HOLY GRAIL Products for Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Skin Barrier Friendly Ingredients!
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HOLY GRAIL Products for Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Skin Barrier Friendly Ingredients!


  • susanmcf1

    I have combo skin, but in the winter I dehydrate. I love Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Serum and the Skin Recovery mask. I also love their oil booster. They use seeds really well.

  • Bryan Oseman

    Loved the new video! I love the MISSHA Mugwort Essence. I also love Isntree Mugwort Ampoule. I love the cream skin too! I’m on my 6th bottle. I also really enjoy Isntree Hyaluronic Water Essence.

  • Barb Bellmont

    I recently just started using Amore Pacific illiyoon Ceramide Ato Concentrate Moisturizer Cream for my dry skin and LOVE LOVE LOVE it

  • Bushra Salim

    Too much products if you could please make a video of night and day time routine .
    I don't know what to buy and what not and are they ok to layer on top of each other.

  • Jennifer Maldonado

    I have been loving the I’m From Rice toner and I’m going on my third bottle. I also love the mugwort mask so much I bought the big jar and I also have the honey mask from them. 💙

  • Nyx108Stars

    Loved the video!

    My HOLY GRAIL and Regular Routine Products for my Dry, Mild-Combo(If that's a thing) Mild-Sensitive Teen Skin! and being a teen also comes with the addition of blemish-prone skin

    The most important thing

    Eating right!


    Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser, Off Krave

    Son & Park Beauty Water, Off YesStyle

    Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence, Off YesStyle

    The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum, Off The Ordinary/Ulta

    Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Off Amazon

    Krave Beet the Sun/Beet the Shield, Off Krave


    Heimish All Clean Balm, Off Amazon

    Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser, Off Krave

    Klairs Unscented Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Off YesStyle

    Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence, Off YesStyle

    The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum, Off The Ordinary/Ulta

    Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Off Amazon


    ULTA Brightening Red Clay Treatment Body Bar, Off Ulta

    Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Lotion, Anywhere

    Annoying Pimple pop-ups or congested skin

    Krave Kale-Lalu-yAHA, Off Krave
    A homemade remedy of 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil in a 347ml bottle of Water, Anywhere
    Murad Travel Size Clarifying Cleanser, Off Ulta

    The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, Off Ulta/The Ordinary
    Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, Off Amazon

    Look familiar? That's because most of the products appeared on Beauty Within!

  • Oghenekevwe Akpofure

    I have dry skin but my face breaks out with Hyaluronic acid. My face likes it’s dryness apparently, I’ve found it doesn’t do well with extra moisture (i.e. more than my routine body cream). And quick question too doesn’t rice dry out the face more?

  • MrsMamaBear27

    Great video!! 🙂 Can you talk about how to combine using vitamin C serum with B-vitamin niacin creams?? I love my vitamin C serum, but I've also heard about the benefits of niacin but that you shouldn't combine the two.. Is this true?? How do you switch things up?? Should you just wait an hour between using them? Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  • Violet Flame

    I love your videos. Very educational & uplifting! 💜 Could you please review Pixi products? 😌

    Also would love to see a video on general face mists!

  • nAri tHe hErBIvoRe

    thank youuuuu! 🧖‍♀️💦 I have dry to combo skin that is sensitive so I am definitely going to try out some of these products. Please do a Hada Labo products review!
    Btw you guys have great fashion style where do you get your clothes?

  • Madison Trinchillo

    i love ur videos but can u guys pls do a video on layering products bc for each video there r a bunch of the same type of product and i feel like i need all of them

    specifically idk how to moisturize my skin like crazy and not clog my pores or irritate them bc i just put a bunch of moisturizing products on since one is never enough for me

    how can i maximize the amount of moisture i get to my skin w out irritating it

  • licht ayda

    i have some curiosity where i have experiences fungal acne when i tried to use oil cleanser so i did not dare to used oil cleanser anymore. so i was finding the best way to cleanse my makeup and wondering if cleansing balm will be ok for fungal acne people. will felicia and rowena do a video on fungal acne and suggestion product please………

  • Khushbu Kaur

    I used to directly use the rice water that remains after washing the rice.. But the con for it is it made my facial hair grow and grow darker so i stopped using it.

  • Chrissy Moss

    At last a dry skin topic, YAY!
    I wish The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser was in a much larger container, I get through so quickly. Having to buy many, many tubes is also very wasteful and damaging to the planet (not to mention quite pricey). ❤❤

  • Pia Pagulayan

    Mag HEART sakin, Love ko😍
    Mag Like sakin, Yayakapin ko😍
    Mag Yakapan tayo sa mga katulad kong Small Youtuber♥️ Bisitahin nyo ko and Let’s support each other mga Dong at Dang🌸♥️

  • Ellie Q

    Found you two from my sister, she watched religiously. Thanks for these informative videos. Hope all is well w y’all. Maybe you guys can do video just focus on 1 category like serum, moisturizer, facial spray …. oh and more vlog, life update 😘

  • quiet rebel

    I've used The Ordinary's Natural Hydrator with HA moisturiser, The ordinary's niacinamide + zinc serum, Hada Labo's whitening lotion, CosRX's honey overnight spa mask last night in my routine after using Cetaphil's gentle cleanser for dry skin and The Ordinary's Glycolic acid toning solution. My skin behaved so well this morning it's crazy to see how supple and soft my skin is. :3 This also proves that I don't really need expensive products to treat my dry combo sensitive skin when I'm on a budget. For my sunscreen I am using Cosrx's Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. Hopefully this helps some of you guys. 🙂

  • Vaibhav Singh

    Loved the video .. i love when you all sponsor a brand but show other brands and products too ,instead of talking all about products from the sponsored brand which you guys did in the previous few videos , which i liked but not that much . Anyways thanks again for this amazing video.

  • Fernanda Maíra

    "Brazilian doctors use fish skin to treat burn victims" i am brazilian and i've never heard of this AND IT SAYS THAT HAPPEND IN MY CITY WHAT THE HELL

  • Aye Chan Maw

    Please make a review on Inkey list brand. Also compare it with ordinary brand and good molecules brand.love you pretties😘 Am gonna looking forward 💕

  • Melanie Helo

    Why are you girls still using droppers to apply your products? You don't realize your followers do not know NOT to touch theirs to their face. This is why you end up making your products contaminated instead of simply dropping said product into hand and applying like a normal person. Get with the program.

  • //

    Can you please make a video on fungal acne? Many people suffer from it and a lot of the ingredients on the products you mention can’t be used by us since they contain bad stuff for our skin condition

  • Surayya Mirza

    Is it me or sometimes when Felicia speaks she sound really similar to this joyfully YouTube's called wenjie also btw love but videos without them I would have breakout everyday and love the natural remedies ones

  • Myan Cherney

    hi. question: I live in the desert part of LA County in California, I would like to use a Hyaluronic serum, but I was skeptical since I heard that Hyaluronic will draw the moisture out of my skin instead because of the environment I'm at. Is that true?

  • Angel Razon

    I live in Nevada currently using Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid. If its best not to use this, which serums should i invest in then? Or even, should i not use other products with this ingredient?

  • Najwa Nakkoud

    What I love about this channel is that it really has helped me understand the ingredients list on the label, as well which ingredients works better for my skin type. Now I am more confident about my skin regime and know my options. You really changed my skin life 🥰😘

  • krystan guida

    Can you use Gylcolic acid toner and then apply vitamin e? I have been doing this and cant find any info wether or not this is ok or not ok! I trust you guys please let me know!

  • Honey Subs

    I think your Ficus lyrata needs some sun and water :/ please take care of your plants and dont just get them for decorative purposes. They need to live too♡♡

  • jessica compean

    Can you do a video only about a nighttime skincare routine and what to look for or stay away from??? Can you use day serums at night?

  • Romane Quillet

    What is your opinion on glycerin and silicone in creams ? I've just learnt that Clinique Moisture Surge has a lot of the two and I'm torned about buying again. Thanks 🙂

  • Tash W

    Great video! I want you guys to test out the fresh herb origin serum and share your thoughts on it. It is seriously so amazing, has changed my skin for the better. Try it, pleaseeeee

  • Sara Marie

    Help a Canadian out! Where is the best place to purchase K-Beauty ? I have stumbled across a few websites and have ordered from US websites but would LOVE to hear your advice for where to get it? It's killer to have to pay USD for great stuff.

  • Carrine Wright

    Can we see like a ‘week in my skin’ video from both ladies? I’d love to see what your actual skincare routine looks like on a weekly basis & what products you’re consistently rotating….

  • Raven Uribes

    Is a humidifier enough for hyluronic acid to grab onto during dry weather months? Also, can you please do a video on products that are like a 3 in 1, such as hygee all in one essence, or multifunctional products to help cut down on steps?

  • Michelle Dorenkamp

    My skin is easy to irritate. So most chemical sunscreens cause a rash and some products with fragrance cause irritations around my eyes and my noise. Can you do a series of products you love without fragrance. I know so far good molecules and the ordinary. But I am sure you have a few more to recommend.

  • Pauline Woo

    Wow! I didn't know that I can use Jojoba oil to nourish my eyelashes. I've been using it exclusively on my body to diminish the appearance of (post knee surgery) scars.
    I always learn with your channel. Thank you.

  • Brooke Wale

    How do you guys get your skin not to break out, flare up or have a chemical reaction when you two constantly switch up your products?

  • Camila Tamayo

    what would you recommend if my face skin is fine when I wake up, but my nose is always oily? i love thissss channel btw <3

  • Magician M

    I have dry sensitive skin and my HG moisturizer has got to be tatcha's indigo cream. I've tried the water cream but that sadly didn't sink in to my skin at all.

  • Jean pierre Mogollon Luque

    You should just pick a top 5, one product per category. It’s so confusing to check every single product to determine which to buy between all the options…

  • Heather Inglis

    I love seeing videos like these. Very informative and I love seeing product recommendations. I also have dry and dehydrated skin so this is great to see.

  • Jenelle Escobar-Lopez

    I know a lot of people don’t like mineral sunscreens but Farmacy has a great one that doesn’t leave a thick white cast.

  • Ashley Wyatt

    APPLY TO WET SKIN!! I got a little spray bottle that i keep bottled water in and spray my face before my serum pat pat pat then spray a little again before i put on my cream(this is also important to seal in the HA). So cheap and has made such a difference! My products hold onto that water and also i use way less product bc it spreads so easily. Win win!! 😀

  • Sophie Ryder

    You should try Constant skin care, their mineral sunscreen is life its tinted so no white cast and better for the environment

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