Gothic Stiletto Nails with Transparency and Lace Design
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Gothic Stiletto Nails with Transparency and Lace Design

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do some Gothic Lace Nails on the gorgeous Abby. So, I’ve already prepped Abby’s nail. So, I’ve removed surface shine, push the cuticles back and all that shebang. I’m gonna do a stiletto Gothic nail because stilettos are Gothic. Abby: Is it because the look the next like claws?
Kirsty: Yes, fierce. Kirsty: I think they look more like weapons…
Abby: Yeah! Kirsty: …of mass destruction.
Abby: That’s right, they could be. Kirsty: Oh, I stabbed myself… Adam: With what?
Kirsty:…with her nail. Kirsty: They’re are pretty sharp, them.
Abby: They are a bit. Kirsty: So, you wanna see a complete breakdown of a stiletto nail, we have a video for that. We do have a full tutorial. And what I’m gonna do is create a black nail that sort of smokes down into Clear. So, we will use some black acrylic, Medium-speed Liquid and my random star that’s in there from a previous video. Alright! So, I’m gonna start…and we need to prime. Oh my God! I need to dehydrate and prime. Nail Prep Dehydrator on that Natural Nail, let that evaporate. And then we’re gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer. I’m gonna lay down a Clear layer of acrylic. Even though I’m gonna be working with black, I do want a Clear layer especially on the natural nail. We are gonna work to Clear at the tip. Gonna press and pull that to the length. Thin layer of Clear on the natural nail. This is gonna give better adhesion. With the black, yes, it will stick, but it’ll stick even better with a thin layer of Clear. Make sure it’s super thin. So, I’m gonna take a black bead and get my cuticle nice and neat, first of all. And we can start to pull that down. You want quite a wet bead. Because it’s wet, it will blend down a little bit more smokey, so you’ll start to get some transparency. If you wet your brush, you can transfer some other pigment from black acrylic down the nail and it will be more smokey. Now, I’m going to use clear. I’m gonna work from halfway down the nail to the free edge, first of all. Another bead of Clear going directly over the top of the black and we’re kind of sandwiching the black between those layers of Clear. And this is gonna give it the strength and the structure. A little bit thin on the free edge. So, I’m just gonna add a bead of Clear Acrylic. I’m gonna pinch the nail, make it a little bit slimmer, create a nice C-curve. While that’s pinching, I can move on to the thumb and do exactly the same. So, I’m just gonna take the form off this one, they’re completely set. Now, take the form of the thumb. I’m gonna file these now, get the sidewalls nicely straight. So, I’m gonna file around the cuticle area as well and contour the top surface and I’ll do this on both of those nails. I’m gonna buff the nail now to make it nice and smooth. Same with the thumb. So, I’m just wiping over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I love that smokey effect, it looks so cool. So, black acrylic paint, this is Poly Colour paint. Let’s draw inspiration from Abby’s outfit and do some nice lace. Just gonna water this paint down a little bit. And it has these kind of twirly patterns in them. So, we’re gonna do these patterns first of all. You can even work right up on to the black because it will stand out a little bit. So, I’m gonna lay out those little patterns first. So, I’ve watered down the paint, so I can get some nice thin lines with the Striping Brush and we’re gonna do like a fishnet kind of lace over the top of the design. So, crossing over the lines to create those diamond shapes. I’m gonna continue it all the way up the nail. So, I’m gonna add some little dots on those sections where it crosses over just to make it look more realistic. They do not need to be exactly the same size because lace can be stretched, so the lines and things like that will stretch over. You know, it could be lace tight or a lace bra, and it’s stretches, so it changes shape a little bit. Now, before we topcoat these, you wanna make sure that all your paint is dry because if you look at this one, I can see this little dot here. It’s still wet. If I put topcoat over the top of that, it’ll just give go…down the nail. We don’t want that. And these are a little bit wet. Let’s come to this first one, and yeah, we’re pretty dry. So, we could topcoat this one. Alright! Pop me that in. Right! So, these two nails I’ve got left, I am going to wipe over with just Acetone. So, I’ve just sculpted those out in Clear. I’m wiping over with Acetone, I want them to be quite smooth. And then I’m gonna get a brand new 80-grit file. Super sharp. And I’m gonna take the file and create little demarcations quite randomly on the nail. Do the same on this one. You’ll need an 80-grit file to do this. Keep them all sort of going in the same direction. Use a Dusting Brush to remove the dust and then…. [Clips playing] We’re gonna take the Black Metallic. Trying to get the cuticle nice and neat, first of all and pull all the way down, and wait for this to dry. I’ll do the same on this one. I like it. Looks cool. It’s like you’ve been attacked by a tiger. Almost. Let me topcoat this now. Pop me them in the lamp. Right! So now, I’m gonna finish off with some Cuticle Oil. I have Adam’s favourite Cuticle Oil, which is the Peach one because he loves peach. Adam: I am gonna bin that stuff. Kirsty: I love it. Kirsty: I love it. Smell your hand in a minute. It’s so nice.
Abby: Does it smell like peach. Kirsty: Yes, it’s peach scented. It’s so nice. Adam has a fear of peach. Adam: It’s not a fear.
Kirsty: Well… Kirsty: Have a smell.
Adam: I just don’t like it. Abby: Oh, they’re lovely.
Kirsty: Mmm! Abby: Ooh! I like that.
Kirsty: It’s really nice, ain’t it? Abby: How can you hate peaches? Kirsty: Oh, we’ve…
Adam: Have you tried swallowing some peach fabric conditioner? See what happens. Kirsty: By mistake
Abby: Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Kirsty: Mmm, he thought it was like orange juice.
Adam: The light wasn’t on. Kirsty: Then it’s a very similar bottle.
Abby: I was gonna say, how does situation come about? Kirsty: Yeah, how does that even happen? Oh! They look lovely! Look at them. And if you wanna know how we get this bad boy, it’ll be linked below. You can watch that next. It’s beautiful nail. There you are. Kirsty: Do you like them?
Abby: I love them. Kirsty: We need many pictures of you like…
Abby: Of course. Kirsty: …doing your thing. Oh, yes! Oh, they look amazing. Put them on my face again like that. They look amazing. Oh my God! They were made for you. Oh yes, they were. There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel already and would love notifications, please, subscribe and press the notification bell. But we’re gonna say bye now. Say bye-bye. Abby: Bye! Kirsty: Alright! Quiet. I’m just… Adam: Told you, you’ll be in the kennel.

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