[GRAPHIC] Dr. Lee Removes Leonard’s “Chip” | Dr. Pimple Popper

DR. LEE: Make sure I’m
never hurting you, OK? Nothing’s ever sharp
or uncomfortable. Leonard is here. He’s got this huge
bump on his arm. I know he’s really terrified. He could run out at any minute. I feel like I have to move
pretty quickly with him, but also make sure
his nerves are calm. It’s going to be an interesting
approach that I have here, I think, because I have to
remove all that damaged skin and pull out this
growth, but still leave him with a nice scar. I’m going to use my finger
to move around here, and that’s because
that’s very safe. It’s blunt resection. Look, here’s your
lipoma coming out. You know, Chip’s pretty cute. Of course. He gets that from me. I could have done this at home. Yeah, you could have. Right. Leonard is chatty and joking. I really think that
I got him to relax, but I’m always
still very careful because I feel like
at any moment, if I said the wrong thing
or did the wrong thing, he could get up and walk out. It’s like a flower. I like Chip. Chip is pretty cool. If any other woman said
that to you, I’d be like, OK, Lennie, you got to let her go. DR. LEE: But I’m OK. SHARON: Yeah, you’re OK. Your lipoma is gone now. Oh my god. Eww. See how it’s like,
these globules? These are multiple globules
that were tucked in there. You saw it come out. It was like a flower. SHARON: Honestly, I
am in shock right now. When I seen what
come out of Leonard– I ain’t got a weak
stomach or nothing, but that’s just not for me. Seriously, I was
sitting there thinking to myself, OK, the bathroom’s
right around the corner. I know where it’s at. You did really good. Now let’s fix you up. They’ll make you
look pretty, OK? Leonard’s lipoma slipped
out so nice and easily. It really was the best
case scenario for him. Thank goodness. I think I really broke
him down a little, but I think I
relax him a little. Maybe he even likes
doctors just a little bit. Maybe not. Yeah. Maybe just me.

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