Home Manicure Supplies : Using Cuticle Nippers
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Home Manicure Supplies : Using Cuticle Nippers

Hi, my name is Theresa and I’m here to demonstrate
to you on how to use cuticle nippers and who and why you should use them. Cuticle nippers
are used to cut off the hang nails that you have on your nail. The cuticle nippers are
also used when the orange wood stick pushed back your cuticles and you have a lot of them
that you want to take off. You need to be very careful when you’re using these. If you
have not used these yet, then I suggest you get a very dull pair and practice ’cause you
don’t want to go and cut off the skin that’s not supposed to be cut off. Well these cuticle
nippers here, they’re very sharp and you want to use them like scissors and these are great,
like I said, to pick off the cuticles that you have around your nail bed, being careful
not to go too deep into the nail, and also these are great if you have hangnails, if
kids, your children have little hangnails, you want to pull them out, take them off,
just clip it off. It instantly comes off. You want to make sure you always keep these
clean, too. You can sanitize it with some alcohol and some water; soak it in some water
with some soap. But definitely, these are great when you want to clean up around your
nails and take off those extra cuticles and hangnails that you have on your fingers, and
these are your cuticle nippers.


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