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♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie, with Eminence Organic
Skin Care, and welcome back toIn the Mix. Well, today, I’m really
excited because it’s holiday season. And with holiday seasons come gifts.
So my first one I wanted to share with you is what kind of gift do we want to give
our friends this year. What about reducing the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, and also thinking about our lips this year with giving you
really good hydration and moisturizing? So, first, off the bat,
is that we have our beauty picks, our top favorite products from Eminence
for our beauty lovers out there. And how do we get this to you?
In this beautiful box. And as you can see, this even says, “It is our beauty expert
top picks.” So it’s not just about you out there, it’s beauty experts that are
also sharing this fabulous wealth of goodies for you today.
So in the back here, you’re going to see a beautiful list of
the items that you’re going to find. So we have a cleanser, we have a masque,
we have a moisturizer, and a facial oil. So to dive a little bit deeper,
let’s talk about that. So in this box, you will find amazing ingredients,
like our retinol alternative, our beautiful Swiss green apple stem
cells. We’re also going to find some nutmeg, perfect for the holidays.
And you’re going to see rosemary. So all of these things come together,
and to top it off, stone crop, which we love very much here at Eminence
dear to our heart. So once you open the box, you’re going to find a beautiful
little insert, which is a nice map, so you’ll never get lost.
So it’s right there for you. And then second and the best part is when
you actually have the reveal of your products inside. So the first one,
we have a beautiful Stone Crop Gel Wash, one of our top sellers,
excellent for removing makeup. So don’t need to worry
around your eye area. We also have our
beautiful age corrective, I believe, the first one up there is the
Bamboo Masque. Now, any of you who are looking to definitely minimize the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, do not miss this step in your
home care routine. It is fantastic. It’s a creamier base,
and you can actually massage it into your skin. And my favorite way to use
these types of cream masques is to place it on the skin, massage it in,
work a little harder on those areas that you need. So maybe between the brow,
across the forehead, the fold line, all your places that you have a lot of
expression. Spend a little more time there. Then let it set in the skin
for a few minutes, then re-wet it, massage it in. I recommend doing this
three times. After the third time, just do a beautiful remover with a warm
cloth or just rinse at the sink with water, pat dry,
and then finish with your next steps, which would be deep moisturizing and
hydration. So you could then use your Coconut Moisturizer. Again, one of our
top 10, as you may have seen me talk about in the past, but excellent.
It’s lightweight enough that even if you have more of a combination
skin type, you can also use this, just add a little bit of water to it
before you do the application. And then last, but not least,
is our beautiful Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil. Who doesn’t want to have
this? So these are my favorite things. I’m going to come back to you in a few
minutes and I’m just going to explain a really great home care routine that you
can do at home, because, first, I really want to share one of my definite
needs through the harsher climates and different time changes and different types
of climate change as I travel, is care for my lips. Now,
I think most of you out there can definitely relate to the dry lips syndrome
that we can have. Did you actually know that your lips, the skin in your lips
doesn’t even produce oil at all? So this explains why when we go through
extreme changes in weather, so whether it’s in the winter months and
we see more dryness there or even when we’re in warmer climates, when the sun is
beaming down, we can also find that the lips get a little bit drier.
And then the infamous, “My lips are dry.” What’s the first thing that we want to do
is we tend to want to lick our lips. Now, the thing with licking your lips is
that you’re introducing your saliva, and saliva, as you know,
is part of the process of digestion. So we know this, from way back in biology
class, is that this will then start to break down the skin as well.
So this was going to cause more dryness on top of it all. So that’s why every time
we have dry lip, we will lick them, and then they tend to get drier and drier
and drier. So what are our solutions? Well, let’s just replenish them.
I highly recommend an exfoliation first, and then you want to go ahead and apply a
good moisture base. As I promised, can’t beat it, we’ve done both for you in
this beautiful…look how cute this is, I’m a little addicted to it. It just slides open.
And if you were looking for a beautiful and brilliant stocking stuffer,
this is fantastic, or if you were just looking to do a beautiful gift for your
friend just because you love them, nothing wrong with that.
So you’ll see here a beautiful lip exfoliating masque or treatment,
and then you’re going to have our gorgeous Citrus Lip Balm. So how do you work with
these two things together? As just as you would do your skin care
routine for your face, you always want to exfoliate and then you
want to hydrate. As promised, let’s build you a skin care routine with
everything put together. So there are a few things that are missing
when we think about what your routine will entail with these two beautiful gift sets.
One is that we don’t see a toner and we also don’t see an exfoliant or an SPF
product. So how I like to incorporate this is just think of what traditional and what
home care skin care routine should look like, is that you want to include,
you have a cleanser in your routine, a toner, an exfoliation care, masque.
You want to also have a serum or special treatment, then a moisturizer,
AM and PM is preferable, so that your AM care can have a sunscreen
in it and then your PM care can be a little bit more weighted,
so that you have less water loss in your skin when you wake up in the morning.
And then you can do bump treatments, I like to call them.
So you can add extra moisture, extra hydration as you move along,
depending on season changing, which is what we’re in right now.
So I would then go this way. I love our Stone Crop Gel Wash.
As I mentioned, everybody and anybody can use it, not a problem.
But what about a toner? I have here with me,
because I’m following the theme of minimizing fine lines and wrinkles,
I pulled up our Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist. It’s beautiful.
It’s got more of a murky, see that density and color.
This means it’s going to be more moisturizing for you.
So this is excellent for that. But don’t worry, if you’re combination and
you love to smell like Hawaii, feel free to go ahead and use this
anyways. It’s not a problem. Then, of course, I mentioned exfoliation.
Let’s just think fast and quick. It’s a busy season. Some of us may not
want to sit around for, like, an hour at home and do a skin care
routine. So one of my favorites is that I will just use one of our exfoliating peels
from the Clear, Calm, Firm, or Bright collection lines. In this case,
we just threw the Clear skin. But by all means, suit the skin type and
condition that you have so that you can customize to exactly what you need.
I love these, because literally, there’s little cotton inside.
My rule of thumb on a cleansed skin, you just want to pump, wipe, and leave.
And it’s all you need to do, wait for about two minutes,
and then you can go for it and then, as I mentioned, apply the masque.
So very nice thin layer, it’s creamy in texture,
so super easy to apply and very easy to remove. And remember,
go through a cycle of three times to get the maximum plumping effect that you may
be looking for. Then, of course, we talked about treat or special care,
a very important step to skin care, especially if you are looking at
minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as minimizing the appearance of
dark spots. I love vitamin C serums, and this one’s incredibly special,
because this not only has vitamin C, it also has vitamin E and it has all the
goodies that you need. And who doesn’t like a little bit of
salad, it’s because there’s some citrus and there’s some kale in here for your
needs. So then you would apply a serum, in this case, I’m recommending the C+E
serum. Then I would go with eyes. And if you know me, you know which one I’m
pulling up, it’s our beautiful Hibiscus, because I’m addicted to the rolly-ball.
But again, it is very complementary to the products that you’re finding in the set.
So if you have friends or yourself that already existing have these types of
products at home, this will be a really good companion for them to have as well.
For that little extra jump, we have the Coconut Age Corrective
Moisturizer, so then this would go on next. Now, I don’t know if you know
where this is, but I’m from Alberta. I am a prairie girl, which means very,
very dry winters. So I always need a little more bump when I go home and visit
my family every year. So I like to also, in addition to using my moisturizer,
is to add a facial oil. In this case, it is the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil.
Now, I wanted to just take a moment to share with you, again,
how much you actually need of facial oils. This is a question that comes to me quite
often, is I’m overusing, it feels too rich, or am I not using it
properly. The key with facial oils, and in any facial oil,
is you literally only need one or maybe two drops, not droppers, okay.
So some of us might load it up and then use it, but literally,
just one beautiful drop is needed, and you’re going to see how far it goes.
Now, application can be done either by massaging it in or just take it in your
hands and press it over the top of the moisturizers. And, man,
you have the most beautifully hydrated, plumped, and the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles out of there. And last, but not least, you want to round out your
beautiful home care routine by taking care of your lips. So we want to bring in that
beautiful duo that we’ve been talking about today. Now, first,
you want to do the first step, which will always be the exfoliation
section, so that’s our beautiful Citrus exfoliating, it’s like a little
masque, it’s more like a gel-type of texture, which is very nice and is easy
applicable for the lip area. Now, use a spatula or you can use a little
Q-tip at home if you like. You don’t need a lot.
So you just want to take…and I mean not a lot, because your lips don’t really
cover your whole face. They’re just, like, a little part of it.
And then when you apply it, just like any type of exfoliation
treatment that has a little bit of granule in it, which this one has,
you just want to do beautiful little circular motions. Now,
I also want to recommend that you don’t have to just only go on the pink of the
lip, also think about the outside of the lip as well, because that’s where we tend
to see those little fine lines that pop up in there. And as times goes,
some of you may know what I’m talking about, your lipsticks like to run
up the top of your lip. So this is going to be a really great way
to help prevent that from happening. So once you do this, literally,
you can do this for about two, three minutes. You can even just leave it
on. So doing this in the step that you’re actually doing the exfoliation for your
whole face is a great time to do this. And then just wipe it off with a warm
towel, or just rinse it off into the sink, or use a cotton round.
So it’s not too much brain science on that one. And then once that’s done,
then you can go for and use our Citrus Lip Balm. I’m a little addicted to the
Citrus Lip Balm, just telling you. And as I mentioned, I am an Alberta girl,
so what you’ll see is that it doesn’t take much to restore the hydration back into
the skin and minimize that appearance that your lips look so dry anymore. And again,
you’re going to see a very small amount, that’s actually even more than I
anticipated. And you can see that it turns into this beautiful type of oil out,
and it creates this beautiful soft texture to your lip, allow it to soak in.
You’re going to be so happy. It’s beautiful. You’ll be kissable,
there we go. So I hope you really enjoyed this beautiful holiday special and I hope
that you’re able to think about people, right now, who would enjoy both of these
gift sets. And I am very much looking forward to seeing you next time.
So if you want to see me even more, please definitely subscribe to our YouTube
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don’t forget to hit the little bell, so that it pops up every time that I’m
back to see you. And other than that, that’s about it. So I really appreciate
your time. I’m Natalie, with Eminence Organic Skin Care,
for anotherIn the Mix.♪ [music] ♪

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