Home Manicure Supplies : Applying Cuticle Cream to Nails

Hi, my name is Theresa, and I’m here to demonstrate
to you why and who should use cuticle cream. Let’s say you’re giving yourself a manicure
and you don’t have time to sit and soak your nails in the water to soften up your cuticles.
You can easily buy some cuticle cream at the beauty supply or just get some lotion you
have around the house. You want to apply this cuticle cream, cuticle remover, I should say,
apply it to your nails. I would just apply a dot to each nail, like so. Very easy, and
then rub it in, making sure you get all of your cuticles. This way, it can help and soften
up the cuticles. When it comes to pushing them back, it’ll be a lot easier. So you want
to then, again, apply all the cuticle remover to the cuticles around the nail bed that way
when you get your orange wood stick, it’s a lot easier for them to push back. You can
buy this at the store, any brand will be fine. Let it sit on there for about five minutes,
if you’re not doing your manicure, if you are, with water. If you are not using water,
let it sit on for five minutes. It’s a lot easier to push back your cuticles with a cuticle

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