• Grabee

    I was the exact same, even am a pale redhead and I had hormonal acne all over my face since age 11. When I was 15 and then 17 I took a full year of Accutane (recommended maximum) after endless medicines and creams and it helped as I was taking it, then I relapsed completely. I didn't have any body changes or mood changes from taking it but it didn't help my acne at all afterwards. This is rare though and generally helps people if you talked to your dermatologist and it doesn't hurt you. I'm 20 and still have bad acne and wash my face with cleanser at night and just hot water in the mornings as suggested by a dermatologist when not actively using antibiotics and stuff. Feel like I've tried everything and it's so frustrating and costly.

  • Claryssa Anderson

    The thing is that most women DONT know AND AREN'T told is that, birth control CAN PERMANENTLY make you INFERTILE. Facts about birth control is that it Really messes with your hormones the way your body functions, there could be more destruction to the body than that, but it hasn't been brought to light yet if anymore.

    And you know that if you eat BETTER then your body can do better and your skin CAN MOST DEFINITELY be better. So KEEP that in mind.

  • Kar Aashika

    Finally someone who gets it. My got fixed on its own when I started taking medicine for IBS. So the issue was my gut not dirty pillowcase or lack of water or something like that

  • Anikee

    Birth control was the only thing that helped with my acne and I am SO glad I am able to finally walk around without makeup.
    Birth control cleared my skin COMPLETELY, not only my face but also my arms, back, shoulders and my cleavage are smooth.
    Still people bash me because "Why take birth control if you're not even wanting to have sex" or "hormones can damage you're body" or "this is too extreme, just wash your face!" Like no. Stop it.

  • Sandra Kaiser

    I use Rosewater since a few days ago, and it's really good. (This wasn't mentioned in the video but it's a good advise) use it everyday on morning and night after you washed your face and then apply your daily moisturizer it works good. Rosewater can help with your acne but I can't speak for everyone because everyone's different and things work differently for everyone

  • Ronel Hinton

    Uhhggg yes, finally someone who had a similar experience as me. Other than the super oily skin, I’ve had acne suddenly pop up around my jaw area and it’s painful! I’ve been on birth control for years and now understand I probably have too much testosterone in my system. My forehead does not break out at all, it’s literally only on my jawline/chin. I’ve been using a Witch Hazel toner that helps with protecting the face from bacteria, so it’s helped a bit. I still have the occasional painful cystic acne come up. I really try not to pop them unless they pop naturally as I rinse my face.

  • SaraandStuart Shannon

    Acne are sign of silent inflammation. My husband suffered from very bad case his entire life. Took so many different medications. The thing is, those medications just camouflaged the things. Only thing that cleared them fully was going on anti inflammatory diet. Ever since then, he has fantastic skin. Btw, the doctors also told him it was hormonal. Certain food can fix your hormones. I recently you to do research on Paleo, Keto or Carnivore diet.

  • laZOETje

    Have you tried acupuncture or herbal medicine? It will treat the root source in you, your hormones and organs, yin and yang. There was a herbal formula I used for my last two kids. I wish I had it for the first three 🙁 the antibiotics didn’t long term. One, two bottle of herbs worked.
    I started acupuncture for frozen shoulder, and it got rid of migraines and acne as a bonus!
    Someone told me when I had acne, at least with oily skin you won’t get bad wrinkles later 🙄

  • varsha ram

    Hey beautiful lady… It looks so difficult for you to talk about this ,and still you seem totally truthful.You actually working to get rid of a problem.. with Jun by your side all is possible… God bless you both.

  • sailorPiñata

    Hi Rachel ! Can you inform us what is your Spiro dosage please <3 ? I began with 50 than 75 than 100 mg one year ago thanks to your video but but I'm trying to reduce and end the treatment now because I've gain too much weight </3

  • Mnyrah AlRyahan

    To fix your hormonal issue naturally use Chasteberry as tea and cream for ur face as well .. the effect could take up to 6 months, so you need to be patient. You gonna thank me later 😊

  • Z

    I've tried birth control but it made my period come early and then become nearly permanent, it lasted for weeks and never really went away, that my mum told me to stop taking it… I've tried a crapload of things but so far nothing makes it go away. And now it's starting to scar… the dermatologist I was seeing before I graduated high school kept trying to recommend the same pills that weren't working so I want to see a different one, but I'm not covered for medical now so I don't even know…


    the answer for this problem is diet no pills.if you think about it a moment, your body signals you something is not right, you said hormone problem, and his way to show it is on the skin. you shouldnt look for the easy way and take pills for life(?!) you need to try fix on the inside not outside. im sure about it 100%!

  • Gimmeyourdonuts

    I wish more than anything that people who give unsolicited acne treatment advice would instantly develop the same type of acne as the person they gave advice to. May sound harsh but despite what they may think, we’re not dirty pigs (I’m not calling anyone a pig, just describing what it feels like they’re implying) who never washes their face and lives off junk food.

    So here’s what I know: I know not to give advice unless someone asks for it. The advice I’d then give is seek professional help to find the root cause of their acne.

    By the way, your skin looks great. ❤️

  • Natalie

    Wish this video existed when I was on birth control. I would never have taken it, ended up giving me severe blood clots

  • Iri Mac

    Quitting eating diary (around 21 years old) helped getting nearly rid of acne. Wish I'd known that as a teenager ._. Birth controls made me throw up so bad I had to quit them. I still have breakouts but it's by far better 😀 Plus I am allowed to eat my sweets (licorice and dark choloate mhhhh). I can only reccomemd trying it for a month and observer how your skin reacts

  • Septia Sarindari

    Very helpful: ") I have a lot of acne scars and oily skin, and active acnes. While my age has reached mid-20 :") I thought I would go to the doctor later. I was afraid that I don't fit in with the doctor lol :")

  • Aurelius R

    I just want to put this information here for anyone considering Accutane, and to try and balance what Rachel said a bit. Yes, accutane can have side effects, some severe. But in most patients, these are not a big deal and the drug works unbelievably well at treating certain forms of acne. The side effects were not acceptable for Rachel and her doctor, so they discontinued it – but that doesn't mean you should assume the same will happen to you. Talk to your doctor , understand the risks, and know that there are many exceptionally good success stories out there with Accutane. As an anecdotal point, a good friend of mine in high school had really bad acne on his cheeks. Huge, swollen red patches. He was so embarassed and often wore scarves or tried to grow a beard to hide it. Then, his doctor put him on Accutane, and though his skin was very dry, it was unbelievable how well it worked. Within a few months his skin looked almost completely back to normal. He was way more outgoing & happy. After finishing the treatment course, the acne never came back, which is an ideal outcome with Accutane treatment. Of course, this is also not a guarantee that it will work for you. I just wanted to say, don't discount it because of potential side effects. Monitor your body closely, report any sudden changes to your doctor, and take a holistic approach to acne treatment.
    Good luck, and know that beauty is not only skin deep.

  • Juvelle Mendes

    Hey Rachel ! Me and my bf love your videos. I also suffer from cystic acne and I always have people telling me a million things I should .I have tried everything but nothing seems to work.I am from India and the climate here adds to the breakouts .We recently travelled to Japan and surprisingly my face cleared up and when I was back to India I had the breakouts again .I don't use birth control but is this medicine that you suggested given over the counter or is a prescription necessary in India ?

  • Lindsay Page

    I have the same type of acne in the same areas as you did…I wonder if I can get my OB to try me on an Rx of spironolactone. That picture of your pores looks a lot like mine do. Luckily I never get blackheads, but my skin is very oily.

  • barsaa barsaa

    When i was(traveled) in Japan my skin got so much better so fast. I was there only 7 days and on a 4th day i noticed, my skin become no longer oily, pores shrinking. My guess is food+humidity, Japanese food is really healthy, no oil, no fat…

  • LegoGirl1990

    Just a bit of caution about birth control pills: If you start taking them before you've found your husband, they can lead to you choosing a man who isn't a good match for you. While you're on them, they can mess up what type of man you want to be with and mess with the subconscious way(s) we choose a partner who will be a good pairing in terms of immune systems.

  • Rahaf S A

    My friend is exactly like your case and here in my country once you have acnes the doctors give the person medicine called (retane) i recommend you to search about it and ask doctors
    My friend is in amazing way getting better and even she stopped taking retane she had to take it just for 6 months
    And she is pregnant right now after 6 months about retane and because she doesn't need to take any birth control

  • Rifaldy Aristya

    I was having a really bad experience with acnes. It is that really bad until one little kid that I had known since he was a baby said that it was disgusting! I find this video related with me a lot. I use a medicine to control my hormone first for around 1 year and then it changes a lot. But keep it in mind as soon as it gets better it’s absolutely a must to keep your skin moisturized so currently i’m using a bija cica facewash with its toner and balm (which is the same as moisturizer) and my skin gets a lot better although sometimes some pimples appear and i think that’s a normal thing.

  • Sonya Gower

    Diy oil cleanser worked for my skin. I still breakout once a month.. But they are super minor and go away quickly.

  • Riya Banerjee

    Hi Rachael… Be sure to consult the doc regarding continuing Spironolactone beyond 35yrs of age as it also increases the risk of blood clots and strokes…

  • Cotton Lucy

    my dermatologist won't perscribe me accutane … she always wants me to try these stupid creams that come of when it's hot outside and i sweat like a pig 🤦🏼‍♀️ what should i do …

  • Kateryna Bogdanova

    I have the same thing… Oily skin (especially after night), PCOS. I really don't know what helped me, but I don't take bc pills, instead, I tried to cut dairy products and bread. And my skin looks good, only before my periods it is appeared some acne and skin become oily more than usual. I tried Neostrata products ( solution – 2% salicylic acid and cream – 10%glycolic acid) they get rid of my acne, but can make your skin too dry ( peeling skin, if it happens I use moisturizing products and my skin looks good).

    But in the start, I cut all dairy and bread. And at the same time applying these products. Also, I know that licorice root decrease testosterone level.

    Maybe someone finds my experience helpful.
    Also I noticed that i often touch my face while reading or watching something (propping up my cheek) and this enhences acne on chin and cheek.

  • roxanneworld11

    why were the doctors looking up drug information only in books?? there are websites just for doctors, if they don't trust doctors and patients posting online on other sites….as an everyday citizen and a licensed health care worker i'm horrified and puzzled by those MD's relying on only books! 😲

  • roxanneworld11

    and, also cutting out refined sugars (raw fruits & vegetables and even raw nuts are ok, unless someone has other health reasons to stay away from them).

    actually the higher your raw food content the better (although it's not for everyone re: choice)..the raw food lifestyle actually cures a lot of things – whether one chooses to mostly stay on it the reminder of their lives or if they only use it therapeutically and then return to eating cooked vegetables and/or other cooked foods, too..minus the problem items or combination of foods.

    luckily, GOURMET raw is a thing nowadays 😃 and it's awesome and delicious.. there are even tons of incredibly yummy dessert options, too..only thing is, it can require a lot of prep time, depending on your favorite recipes.

    i experimented with it twice x 30 days, several months apart..1st time: 100% raw …2nd time 70% to 100% raw, with most days averaging about 75% ..and both times the outcomes were fantastic:

    •lost 10 pounds without even trying (which needed to happen anyway)..and as i was eating quite a bit of food!, including plenty of desserts!…and the good news is that even if someone is very thin, they might lose a few pounds at first..but what most commonly happens – even if that occurs – is that very thin/underweight people, they mostly eventually actually gain pounds in healthy numbers. 👍

    •my skin was not just clear but looked and was very new! noticed by others, too.

    •my energy was through the roof.

    and i often recall that many years ago, how one day i noticed a woman i worked with at a health food store looked different..and i realized that – even though i never noticed her having bad skin, hers looked amazing! clear and glowing in a way.

    when i told her how great her skin looked and asked if she had been doing anything different, she said she still ate what she wanted (she was a fairly healthy eater but didn't deprive herself whenever she wanted something 'off-book')..and she still ate fruits and vegetables, for sure..but the one and only thing she had been doing over the past month or so was cut out all forms of and foods with refined sugar.

    it was awhile before i did anything even nearly like that.. until i experimented – again for a month back then – with the macrobiotic diet (it's mostly natural sugar free)….and i chose the 5% to 10% meat (mostly chicken) & fish version.. and got the same results as the raw experiments!..except overall, i found the macrobiotic lifestyle far too restrictive.

    anyway, long way around to saying i am often reminded about the huge impression my coworker made on me, just by quietly making that one change in her food-eating life. 🥀

  • Master of my fate

    Spironolactone is used for kidney and liver treatment also. If those two organs has problem, human body will accumulate some fluid in stomach and leg area. Spironolactone flush the fluid through your urine. You'll pee like every damn minute

  • Mimi Know

    Speaking of medication, my dermatologist tried to put me on this one medication that we soon found out that I was severely allergic to! She tried to suggest me birth control, but I’m not allowed to have that because I’m catholic and that’s not allowed in my religion.

  • sasha gold

    Nikki (the birth control) is the ONLY way my skin cleared up!!! I completely can relate to this video. Thank you for making it 💕

  • MakeLemonade

    I have hormonal acne as well. My skin is gorgeous as long as I'm pregnant. Why oh why could it not have been the opposite? 😬😪

  • Nissa Arandid

    thank you for this vid, i have the same case with my skin, I've tried everything nothing works, even bought expensive creams still nothing, i will try the birth controls, hope it works

  • Lesley Menjivar

    I had issues with acne when I was about 19, I am not sure what caused it, but I suspect that it was a combination of a moment of extreme distress and a bronzer because I only had bad acne on the hallows of my cheeks.
    I went to a regular doctor at a neighborhood clinic and she did suggest birth control but I said no. Then she recommended two topical creams and a different soap to clean my face and that actually did clear my acne.
    Now I am 27 and started getting acne after a few months of getting the copper iud back in January 2019 (I had it removed around May or so I can't remember).
    As of the time I'm commenting it is August 2019, and the sides of my face are covered in red/purple/brown marks.
    I still get some under-the-skin pimples. Some come to a head while others do not.
    In addition to acne, and marks, I also have to deal with fungal acne on my forehead.
    I'm so tired, so embarrassed to go outside, I always want to cry, I regret ever getting the copper iud.
    To be fair, my body seems to be trying to regulate itself again, but idk how long that is going to take or if its ever going to happen.
    I hope so though.

  • Mai Anh TRAN

    I am very (emphasize on VERY) fortunate that my acne kinda clears after I reach 25 years old. I had a lot of acne during high school and the environment in Vietnam doesn't help. Now my face is still oily and I have to be careful with makeup in the summer since I sweat worse than a pig, but I pretty much don't get acne anymore unless I get too stressed out during my period. Hope it gets better for others too, also it's definitely worth it to visit a dermatologist if you have a severe case of acne instead of just trying every products that other people claim to work for them.

  • TheIslingtongirl

    Wow, I never thought my dry skin was a plus until now lol Acne sucks. I had cystic acne too when I was a teenager but luckily it resolved itself.

  • Nikole Anne

    WOW so I have almost the same story… A bit worse acne maybe… So… I`m 26 years old but I still have a lot a acne.. I took accutane for 2 years when I was 15, then birth control pills but they would always give me a bad time (controlling my blood flux and severe pain) So now I use Mirena® IUD ( that really helped with my headaches, menstrual cramps and I don't bleed anymore) but Mirena got my skin worse… Going to my dermathologist we tried accutane again for 1 year and I was fine and cool but then my liver started to get bad… After that she gave me spironolactone and.. I've been taking it for … 5 months. It's good but for me doesn't clear my skin 100% of acne, but it's less harmful for my body, so I'm cool! The thing is that in my country you can buy spironolactone easily.

  • Aleksandria Quassel

    Maybe not for the Rest of your life… Because after you have birth the body is changing again and sometimes permanent… And after your Menopause(dont know what the eng Word is here but it's the midlife crisis Thing) your body isnt producing so much hormons

  • Tony Dockter

    I've had cystic acne for 20 years now with similar issues and overall like you said, it's due to hormones so there is no 100% cure.

    What I've recently found that helps..
    -Fish Oil
    -Drinking Vinegar

    I recently talked to a former Dallas Cowboys trainer at GNC and that is what he recommended as many of the players had same issues with increased testosterone.

    When I was in high school, I had to take doxycycline. That worked well but it's a powerful antibiotic, so not ideal to take long term. For spot treatments, retinol is the only thing that works for me and I can get a 1% gel without a prescription. Obviously washing your face helps too, but would think that'd be harder for girls with makeup. Hope this helps anyone with the same issues!

  • Abdrazaq AQ

    The acne is a basic thing that appears in the face at puberty it will disapear if you not to touch it every day🤔
    And about the face oily or drier face its really complicated and need a face care routine!!!

  • Marsella D. Fyngold

    To be fair though you did list a lot of diff. solutions and possible causes so that does help? Gives people a place to start.

    A quick hint I did learn though: pay attention to where on your face the acne tends to be. In chinese medicine it can tell you which part of your bod internally is having problems, usually in the lower face area/around the mouth is usually hormonally related, around the forehead is stress…..i can't remember what else off the top of my head but def look into it =)

  • Crystal Hyuga

    I really appreciate this. We seem to have the same problems and symptoms so I think I’m going to ask my dr about this.

  • BloodyHearts7

    I take spironolactone too! It saved me from my severe acne. My skin has a lot of scars from the cystic acne though :c

  • pleasantly drifting

    Hey Rachel! I know that your intention was not to tell people to necessarily try spironolactone but after listening to your story I couldn't help but notice similarities in our situations. I also take a specific type of birth control pill to help shrink and prevent ovarian cysts(Marlissa), which I have struggled with for years now. I started getting adult acne when the cysts starting flaring up. I was never told about spironolactone as an option and no doctor or derm ever recommended it to me. I finally asked for a prescription and I'm 6 weeks in and the results are amazing. My face is finally free of hormonal acne. I don't have oil pooling up on my face anymore. my pores are starting to shrink and also my mild but embarrassing hirsutism is finally clearing up. I don't know if I would have ever figured it out if I didn't hear your story. Thank you for sharing, this has been such a huge help for me!

  • katerina k

    I took the birth control pill as well… and may I say it's my saviour!!!! I had horrible pain for 4 days on my period and bad acne as well… I didn't believe it would do much for either of my 2 problems.. but now i saw it's so effective that I won't stop it

  • sherry Little

    I am on Spiro to….ANNNND I am 47-but if I stop using it, total face freak out and I get cystic acne. But that medicine is a miracle.

  • Ludmor

    My gynecologist was so not cooperative, I couldn't even get him to test me for PCOS. He just wrote me a "birth control" pill that was intended for messed up hormonal system regulation. (I stopped it after 1-2 month because it ruined my mood unbearably)
    I still don't know if I have PCOS or not.

  • Analee Alford

    My birth control is amazing for my acne but I also found that cutting down on dairy products also reduced my acne. It's amazing to think of just how many hormones are put into our food, enough so to affect acne.

  • Grace Subu

    My issue with persistent bad breakouts is usually because I just have very little will power to not extract white heads before they’re ready

  • Campmob !!

    For me it's just not eating junk food & oily foods the week before my period. I didn't realize this until my late teens, so I tried so many acne treatments & nothing worked when the solution was always so damn easy lmao

  • Volatile Sky

    It's totally different for everyone. It took me years to find for me that it's largely diet-related. What I narrowed it down to for myself is dairy products (I assume the lecithin is the main issue in dairy), and food with excessive hydrogenated oils, as well as palm oil. Stress seems to be another one. But it's a long and frustrating process of elimination

  • kotte mauskewitz

    Same. The "natural people" videos got to me so I tried a couple of YEARS without birthcontrol.. did not work. 😂🤦at ALL. All I did was spending money on expensive, natural products, I went on diets to cleanse my body, I excluded all diary, gluten, sugar and so on…still acne. Then makeup to cover it..never ending circle.
    So, I'll stay on my birthcontrol 😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Great vid!!👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🤗

  • Sarah Zeeb

    Oh yea I have heard it all. My issue was a mix of hormonal and allergic reaction. I had to start making my own natural care products and after a couple of months my skin started to clear up.

  • Oksana43093

    Простите за мой английский:)

    Hormones depend on the food you eat. High cholesterol!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember! It causes an increase in male hormones. And you're cleaning up the investigation. Or prevent androgens from "forming." But you continue to load the body with cholesterol. And another 80% of cholesterol is produced by our liver without food!!!! I mean, if you're a vegetarian, cholesterol can still be elevated. Therefore, immediately after the rejection of some products will not fix all the problems. Take time! Don't give up meat, but eat it less. Especially milk! It's got a lot of cholesterol. Here it is possible to refuse. And by the way, it removes calcium from bones. I also noticed that it is better to use unrefined olive oil in salads and so on. But cooking it!!!!! That is to cook for a couple. WITHOUT OIL. Don't eat fried butter.


    And this is a link to the dermatologist (though it is in Russian). She explains the connection between nutrition and hormones and acne by the example of a stupid Russian program about health, which is misleading and lying. As is the case with most doctors in the world who prescribe hormones to balance. But the problems with them because of FOOD.

  • Victor Aravena Leal

    i really suggest to make a small change on the tittle, i totally thought this was about getting clearer skin lighter/brighter/ more white and got all exited because all my father family tends to get dark face/tanned while the body is white snow. sigh xd i dont even walk on the sun and still xd.

  • Lexi

    I just got off spironalactone and BC for acne. It unfortunately made me real sick this time :/ last time I took them it cleared up my skin but this time…no good

  • C Tran

    Idk why this took me so long to watch but I’m so glad to see you talking candidly about your acne journey! I took accutane for a few months and ever since, my skin has been a blessing. I’m 25 and struggled with acne since maybe even 11? Years old. I also took spironolactone but it wasn’t enough for my skin and my dermatologist didn’t want me on birth control if I didn’t have to be. I’m thankful for my journey and extremely thankful I’m at where I am now. Thanks for sharing and letting other people feel less alone. I love hearing other peoples experiences because for many years I thought I was the only one in the world with bad skin.

  • Diana Man

    I guess I have the same type of acne because when I stop using birth control pills my skin start to oil more and more and end up being a corn -.- I'm gonna ask for spironolactone next time I go to the dermatologist 🙂 thank you!!

  • SheWhoWalksSilently

    My skin was better as a teenager ironically enough 😑. There’s a variety of things that seem to contribute to my acne 1. Stress (GAD/ADHD) 2. Hormones for sure. 3. Oily foods 4. Facewashing (frequency seems to be better, but my face is Excema prone, so I have to be careful about products)

  • Esma Myren

    Rachel if you're reading this: egg whites have been a life saver for me to repair my skin texture. Put it on your face for two hours. Wash it off. I swear to God you'll see a difference the next morning. Also, I'm so sorry about your struggles,I could really tell the subject pained you

  • Nicole Kiss

    I have a similar spironolactone experience, I also got the bonus side effect on no underarm sweat or BO!! No deodorant for 5 yrs now.

  • tupe xo

    To fix your hormones just do any kind of realy tough physical activity ..like running swimming etc…birth controls are bad for the body… Exercising is the best, safe way.. I bet if your acne are caused by hormonal imbalance…it will work for you 100% …

  • Armadeira

    Actually I am glad it works for her but ultimately I think using birth control and spironolactone for a very long time could cause harm to her health… When I used birth control it messed me up badly and I tried different kinds… If you read up on both medications they both have a lot of side effects too… I wish there was a more natural remedy that worked for her…

  • 1979 Hellcat

    The only time my skin was 100% clear was when I was on chemo n drank nothing but water. I still drink a lot of water but I’m off chemo n on estrogen blocking meds n OMG it’s bad. I was also on hard chemo that threw me into menopause but not all the estrogen was being blocked like it is now so I will never have clear skin.

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