Healthy Breakfast Cookies: Easy Portable Breakfast Recipes! – Mind Over Munch!
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Healthy Breakfast Cookies: Easy Portable Breakfast Recipes! – Mind Over Munch!

(electronic music) – Hey everyone. Welcome to the channel. If you’re new, I’m Alyssia. And today is a very special
episode because I have my good friend Laura Fuentes
in the kitchen in my house. She came all the way from New Orleans to do this collaboration. – So excited to be here. – I know, I’m stoked to have you. A lot of you may know her
popular blog Momables. She also has a YouTube
channel and we decided to do a portable breakfast collaboration. So today here, you are going
to see three breakfast cookies, all recipes by Laura, and after that, you’ll have to head over
to her channel because I have a sweet and savory jumbo muffin. – So good.
– On her channel. Yeah, oh my God, they were amazing. – We saved room for cookies, though. – Yeah, cookies and muffins for breakfast. That’s what we’re talking about. Alright, so Laura, tell
me about the first cookie. – First cookie is pumpkin pie cookies. Because seriously, it’s year round. It’s a thing at my house. So if you open up a can,
you’re only gonna need some for this recipe but
then you can freeze the rest because you’re gonna love these cookies. – Okay, Laura is filled with
those kind of real life tips. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, she’s a functional mom goals. – I cook for five all
the time so it’s like, sometimes you open up extra. So alright, add the pumpkin in the bowl. We’re using honey for a
sweetener but you can use liquid sweetener of choice. – [Alyssia] So if you
wanted these to be vegan. – Maple syrup, yeah, easy.
– All these recipes. – Super easy. Peanut butter and uh, but
you could use almond butter, like cashew butter– – Sunflower seed butter. – Yeah, if your kids go
to a nut-free school, or you need a nut free,
use a sunflower or soy– – I have a lot of requests for nut free. – Yeah, all you have to do is substitute. Okay, so we have vanilla extract. ‘Cause what’s a cookie without vanilla? You just can’t. So now we add quick oats. Okay, so, I like these
’cause they cook faster, especially in these cookies. You’re not like biting a whole oat, they’re very hearty cookies. So definitely, you know,
oats for breakfast. We’re gonna add some baking powder, even though the cookies don’t expand, you do want some baking powder to make them a little bit fluffy. And pumpkin spice. Pumpkin pie spice, I keep
that year round as well. And if you don’t have that, just some cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice. You’re gonna add the link
right below the video for the recipe so you can just click print and go to town at home. It really smells like the
inside of a pumpkin pie. – [Alyssia] It smells like fall. – And you waited to make
these until I got here so this is like a first timer for her. Okay so, Alyssia, you are going to scoop. There it makes 15 cookies. – Okay. – You just need two
tablespoons, like a standard cookie scooper. What’s great about these is
that after you bake them, you can freeze them. But they last about a week in the fridge. – That is exactly 15, Laura
is not about wasting batter. – No, and then you’re
going to press them down with a fork, a spoon, or your hand, okay. ‘Cause, again, they don’t
expand so you do want to shape them how you
want them to come out. – Alright, so just make them
look like a little cookie. Into the oven they go. (light pop music) Cookie number two! – Carrot cake cookies. – Carrot cake cookies. – You love carrot cake. It’s my favorite cake. – No, it’s my favorite cake. Actually, it’s my second favorite cake. My first favorite is tres leches. – Okay, so where I come
from, that’s not really a cake cake. – What is it? – It’s got no flour,
it’s like, I don’t know. – It’s a what? – I mean, I don’t know. – At Ikea, they have a
really good tres leches cake. (both laughing) – That’s like saying that Ikea
has the best meatballs ever. – Yeah. – Oh ay yi yi. – I just have to break
something to you real quick. – Let me just have some coffee
for getting ready for this. – Um, I hate flan. – Eh, it’s like slimy. – You don’t like it either? I thought you were gonna be pissed. – No, it’s like milky jello, basically. So, you’re grating the carrot. I’ve got a ripe banana and if
you don’t have ripe bananas, the one from the freezer
will work fine for this. You know, the ones you
tried to save for smoothies and then they get back there, use those. Alright, so you’re gonna mash it up. Alright, so our banana is smooth and we’re gonna add the rest
of the wet ingredients. So while you keep grating,
I’m going to add the honey, and like we told you earlier, any liquid sweetener will work. Peanut butter, again. – So, if you have, if you
don’t know Laura or Momables, I guarantee you, 99
percent of the people here are going to love you
because you do lunches. So if you like my bentos,
you have to check out Laura’s channel because
I see you on Instagram posting a new lunchbox like every day. – So on Momables, we
have project Momables 365 which is one lunch box for a whole year. – How do you do that? – I don’t know, I just
think of these things. I have a whole book on
lunches, snacks, you know. Okay, so our base is creamy
and now we’re gonna add the dry ingredients. – Wait, you forgot the vanilla. – Hold that back. You can add them in now if you’d like. Although the recipe will
be right below the video in case you want to go step by step. – I mean, pretty much we’re
just throwing it all in a bowl. – It’s a one bowl wonder. – Can I keep going?
– Yeah. – We got quick oats again. – [Laura] Yep, quick oats. – [Alyssia] We got cinnamon. – [Laura] Yep. – [Alyssia] We got cloves
with a little bit of carrot. – [Laura] Sure. Nutmeg. – [Alyssia] Nutmeg. For our carrot cake
add-ins, we got raisins. – Raisins.
– Walnuts. – Chopped walnuts. Although everyone is very
particular about like, how they like their carrot cake. – Some people like pecans, some people– – [Laura] Listen boo, you do you. You add whatever you
want in the bowl, okay. Alright, so just like the other cookies, I made sure that these yield 15 for you. – So kind. – I mean, like, you gotta
know how many it yields. – When we were doing the
muffins for the video on her channel, she was very
particular about not wasting any of the batter. So I know you guys love
when we don’t waste food and you’re going to be all
about Laura because she– – The freezer is your friend, alright? Because when in doubt, you’re
already messing this up and freeze it, cook it, freeze it. – [Alyssia] These look really good. – [Laura] Right? So just like the other cookies,
Alyssia is pressing them down because they don’t expand
but you do, see, you can get some raisins in every bite, some carrot. Back in the oven for 13 minutes. – Cookie number three. – Chocolate peanut
butter breakfast cookie. – AKA like a Reese’s breakfast. – Without the guilt. – It’s free Reese’s. – Totally. Alright, so what Alyssia
is doing, she is, again, mashing our banana. – [Alyssia] This banana is not ripe enough but I didn’t have any ripe bananas and when you go to the grocery
store, you can’t really buy them ripened usually. (fork clanging) – Your face. – Alright, is this good enough? – So to the banana we are
going to add some honey. Alright, so to these
cookies we are going to add a chunky peanut butter. – Chunky, yes. – Because I like to find the
little chunks of peanuts. But you could just use
creamy peanut butter. Or nut free butter. Whatever it is that you use. – So you pretty much, for
all of these, get the liquids together as your base. – Reminds me, let’s add some vanilla. We won’t forget this time. – And then you add all the dry ingredients so it’s just a one bowl wonder. – The last thing I do
save is the water because you wanna make sure it
doesn’t dry up for you. – Add as much as you need. – So we add the honey, we’re
also adding some stevia because we are using unsweetened cocoa. So I didn’t want to add any more sweetener or sugar to it. – So rather than adding extra honey– – Right, I just added– – And making the sugar content higher. But if someone didn’t want to use that, they could use– – A little bit more
honey, or, in this case, because our banana was not super ripe, we’re definitely going
to need a little bit. – But you could use coconut
sugar, you could use whatever kind of sweetener you want. – Whatever it is that you use, for sure. Okay, so that stuff is ready. And then, I do like to add the– – Sorry (laughing). – I do like to add the
cocoa now just so you can kind of mix it in there and you have like a really nice chocolatey base. And the baking powder. Okay, so, we’re gonna add
a little bit of water. Because our oats are going to
absorb some of that moisture. (scoop clicking) Okay, so, just like the
other cookies, we are going to scoop the batter into the pan. So go ahead, try it, this is another bowl you’re going to love to lick after. – It’s time for this. – Yes! – Try not to lick your
fingers this time, alright? So, press them down. – [Alyssia] You have like a system. – Yeah. In the oven they go. (clock ticking) (upbeat pop music) – The cookies are done
and they look amazing. – Cookies! – I know, I can’t wait to open them up. – Okay, so this is the pumpkin cookie. (upbeat pop music) – It tastes like fall. – So good, but year round. You can make these all the time. – I mean, I keep a
Christmas tree up year round so we all know that’s my
favorite time of year. – Carrot cake. – Carrot cake, really hearty. – Oh, I think this one’s
gonna be my favorite though, even though I love pumpkin. – No, but this one’s got all the textures. – Yes, the walnuts. – These are my favorite too. – Oh, I love the crunchy walnuts. – I imagine this one
though, you can sandwich some ice cream in between. Oh, that’s not breakfast, sorry. That’s in case you have
leftovers for dessert. – What if we make nice cream? – Okay, so the chocolate
peanut butter cup. – Oh, this looks decadent. It doesn’t even look like an oat cookie. – No, it really tastes
like a bronwie but not. Right? – It does, it’s like a brownie texture. – See, this one’s the winner. We saved the best one
for last but you know. – I’m not even a huge chocolate fan and these are very good. – So where are they gonna
find the recipes for this? – All of the recipes that we made today can be found in the description box below. They are Laura’s recipes. Make sure you check out her channel., also linked below. And you have to head
over to her channel now to watch our jumbo muffins. Oh my gosh, we made a
sausage, apple, cheddar and a lemon, poppy seed, zucchini muffin for breakfast. – Big jumbo ones, definitely. – Oh, they’re so good. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this collab. Be sure to subscribe if
you haven’t already here and, of course, to Laura’s channel. And rememeber, – It’s all a matter of mind over munch. – Yay.


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