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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to another episode of our Skin
Comparison Series! In this video, we are going to feature new
skins, and compare them with a previous skin of the
same hero. On this episode, we have Granger’s Newest
skin, Lightborn – Overrider. This skin can be obtained by buying it in
the shop. So, get it while it’s hot, and while it’s
on sale. This skin is one of the new skins in the skin
set, Lightborn. The theme of these skins are actually the
Keepers of Light, or Holy Knights. We should be expecting skill effects that
are related to light. Anyway, look how slick Granger’s outfit is. It might look like he just had a white outfit, but this really fits the theme of the Holy Knights. His skill effects will definitely blow you
away. Okay, so let’s move on. To begin, let’s check out Granger’s basic
attacks. Take a look on those electrifying bullets
he releases on each of his attacks. It comes with a Light-blue effect followed
by electrifying effects. On hit from this holy basic attack will definitely
make your sins reset to 0 in no time. Now, let’s feature Granger’s first skill. Well, the first few bullets doesn’t have much
difference with the Terminator skin. It was just added with electrifying effects. But take a look on the final bullet. Omg… I don’t know why it’s pinkish-purple, but
this is definitely way scary to be hit with. It’s like Vegeta just fired you with energy
balls or something. Next, we have Granger’s second skill effects. Take a look on the dash effects. The effects are definitely electrifying. The bluish effects are truly matching the
Holy Knights theme. Lastly, we have Granger’s ultimate skill effects. Take a look on the first two bullets. With, again, the electrifying effects, this looks like a lightning spear going to pierce through the target. A hit from this will surely hurt you more
than your ex did. Now take a look on the Final Bullet. Omg…. The color definitely feels like the Flameshot
spell. But don’t mind that. This fiery electrifying effects will definitely
pierce you to bits. All in all, this skin really amplified Granger’s
skill effects more. The electrifying effects are surely a good
bonus for his skills, specially he is a ranged hero. His outfit is definitely stunning on this
one, just like your ex’s outfit when you both had
your first date. What do you think of this new skin of Granger? Comment down below and tell us what you think! If ever you are still looking for buyers of
internal organs, please just give up. Do not sell your internal organs, please. Why not just create decorations for Christmas
Trees, and try selling them to your neighbors and
friends? This way, you can contribute on making their
Christmas happier. Let’s all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy
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this video. See you on the next Skin Comparison! Cheers!!


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