin is to tight for my had, its itchy and my hair falls off on some parts of my head because the roots cant breath but at the same time my skin is super oily on my face…

  • Artichoke Hearts

    I absolutely LOVE the last wishtrend box I got from you Sharla, it has changed my life. I used to obsess over having to wear full makeup if I was ever going out, and I'd use so many filters on any photo of myself. The new skin care routine I have now has made my skin so flawless and happy! Thank you so much for your helpful advice ❤

  • Cee Tee

    Hey Sharla, please talk about the active ingredients in future vids. I’d love to try out your recommendations, but I need more info.

  • naviproductions

    oh my gosh thank you! i myself have combination skin (which is getting drier as the weather gets colder 😞) BUT my sister has very oily/acne prone skin and has never found anything that could help, so now i know what to get her for christmas!

  • Brittany K

    Is there anything less expensive? I can’t afford $60 or $138, I’m lucky to have $20 after I pay the bills and buy groceries and what we need around the house 😭

  • Hoi

    I love Cosrx! I'm currently using the Klairs moisturizing cream you showed as well, alongside 100% Pure's lavendar clay foaming wash, and Cosrx Snail Mucin 96. For those who can't seem to get rid of acne no matter what they change, Curology is a REALLY good medicated acne subscription. It's very different than Proactiv or Skin ID.

    Also, I love that Keyboard-san likes to take care of his skin! Is it common with Korean men? Men in the US (and many places around the world I presume) have this almost…fear or obtuse aversion of pampering their skin. Likely because of hyper-masculine expectations or something along those lines.

  • Marjorie H

    Hey Sharla! Are these products cruelty free? I've been trying to find a skin care regiment with products that aren't tested on animals but it's been pretty hard so far. These look awesome and I'd love to purchase a box and give it all a go.

  • Nami Heartilly

    I don't need the whole box cause I already have some products I like, but that powder face wash and those pimple patches look interesting. I also have yet to find a face wash I really like XD

  • Aufgerouget

    I really feel like you with face washes … my best face wash/peeling is Angels on bare Skin by Lush 'cause it's really good to my sensitive skin

  • KAL EL

    First of all, do not try stuff that you see or ear on the net. It works with some people, may not work with you. Please do an allergies test. You may be allergic to something that you are not aware. I have tried so many products and they never worked. After the test i learned why… I´m allergic to perfume… Meaning that anything that has a nice smell, will just destroy my face. I have to use products without perfume that my doctor indicates. It did not removed it yet, but i am a lot better.

  • LuminasLight

    Very nice video. I like it 😀
    But it made me think… old are you again ?! :O You look not older than beginning of your 20s 🙂

  • Asrai de Lune

    I only wanted to try a few of the products in this pack but it still worked out to be cheaper to buy the whole thing. I can’t wait especially for the green tea powder cleanser. It looks soo good. 😁

  • ASMRiCat

    ty sharla!
    I always had acne….Now i am 22 and its getting worse! i thought it will get better when i reach this age but NO….its awful!
    I think it could be due to my new job…i work with animals and have to scratch my face etc with my hands or shoulders all the time because of all the fur flying around….maybe the repairing serum could help. You said it protects the skin from further irritation?

  • Kaitlyn Lett

    This box shipped so fast! I have used the products for a few days now and so far I’m loving them. Keep doing these boxes with wishtrend please. They are great.

  • leylafashion

    Food is indeed a big cause , I cut out Dairy and recently meat, I still have acne at 33yrs old.
    It is mostly hormonal, but it is getting less, I only use natural and organic skin care.

  • Erin Lindell

    Is it strange that my skin clears up when I'm unwell? Like recently, I've had a flu-like virus, and my skin just cleared right up! Wish I knew why…

  • Izzy K

    Hi Sharla! Thanks for the video, this products looks really nice for oily skin, specially the pimple pads! I would like to buy the box. Are these products cruelty free?

  • Arden Winner

    WOW my box got here in, like, six days! I'm in the US. Thought it wouldn't come until Christmas! Unfortunately, I dropped my mask on the ground right when I was taking everything to my bathroom to try out 🙁 but everything else is great! I've got a patch on my chin rn and my skin is so soft and supple :3

  • Kaitlin Nakamura

    Just placed my order this past weekend. Can't wait to get it and start using the products!!! Thanks for all of your videos!

  • Kristine T

    I just got your recommended box set ! I cant wait to try it . Im just sad its such long shipping time . 15-30 days !!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

  • ShadyLady

    Just ordered! I've never had a very good skin care routine but I love skin care so I'm excited! I'm also looking at buying either the Missha or the Klairs BB creams you've mentioned. Which would you recommend more? Or if anyone else has used them which is better?

  • gaaranice

    Yessssss COSRX is awesome. Holy grail products 🙂 Love their Low PH Gel Cleanser and Honey Overnight Mask the most. I use many of their products •~• 😈🐱🍓

  • Maree Medici

    Got this box! Can't wait for it to arrive. I bought the anti ageing one and loved every.single.product. So I know this one will be great too. Can you do one dedicated to oily skin in the future?

  • Elmo's World

    I took the plunge and bought this box because my skin is horrendous at the moment! I'm hoping it will sort it out once and for all. I ate a lot of dairy over the weekend, and into the start of the week and I can now do a dot-to-dot on my cheeks. It's definitely more money than I would ever spend on a bunch of face products but I may as well give it a try!

  • Alexis Garcia

    Just ordered it right now this will be my first time trying any Korean products out!!😊 I hear really good things so I know I won’t be disappointed and it’s all a really good price for everything included! Thank you sharla I love all your videos💖

  • MollyTheDragon

    OMG SHARLA THAT MOISTURISER IS AMAZING!!!! My box arrived yesterday, I’m so excited to try the rest of the products today! THANK YOU xxxx

  • Sushi Mo

    I just got the package today and tried it our and my face feels so good~ Let's hope good results in a few weeks~ Thanks Sharla <3

  • misschelz1

    please bring back this box soon if you can !! T^T I wasn't able to buy one when they were available but would definitely grab one if they were brought back!

  • 데이지

    these products all korean cosmitic right? i love INNISFREE because it made in JEJU ISLAND with nature ingredient. on the other hand i hate everything in china. its made all hella dirty and low quality. so all koreans and japanese are never use it what made china products

  • Kaitlin Nakamura

    +Sharmander Finally got my skincare box from Wishtrend!! Thanks for the recommendation on the products!! Going to start using it for my new skincare routine. Can’t wait for you to make another skincare box.

  • Heather

    I got my box the other day! I love everything in it! The only thing I feel like it's missing is some sort of letter from Sharla… It would have been nice if it included a statement or a thank you or anything really! Maybe for the next box? 🙂

  • Amanda Tamayo

    I'm definitely checking out the products to get when I can! I have a question, tho, Sharla – what eye shadow(s) are you wearing? I love the shimmer and have similar skin to yours so figure it would work well for me.
    Thanks for making these videos!!

  • NinaP425

    I have been holding off on this comment to give the kit time…THANK YOU!!! I never thought I'd find products that actually work. My face cleared up 😊 Now I only deal with hormonal acne occasionally. Working on diet changes and reducing stress. Please continue these type of video-they are extremely helpful.

    PS love the green tea wash.

  • Selina Marr

    Could you please make another acne care box? I missed this one and unfortunately my skin‘s really breaking out at the moment. The products I‘m using right now aren‘t good for my skin at all, so I would like to have a new set to start over.
    Your skin looks so good by the way ❤️❤️

  • Braian Benitez

    Soooo can we like do another Sharla Box?? I'm trying to convince my husband to get me this box for my birthday, but it's out of stock!

  • Sarah Mackenzie

    Ordered more acne patches on Amazon. If teenage me had known about them how different my life would have been. Not that they existed in the 80s-90s.

  • kimmy5135

    Would this skincare routine be ok for a 13 yr old? My daughter has acne and I hate her using all the chemical creams the dr prescribes. Thank you 😀

  • شذى الغامدي

    Hi , sorry because my English is not that good because i am arabic so i hop you understand me 🤗. There is a mask that is very popular in k.s.a which where I leave on it is clear your skin in 2 weeks so i wont you to try it you make it at home . Ingredients: powder milk + honey + lemon + tomatoes + pomegranate the out thing that we throw i don't know what is it in English the outer shell (dried for three days or can be purchased) and grinded + yogurt. (A teaspoon of each ingredient and mix and placed on the skin until dry and wash the skin with water Do not make a large quantity for the whole week is good for two days dimension is made again It is used daily to disappear and can be placed on the dark circles they help to disappear (Try it on the area Small of the face if you do not feel the skin or any adverse change occurs you can put on the whole skin. I hope to work with you and admire you

  • Frances Delgado

    I cut dairy and my acne got worse lmao! Idk if is because my skin is clearing and taking all the toxic out or I NEED MILK AND CHEESE IN MY LIFE😂😂😂

  • Resonance

    Thanx for your honest and beautiful video!
    I also think acne (or any diseases) is highly related to our daily life.
    Lots of fruits,
    Lots of vegies,
    No stress…
    Which is the reason we get rid of acne as we grow up!

  • SiouxEmpireCoyote

    I have the opposite issues with my skin. It’s so dry it cracks and flakes. My friends with pimples say I’m lucky but I have scars too from dry damage. Lotions don’t do much since they just sit on the surface of the skin. If you have moisturizing tips that would be great.

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