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How did you eliminate your acne? That’s a question I get all the time, and it’s been kinda misconstrued, as to the pathways I took to
actually eliminate the acne. A lot of people have been saying that I’m claiming that the vegan diet actually eliminated my
acne from the beginning, and that’s not necessarily
the truth for me, so I just wanna lay out
how I got through my acne, and then what I’ve done since
then to keep my acne at bay. Real quick, my acne started
when I was about 14 years old, and it got worse and
worse, just genetically, but then I started lifting
and I was eating tons and tons of dairy and cheese. Basically, I was having my (mumbles), but I was having maybe
about, I don’t know, I’d say about eight
servings of cheese a day, as well as just about 3/4 gallons of milk every single day, and that
just ramped up my acne to a whole new level
of cystic terribleness, and I just didn’t
realize what I was doing. I didn’t realize that
was what was causing it so I just kept going because
I didn’t know any better, and it just got extremely bad, to the point that I actually
had to hop on to Accutane. So I believe, although
correct me if I’m wrong, I believe I started it
when I was 19 years old. I hopped on to Accutane
after seeing a dermatologist. She suggested that I try
a couple other things. Try to like doxycycline, minocycline, all these different little
antibiotics and stuff, and they didn’t do anything for me. I did Proactiv and all
these terrible other things that just didn’t do anything for me, so he was like, “All
right, we need to hop on “to Accutane,” my Accutane
treatment actually lasted for 75 weeks. Starting at about 20 milligrams and then I ramped up all the
way up to 180 milligrams, and then obviously came back down again until I was at zero milligrams
at the end of my treatment, and that was what cured my acne entirely. In my case, my acne was super severe. Not only did I have a bunch of whiteheads, I had tons of blackheads
that riddled my face, on the forehead, specifically, but then I would also
at least four cystic, big, old, marbled beasts on my face that would literally be marble
size, and they were painful. They pressured, and they
just wouldn’t go away. There would always be at
least three or four on my face no matter what day it was, and yeah, I realize, 75 weeks is crazy long. The reason that it lasted so long was because my acne was super severe, it was gonna be a longer course anyways, but also, I didn’t realize that dairy and whey protein were what
was actually keeping the acne in me, so even while I
was dosing with Accutane, my acne got through the initial breakout, and that’s what you’re expecting. It’s supposed to get much worse when you first start taking Accutane, but then it’s supposed to start
getting better and better, but it didn’t get better. It just kept getting worse and worse, and it seemed like nothing was happening, like we were stagnate in progress,
and the reason why I was, ’cause I was still taking
whey protein shakes, I was still drinking tons of milk, I was still having cheese and whatnot, and my doctor eventually,
it took him forever to tell me this, but eventually, he was, “Hey, have we told
you not to take whey protein?” And I was like, “No, I didn’t know. “Am I not supposed to do that?” And they were like,
“Oh, yeah, whey protein “actually breaks out people pretty bad “if you’re predisposed to that,” and then I took the whey out, and Accutane started finally working. I mean, granted, it took another 30 weeks. I would think that was about 40 weeks in. It took another 30, 35 weeks until I was actually clear clear, but it got a lot better after that, and then Accutane started
to actually take its role and start drying up my face
and getting me more clear. So to be completely transparent, to be completely honest with you, because that’s what I like to do. I mean I would love to tell you that this, this, or this
completely cleared up my acne, but it was nothing other
than getting on Accutane and taking the whey and
the dairy out of my diet. And if you want any more information about Accutane, or if you
wanna see more about my journey that I went through, I actually
documented every single week in a series I call the
Accutane Adventures, and it goes from literally week one all the way up until the
last week I was on Accutane. You can look at that. It’s on this channel. You can just go in my oldest videos, and just join on any week,
and you can really see what I was looking like, and
kinda how my face transformed over the weeks, and you can kinda see how it got better, and
how it got a lot better towards the end, and you can also see where I started from, things like that, but if you want more information,
go look back at that. That’s not what this video is about. It’s not necessarily about Accutane. It’s more just about telling
you exactly what I did and then also what I’ve done afterwards. Now this video is titled
How I Eliminated my Acne, but to be honest with you,
if you’ve ever had acne, you’ll never fully eliminate it until you get older and then
you aren’t producing sebum or you’re not producing
the acne and stuff, but you’ll never fully eliminate it by treating the symptom or whatever. It’s gonna always be there
in some fashion or other. Even now, my face is, it’s clear. To me, my face could not be any better. I am so happy and satisfied with this, especially if you go back and
you look where I came from, but a lot of people could
say, they could argue that this is not clear. I do have a few red, little pimples. I have little whiteheads. I have a couple blackheads, but for me, this is so satisfactory. I’m so happy with how my face is looking. And the initial clear up from where I was back in the day, with my
face just being covered, is thanks to Accutane. After Accutane, I’m
sure you guys wanna know what I’ve done to kind
of keep the acne at bay because a lot of times,
acne will come back and basically, you relapse,
and acne will come back. You’ll start getting the
cysts or the whiteheads, blackheads, and I’ve gotten those. I’ve gotten more whiteheads
and little bumps and whatnot than I was originally
when I came off of acne, Accutane for the first
three or four months, but what I would say is that now, I’m more of kind of a regular person. That’s what I’ve always kind of put it as, is regular people get a couple bumps, instead of getting tons of bumps, so right after I got off of Accutane, it’s almost like I was supercharged. I was like a superhero ’cause
I had the drug in me, right? So I didn’t have anything,
I was super clear, but I’m actually really satisfied with the drug wearing off, and now, I’m seeing that this is
what my normal self is. This is my status quo is a couple bumps with a little bit of blackheads, and I’m actually really happy about it. What I’ve done to keep the acne away as far as after seeing the whiteheads actually be able to
come back up and stuff, I’ve been very wary of what
I’m putting into my body, so one of the things that I’ve done since I’ve gotten off of Accutane is really watch how much
processed food I’ve eaten, so really sugary things,
really junky food, fast food, things that
are packages and whatnot, and you’ve seen me a little
bit more of that nowadays because I’m bulking, and
when I get to a certain point in my bulk, I really just
need to get the calories in, so I understand that by eating
a little bit more processed or fast food or junky, I’m
going to break out a little bit, but now that I’ve seen how I break out, I’m sort of okay with the amount that’s going to come up,
and then when I’m cutting, it’s gonna go away a little bit more, but yeah, processed food was definitely one of the
biggest sources of acne. That out helped a lot,
especially with the sugars. A lot of people react to sugar really bad. Another one that’s helped a lot, but it really was never a problem
for me, is drinking water. A lot of people seem to
not drink enough water and that’s been a source
of a lot of people’s acne. When I drink a lot of
water, it definitely helps, I guess, flush my body, maybe, but I just feel like
I break out a lot less when I’m drinking a lot more water rather than when I’m dehydrated. Another one that’s really, really big, probably one of the biggest ones, is increasing the amount of
vegetables that I’m eating. ‘Cause I remember when I was
a kid, no vegetables, man. When I started bodybuilding,
not really a vegetable person. I kinda like mixing them in here or there, but I wasn’t getting
the amount of vegetables that I needed, but then I
started super-dosing vegetables. Around the time of the last
YouTube house actually, season one, and I started having eight to 12 servings of vegetables,
and I usually would put it in a stir-fry. That way, I could just knock it back, and doing that helped so much. I mean, I wish I would’ve
tried that before Accutane, just to see if it
would’ve helped me at all, but if you guys are
having any acne problems, try super-dosing vegetables. Have way more than you usually would. Instead of having one serving of broccoli, have eight servings of
broccoli with your dinner, and just, I know it’s kinda hard to put that much vegetables
down at one time, but just try it, man. You’re gonna love the way it hits you. And this brings me to
the vegan discussion. A lot of people have been saying that I’m claiming that the vegan
diet is what cured my acne. I’m saying that the vegan diet is likely a great diet for people who are prone to acne, because
you’re eliminating a lot of the processed sugars,
a lot of the junky food. You’re also taking away
two of the biggest factors for me, personally. Dairy and whey protein, or
supplements of any sort. Those were the things
that were just killing me. I was having so, so much
milk, cheese, and products. I was having so many bars, protein bars, and protein powders, and those things were just breaking me out. So by switching over to a vegan diet after I got off Accutane, I think it was maybe
about five months after, four, five months afterwards, and it’s helped me a lot
to keep the acne at bay because I’ve been
super-dosing my vegetables like I’ve been telling you, but I’ve also been absolutely staying away from the milk and dairy, and I’m not sure, relatively, whether meat
was making me break out, but I’m assuming that it could make a lot of people break out more
than you regularly would just because of the amount of hormones, and just the way that it’s
all processed and whatnot. I imagine that having
those extra chemicals in your body could make
people break out more. So that’s actually why
I jumped on a vegan diet originally, was just to
help keep my acne at bay, and I saw really positive results from it. My face was feeling a lot
more smooth and glowing, and I just felt like there
was lot less acne in total, and then I just got into the vegan diet, and now I just really like
it because it’s a fun thing to do, it’s good for the environment, it’s great for the whole
animal cruelty thing. I won’t get into that too much, but just, that’s why I got into it. It was just to kind of
keep my acne at bay. Another few tips that I
use to keep my acne at bay is when I’m sleeping in my bed, I always change the
sheets every two, three, maybe four days if I’m being really lazy, but the pillowcases, every single day. If you’re like me, and
you work out all the time, which I definitely do six times a week, this is a huge tip for you. Right after you work out,
don’t let your face dry with the sweat on it. Go straight to the locker room. Either put your face under the water, or even better than
just washing your face, go straight into a shower. Just wash your entirety,
because you’re gonna have sweat and oil and all sorts of
weird stuff in your hair, and I don’t know, I just feel
like when you get all off you in the shower, it’s a lot better, but also, if you can handle this, take your shower however
temperature you like. If you like it warm,
then take a warm shower, but at the very end of it,
right before you get out, turn it all the way to cold,
maybe stick your body out ’cause it might be pretty cold for you. If you can handle it, you
can just stay in the water, but take your body out of the water, and push your head into the water, and just let the cold
water go over your hair, go over your face, and let
it cool your face down. I feel like when your face is warm, your pores are more open, so then you walk around the locker room, maybe touch your face
and maybe, I don’t know, there’s poo particles
in the air, something, maybe old men been
pooping, gassing around. I don’t know, I don’t
know the science of it, to be honest, but I feel like, when you leave the shower warm, you get a lot more acne than
if you cool your face down, close your pores down,
and then just move on. So to kinda summarize this whole thing, if you’re someone who’s
facing really bad acne, and you’ve tried Proactiv, and you’ve tried benzoyl peroxide, all those things actually
made my acne worse. They didn’t help at all. They actually aggravated it. So if you’re one of those people that those things aren’t working for you, and people are always telling you, “Have you tried Proactiv yet?” And you’re like, “Yes, I’ve
done it a million times “and it just doesn’t work for me.” If you’re one of those people, then what I would suggest is
before you start Accutane, before you go talk to your dermatologist about Accutane, before
you consider that at all, try overdosing on vegetables,
and just have eight to 12 servings of vegetables. You might actually see an
improvement in your skin. Try to up your water, make
sure you’re taking cold showers at the end of your showers, and make sure that you’re changing
your sheets all the time. That’s a huge one. That was one that caused
a lot of acne for me. And if none of that stuff
actually improves your acne, then go see a dermatologist,
and what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna first
try you on minocycline or doxycycline, and those
are two antibiotics, and for some people,
they work really well. You’re immediately clearing up, and you’re like, “Oh, I don’t even need “to do the more extreme
version,” which is Accutane. And then after you take those antibiotics, then they’ll try something called Retin-A, and it’s basically topical treatments like a ointment that you put on your face, and it’s basically vitamin
A that you put on your face, and then if that still doesn’t work, then you can talk to your
dermatologist about Accutane, and Accutane is essentially just, it’s vitamin A that it’s
like at a super dose, and you actually ingest it
orally into your stomach, and then it starts building up over time. Once you build up a cumulative dose of vitamin A in your body enough, your face will start clearing up, or your body acne, whatever acne it is. It’ll start clearing up and
then you’ll be in a better place as far as acne goes. Do be aware of the risks,
the pros and the cons, so do some studying ’cause
there are some people who have faced very severe depression. There’s people who have faced all sorts of different things like really dry skin, people who have had erectile dysfunction, all sorts of different things. Me, personally, I think I
was one of the best cases of Accutane because I
didn’t experience, really, any of those things. I experienced a little
bit of loss of strength, a little bit of joint pain,
sometimes a little bit of sleep loss, but really nothing severe, but again, like I said,
you should be aware of the pros and the cons
before you consider that. Of course, also talk
to your dermatologist. So there you have it guys. I just wanted to explain
to you really quickly, a topic and a question that
has been brought up a lot in the comments lately. Just how I originally got rid of my acne. A lot of people have been
kind of attributing it to different factors, so I just
wanted to put it out there, and explain exactly how my
journey went personally. I know a lot of you guys
have already heard this, so I’m sorry if this is kind
of a repeat video for you, but I just wanted to get
the information out there for people to see what
pathways you can take to kind of experiment to see
if it’ll improve your skin, and then what you can do
as the ultimate treatment, the most severe thing that you can do if you need to get to that point, and like I said, there’s all sorts of information about this. You can search all over
the Internet for Accutane. You can also watch my
series, which I’ve put up, all 75 weeks, and hopefully,
you can kinda learn some informational things, and kinda see how I was dealing with it and
how it kinda dealt with me and what kind of acne I was dealing with, as compared to what you’re dealing with, and kinda see if it’s
the right choice for you. But there you go, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it served its
purpose that I was intending to serve, and I really appreciate
you guys supporting me, always showing love, always telling me, my face is glowing and stuff like that. That is so cool of you guys. Give me a thumbs up if
you’ve enjoyed this video. Leave me a comment, let
me know what you thought. Share this on Facebook with your friends if you think that somebody
might benefit from this, and if you’re not subscribed already, make sure that you
subscribe to the channel. Team Beyond the Weak. See T. – Lift heavy or die mirin’
motherfucker. (growls) (bright electronic music)


  • Jenniffer Schile

    Dairy gave me acne too! Hasn't come back since I've been vegan. I had to take accutane before I knew about the dairy unfortunately. Booo. Hallelujah for eventually being informed! #govegan 🙂

  • Brian Turner

    Hey everyone thank you so much for the support on this video! 🙏 Go subscribe to my new ALL acne channel here:

    I wanted to pin a post with some answers to the most asked questions! 😁

    My four biggest tips for people who want to make change in their acne are to
    1) REMOVE DAIRY 100% (not even a little tiny slip up)
    2) Eat 8-16 servings of dark green cruciferous veggies
    3) Drink more water (1-2 gallons a day)
    4) Balance your gut flora by ingesting some form of probiotics.

    What protein can I use?
    A lot of people watching my channel are into fitness and consume whey protein, protein bars and products with dairy in them. Whey/casein proteins are concentrated dairy, you need to switch to a plant based protein. The best plant based protein is the raw plant protein from VivoLife (Yes, I'm sponsored because I support them fully – use BRIAN10 for 10% off VivoLife: They do not include preservatives, coloring or fake sugars which are are terrible for you. They also have greens that provide most of your daily vitamins, veggies and even probiotics. I promote them because their products do not break me out and are high quality.

    EXACTLY What To Do With Acne Scarring! (From Experience):
    How to stay positive and keep high self esteem (How To Get Past Acne Insecurity):
    Three Easy, Medium & Hard things to help eliminate acne:

    I have countless more videos related to acne so if you have anything specific I suggest using the search function on my channel to see if I've talked on it before and if I haven't PLEASE request it in a comment below! I love you all and you are not alone, if you are feeling down from your acne I strongly suggest to continue watching my acne videos about self esteem to help you find the path to strengthening your confidence! ❤❤❤

  • lRufflez

    I've had accutane too, dermatologists said I had medium-severe acne. My back was freaking INTENSE, my chin, my forehead and even my chest was covered in acne but not AS BAD as yours with nasty cysts and all that. Have to say Accutane was worth every once of pain and god knows accutane is a freaking STRUGGLE, I was covered with eczema from the shoulders to the wrist, dryass skin in the armpits and behind the knees and even under my genitals. Going out in the sun is a big NO NO with acutane, you will feel your skin almost melt on your bones it's terrible, any form of direct sunlight literally shreds your eyeballs to pieces. the treatment is an overall torture for 6 months straight (thats how long mine lasted at least) but then you will barely get one pimple every several months (in my case), and they're always from just not cleaning your skin. To anyone that has self esteem isssues because of their acne. DO GET ACUTANE ITS AMAZING

  • Katherine P

    Okay so what got me bad acne was actually DEHYDRATED SKIN. Not dry, but dehydrated. When my skin was dehydrated it came out SUPER OILY but actually needing moisturizer. I washed my face every night and I took accutane too but my acne never really got better. What cured acne for me was treating the dehydrated skin and voila, I can even not wash my face at night and not break out in the morning.

    Just putting out a perspective as it was my experience, it may not be the same for others but I hope it gives information.

    P.s. I am so guilty of not eating vegetables (there are times when I go weeks without touching vegetables) and not drinking enough water. So I'm definitely gonna try dosing on vegetables and drinking lots of water for the suppleness of skin.

  • haley

    So I had sever acne like yours, all on my face and my back, about 4 years ago. Recently, I just started getting cystic acne again, and I think you’re video helped me pinpoint why.

    I stopped eating meat a while back, so I decided use protein powder as one of my big sources of protein. That’s probably what has been causing me to break out so much because my body reacts terribly to dairy.


  • Ludwigia pilosa

    Never did Accutane but all the rest of them. Went vegan and all of it went away and stayed away. I feel as though my doctor failed me. Also lost 110lbs.

  • Lmaolunaa

    Am I the only one who's telling or asking people how yall avoid dairy products esp. eggs chocolates… when I kept on telling myself NO NO BUT I DID IT ANYWAYS….or or okay just for 1 time. No more but haish I forget it after I consumed alot of dairy stuffs….I WANNA KMS (( do anyone feel me:'(( ))

  • Nick K

    Ok to be honest I have bad acne and so far I’ve never seen it fully go away( I’m a soft more in highschool) and what I’ve realized over many topical treatments is that most of them sadly don’t work. So I tried cutting out things in my diet which is very hard considering all my friends can eat sugary things and get no blemishes on there face. So I would think in a false reality that I can be like them and eat anything I want… which you probably guessed it I was wrong. And so I eliminated sugary foods, milk( not cheese or plain yogurt because that’s all we have to eat at my house) and processed foods, along with less carbs. This lessened my acne, I can’t say cleared cause it was obviously still there but it helped. To really lessen my acne i do this daily. In the morning I wash my face with no facial soap, strictly warm water, and put on moisturizer along my jaw line and checks and upper lip cause that’s were I need it the most( a oily free moisturizer that is). And then I put BPT-3 oil on my face with has many plant oils and benzoidporoxide (which doesn’t smell bad luckily)and am ready for school. At night I wash my face with warm water no soap, and then put regular apple cider veniger you find at a store but I delute it with water on the cotton ball. Then I put on the same BPT-3 face cream unless I have really bad acne then I put on a really strong 10% benzoidporoxide spot treatment all over my face:(. Using a spot treatment as a normal cream you use to wipe all over your face just makes me laugh to myself… and then I finish of with this proactive face mask on individual zits that has salycilic acid in it. Trust me all the other proactive stuff doesn’t work only this one lol. It’s like a white paste, that does smell, so in the morning I have to really make sure I wash it all off. Welp there’s my routine guys hope it can help you have less acne like me… if you need a link to anything on amazon just comment below and I’ll be sure to help you. And remember guys next time you visit your dermatologist, think, could they only be prescribing all that shit to make money???

  • Kedar Kulkarni

    Am really surprised how you didn't know for soooo long that milk and whey protein cause acne. Those are the first things that pop up when you do a Google search 'How to stop acne?'.

  • who gives two shits

    are you against using spin brushes and do you think its best to just use our good old hands to wash our faces ? it would be really nice to hear your opinion because right now im at the point where 2 dermatologists have already advised me to just stick to washing my face with my hands instead of a spin brush. thing is though that yes my skin does dry out when i use a spin brush but i would rather have that than my acne. so you are the last resort. i would really appreciate it if you take the time out of your glowing days and reply to me even if your response is just a word. i would still appreciate it regardless. ❤

  • The wounded warriors

    See with your acne you realized that dairy was a culprit, but for people like me who really don’t know what’s causing theirs it’s hard. All we can do is the “ Elimination Diet” which make you kinda miserable!! I’m trying to find your video on how you did the megadosing with vegetables and how much water are you drinking per day? Thank you!!! Oh and I’m 41 so getting older def doesn’t help in that sense . And I commented two soon so I have my answers about the vegetables. With fruit my doctor has me eating only lemon, lime, berries, and peaches

  • carsbybob

    Hi Brian! What do you think of using whey isolate instead of normal whey? I read it has a lot less lactose inside it (0.5g per 100g)

  • Cameron McEldoon

    I think you’re my older brother.. I’ve went thru all the mono, doxy, retina, sulfa, 3 cycles of isotret, I’ve done it all and nothing worked except when I was on the isotret. but then it would come back after the cycle. My derm. says diet doesn’t effect acne but that is where I’m headed next. I will try your suggestions on diet. My story has been identical to yours up to this point, I wish I found this sooner, thanks for posting.

  • JamesJH

    They won't give me accutane/roacutane because I have depression/low mood but I've never felt so bad in my life right now acne has ruined my life, its not the complete cause of my depression I've dealt with it before acne but it just stops me from doing the things that kept me happy and kept the depression at bay. 2 months ago I was the happiest i've ever been in my life and just two months later there's not a day that goes by where I think y'now I think I'm ready to check out. So if either way I'm going to feel like this I may as well be clearing my skin but no luck I'm giving up

  • Jorgiño Luis

    thanks for this video , it makes sense, now i know why proactive doesnt do the job on me and will never do it, nonefat milk anyways is like drinking 3% and yes diet its important i eat lot of pizza and things with cheese , thats the only fat food y fall for it! Good job👌👈

  • TheModedEzio

    but how do you know if it is working and what is affecting you unless you do prolonged periods of time or if you take something and u get a major breakout through doing something. Does acne not build up slowly ? Instead of all of a sudden reacting to a change. You mentioned that you though pro active stuff only aggravated the skin. How long did you try this process/method for ? Can some things not aggravate your skin in the beginning then start to work ????

  • Георги Г.

    Bro i love you so much, you are my motivation every single day, about my acne, every time when i feel terrible because of my acne, i remember for you and your advice and I'm starting to feel much better… ❤️And i have one question, i have so much red spots of pimples, what to do?? Please answer me. Greetings from Bulgaria.

  • Ysadora GM

    My acne is not so bad nowadays, but sometimes I have this giant red cyst and not even makeup can cover it!!! I finally realized my diet has a big influence and since I avoided oily and sugary foods my skin is much better

  • Soirema

    Wait so you did take the vit A suplement? :C i know a person eye sight got bad after it, and she has to wear glasses from then on 😱😱😱

  • Bianca Cothern

    In another video you said you eat a lot of vegetables. Have you ever taken DIM? I just ask because I purchased some, but haven’t take it yet. It’s made up of cruciferous vegetables! Thanks!

  • Quantum Leap

    I have 2 or 3 pillow cases so I sleep on one side flip it the next night and then get a new one. It's definitely much nicer to not wake up feeling dirty.

  • Tia

    I first watched this video back some time late last year. It was very inspirational, but the symptoms and everything you spoke about scared me off the thought of trying Accutane. My doctors have given me so many creams and pills that just haven't done anything, or if they have, only very minor differences. The pills would hold back the worst of it, but if I came off them, which I did a few times, my face broke out severely. I have honestly been struggling with my cystic acne now for up to 5 years. I tried changing my diet, cutting out dairy, all of those things, still nothing worked for me, so I decided I'd go for Accutane, because nothing else is working for me and I just want my confidence back. At the time of posting this, I've been taking it for just 1 week exactly. I am hoping that it works, I don't care about side effects as long as I can comfortably leave the house without feeling as bad as I do about my appearance. I didn't even know Accutane was a thing until this video. If it helps me, you have all my thanks that your video informed me and gave me all the information I needed to make my decision.

  • Adam Richardson

    Great treatment for acne:

    It actually isn't necessary to wash your face twice a day. You should wash it at night. Washing it in the morning doesn't really make sense, because it's relatively clean and you're stripping your face of the natural oils. Using a face tonic in the morning should do 🙂

    That thumbnail is the first time I've ever seen anyone photoshop a pimple IN to a picture haha. Great vid mate.

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    Hey there so im 17 and i dont really have any acne at all but when i was 14 and 15 i used to have 2 big cysts that would always go and then grow again on the same place on my left cheek it was pretty weird , now they're gone but they left 2 big holes and i would love to know what i can do to get rid of them or at least make them look better cause they really bother me

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    If anyone knows someway to treat tanning and pigmentation(elbows/fingers) please drop a way down in the reply. It seems drinking hell lot of water sure, for now I'll be a water tanker … Thanks for letting a bit of help

  • Stephanie

    A plant-based vegan diet didn't cure my acne, but in comparison to any other diet, my skin looks the best. Accutane treated my acne temporarily, but now that acne is returning, I'm just starting to resign that acne is part of life 🤷🏼‍♀️ and by eating plant-based I can at least somewhat manage it

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  • Aaron Aviles

    How much does accutane or Isotretinoin cost while having health insurance? I want to go to my dermatologist and ask him i want to start an accutane treatment.

  • Maddie Claire

    I went on accutane at the end of high school mostly for back and chest acne but also for my face as well. It worked wonders on my skin for a solid 4 years after I finished my last dose. HOWEVER, the side effects were nasty. I'd get nose bleeds on the daily, my skin would fry if I was in the sun for longer than 30 minutes, and I just felt kinda sad all the time (could just be high school though idk lol).

    My skin has started to get bad again though and my new dermatologist recommended me to go back on accutane but I'm so hesitant because of how badly it messed me up besides it working well for my skin…

  • blessyotrap

    Looking back at it you literally gave acne to yourself, just like I am it’s not my body saying “here’s a bunch of spots” it’s what I’m putting in me and my body saying get this out, from now on I’m going vegan no more meat or dairy il be back in 1 week to tell you all my results

  • Catlove05

    I have completely cut out dairy and sugar for a couple of months now and my acne has just gotten worse. I drink lots of water and wash my face with all natural products without oils. I’m really sick and tired of it, anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce it?

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  • Fergus Sweeney

    As a piece of advice coming from someone from the coast, saltwater, ocean, swimming in the sea will help so much to clear your face

  • jack Fitzgerald

    Im on roaccutane
    been on it for 6 months and all it has done for me has purged real bad and made no improvements (60mg dose). I've tried everything. cutting the dairy, cutting sugar, face masks, cleansing, sunscreen (non – comedogenic) but nothing works
    i want it to be over
    does anybody have any advice

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  • Blue dolphin swimmer

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