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Good hair colors for your skin tone? | Justine Leconte

Hi, everyone. It’s Justine. How to choose a hair color that actually suits you. Big question, it’s one of those questions that have been on the wish list for this channel for a while now. So today let’s talk about that. Are there colors better for this or that skin tone? Are they’re no go’s for anyone? What about if I have pale skin, olive skin, deep, dark skin? What about fashion colors? Fantasy colors like blue, green, silver?
All of those questions right here, right now. Let’s go. First of all, we shouldn’t actually be talking about skin tones. Any skin tone can wear any hair color. And that might sound new for some of you who think oh, I have this and this skin. I can’t do that color. It’s not actually true Any skin tone can do anything from blonde to black, red, brown, whatever you want. What matters is not the skin tone it’s the undertone. I’ve done a video about this already here and in the description. It’s linked you’ll find it. Your undertone is either cool or warm and your hair color should match that. So cool with cool, warm with warm. If you’re cool and you pick a hair color that is warm you’ll feel that something is off and you look pale or washed out, like for clothes that have the wrong color for you, and the other way around, If you’re warm and you have a color that’s cool, it’s not working. Let’s look at examples to make that clearer Let’s say you want to go blonde. How to differentiate a cool blonde from warm one. Gwen Stephani is cool. Jessica Alba is warm. She’s even very warm. That’s an extreme example, but it makes it easy to compare. Can you see how much more yellow or golden Jessica Alba’s hair is? And it matches her skin, which is also very golden. Let’s see a less obvious example with brown hair. Anne Hathaway is cool skinned. Eva Longoria is warm skinned. The reflection in Eva’s hair, if you can see that, is reddish. While Anne’s hair is simply brown, right? The reflection doesn’t give another color. The color is kept quiet by adding blue to it. And it makes the hair look cool overall. Now an example with black hair so that we go through all the cases Angelina Jolie is cool. And here her hair is cool, too It’s black by almost looks [blueish] if you see the areas where the sun or the light is reflecting. This black is a cool black. Kim Kardashian is warm and the reflections in a black hair look red. Can you see? So you have a cool black and war .black. That answers your question about black. Can everyone wear black? Yes. But there also warm blacks and cool blacks. Same for white, same for gray. If you do fashion drawing, then you’ll see fashion drawers, illustrators in fashion, have two ranges of grays. I have cool grays and warm grays because otherwise it would bite with the skin tone of the person I’m designing for. What about red hair? Jessica Chastain has natural red hair and a cool, almost pinkish skin tone. Her hair color is matched with her skin here. It’s soft and it’s more orange than red. It’s not her natural color, but it does look very natural and flattering on her. People with red hair are usually rather cool toned, but then again, What’s red, right? It can be more orange, it can be more fire red. If you are fire red head and then you have very cool skin then blemishes, or when you blush, it will be a lot more visible. It’s not due to your skin that has an issue, it’s due to the hair. It’s funny because we always say mother nature does everything right. I don’t think it’s true here. You’re not necessarily born with a hair color that flatters your skin tone. It’s weird, huh? What happens when you choose a hair color that’s wrong for you? It’s not easy to find such mistakes because all of the famous and glamorous people out there have got great hair stylists. Of course they do. But here is one example I found: Kim Kardashian. On the left side she’s wearing a cool blonde . Too cool for her because she’s warm tone and she looks very pale. On the right side of the page, she’s wearing warm blonde. Warmer. She looks healthier and a lot more natural. What if you have problems identifying your undertone? That’s also a question that kept coming into my undertone video. I’m going to go way to general here, but it’s just to give you a direction. If you are very pale and your veins here are bluish and you feel that your tone gets pinkish when you blush, then chances are you’re cool. If you’re more tanned, also called brown skin, depending on the region of the world you live in, then chances are you’ll be warm. And then ladies and gentlemen who are deeper darker skinned are potentially rather warm. But again it depends. But you still have to do the test because your skin tone alone doesn’t tell you the truth. Example: Naomi Campbell has red undertones. It depends on what she’s wearing and on the light and she knows how to play with it. But sometimes you really see red coming out through her skin. She’s in fact cool. Michelle Obama has golden undertones. She looks more yellow, which makes her warmer than Naomi. What about fantasy colors now?
Fantasy colors are the colors that don’t look like they could be a possible natural color, like platinum, silver, rainbow colors. In general, colors like platinum, like silver also, or like pastel rainbow colors, will suit cool skin people better than warmer people. On the other side, people with a warmer skin can support more intense rainbow colors a lot better. If a cool skin person wears a bright intense green or blue, the skin is going to look washed out. It’s not working. Here is an example of pastel silver on cool skin and here is a brighter color worn with a warm skin. If you are going for a fantasy color keep in mind that your color probably won’t stay the way it is on day one. It’s going to blend and react with your natural color and/or with the bleach that you used underneath. It is going to turn into something different…. for sure. The question is only when. For instance, platinum blonde tends to turn a bit yellow over time and if your cool skinned then that’s really something you want to avoid because you’d have a warm color on a cool skin. Conclusion: if you go for a fantasy color do schedule regular refresh appointments, and use hair care products for colored hair so that you preserve your initial dyed color longer. Oh, and before you do a dramatic change to your hair check whether the future color is going to work with your wardrobe. I hope you found these examples useful and that now you know better than before how to look for a color and what to look at. This video is not meant to make you totally unsure about whether to dye your hair and what to look for. If you go to a hair salon and talk to a professional, you know those catalogs with all the chips you can pick a color from? They will tell you what’s warm and what’s cool. Either with some number coding or with the letter. So you don’t have to guess about the color you just need to know about your skin undertone. And if you talk to a professional, the first time you dye your hair or before you do some dramatic change to your color, they are trained on this warm versus cool matter. So they can also advise and guide you on what you can and cannot do based on your skin. Any further question, in the comments below. I upload every Wednesday and Sunday, so see you very soon. Take care. Bye. Bye.


  • Justine Leconte officiel

    Hi everyone! The next video of the same kind would be "how to choose good glasses for your face shape". I'm working on it. Any further wishes? 🙂

  • Mari Ara

    there you go, if i have a neutral or warm (i look yellow ) the copper hair makes me look very very yellow!! why why 🙁

  • kp1officer

    Thank you so much for saying nature can make mistakes with hair! My skin pale as death itself with blue/purple undertone and my natural hair color is copper like a dirty penny but bright as a new one in natural light. It completely washes my skin out and I look ill. Haha thank you thank you! I dye it a cool black and I look so much more alive!

  • Mia Anthony

    How many morons have disliked this video?? The best education on warm and cool under tone! Merci Justine! Luv ur channel

  • Sierra

    After last video about undertones I thought i have warm undertone but after this video i feel i have cool undertone.
    I really can’t come to a conclusion.

  • My VideoS

    Justin Ma'am you Are warm undertone ..right??? Plz rply me and let me know that i can recognise my own undertone!

  • eagletmars

    Hi Justine, thank you for the informative and helpful video. I have watched your previous video on finding one's undertone, and although I seemed neutral based on the lighting test, and white paper test, when I compared gold jewelry versus silver jewelry against my neck, I noticed immediately that gold jewelry makes me look washed out. The interesting part is that I am a naturally tanned person, but could a tan person have a cool undertone? If so, that seems to be my case. I have natural black hair, and it gets warm and lighter in the summer, which now looking back on it, makes me look washed out than when I have darker black hair in the winter. I wonder what your suggestion would be about dealing with being a tanned person, and yet having cool undertones. It seems contradictory, but it explains a lot on how in the summer months when I go out in the sun and my skin tans more, I look more washed out than when I am more light skinned in the winter.

  • lazy lana

    Someone plz help me I have black eyes with olive skin, and in certain lights it can look yellow or grey. I am neutral

  • AgentPedestrian

    I notice that since I'm a cool pink i look AWFUL in cool/neon yellow. I love looking at it but i can't wear it at all

  • Vaynites

    Anyone else feel that Justine is actually a friend they have never met? I watch her videos and feel like I have chatted with a friend.

  • Guosh Gee

    Dear! It seems cool skin tone is only for white or pale people. My skin is tan like Philippino or Asian with tan but my undertone is cool. So I really want to try a bagalaye or something more bright cause my hair is black. 😭

  • Carrie

    I'm a 'cool" skin tone and my eyes are green therefore i find red hair suits me best. I've been dying my hair red with Henna for a few years now, and i find the auburn colour i get from the henna, with my skin tone fits me best.

  • Leira Hernandez

    Hi. Just to clarify you did say that underskin tone is what really matters when picking cloth,jewelry,hair color,make up etc. But does the outter color of the skin has somethg to do as well?… Also, for example, if your under tone is neutral, would you consider the outter tone to pick?

  • Annemarie May

    Hate my very pale fair skin and drab light Ash blonde hair. I cheat a bit to brighten it up and not look so cold. I put a few very subtle light yellow steaks in my hair occasionally. I like natural no damage colouring, as I like to conserve my long tresses, so balayage is my preferred salon technique. It does not colour the roots. So cannot damage these. Re pale complexion, it is hard if you are blonde to choose make up that is not overpowering. To look brighter, I borrow a few of the spring colours, vey sparingly, for lipsticks and rouge, mainly. I do that in warmer months. In cooler months, I borrow a few of the golden autumn tones, very subtly, so as to not look too brassy. Eg terracotta brown lipstick and rouges etc, or even a bit of bronzer used as eyeshadow works. The trick is to be very subtle. Pale white skin and very light cool Ash blonde hair in mid winter is just too unbearable for me and I must simply do something to warm and brighten up the drabness and coolness. It just looks too aloof and boring. But a few golden hair streaks and warm tone lipstick and blusher quickly fixes this problem and suddenly I feel better, more friendly, sociable, warm and approachable etc. Unlike before. How you look can radically alter how you feel and how others react to you, I found. So it is not as frivolous and trivial as it would appear on a superficial analysis. Create a better world. Start by creating a better you that you can love because, if you cannot love or at least like yourself, how can you expect others to like you? Applies to men, too.

  • Aka Shika

    Thank you for posting this video. I've all but fallen in love with your channel over the last 2 weeks or so and this has helped me realise why I keep looking so washed out with blonde hair colours (I have cooler undertones and always seemed to go for a warmer, caramel blonde). I also didn't realise that skin undertones contributed to so many style problems. Thanks Justine!!

  • Meg T.

    I have a serious problem then.. im super pale (110 in Fenty if it wasnt too pink), every foundation that looks decent on me is on the yellow side and i have freckles but when it comes to clothes i cannot wear anything yellow/orange/red or Brown, only navy blue, green, Grey and this kind of washed out dirty Pink. Does anyone have a similar problem?

  • Lily Wojciechowski

    "You are not necessarily born with the hair color that is best you" THANK YOU!! I was always told that your natural hair flattered you the most but I have ashy brown hair and EVERYONE tell me I look more natural when my hair is copper. I am so happy someone finally said this

  • Afia

    Hello Justine. Can you dedicate some videos to darker (so-called black and brown) skin colors? I find your videos to be very helpful but the examples you usually give are often of white or white passing, and only occasionally darker skinned people, which makes it difficult for me to determine how that would work for me as there are so many different shades of brown. Thanks!

  • Stefania Brassesco

    now I know why I just felt highlights didn't match my skin! there's just a theory for it! thank you!!! loved your videos

  • Shelli Meyers

    I have the cruel and inconvenient curse of being warm-skinned… and super, super PALE. Trying to find a fair olive foundation has been the quest of my life.

  • 1Lotusflower

    Yet another great video!!! I used to do hairdressing and was particularly interested in colouring, you have the explanations off to a tee, very, very educational indeed!

  • Heather Byerly

    I'm cool but have a yellow undertone. When I blush, my cheeks are a natural peach color. I have cool brown hair and brown eyes.

  • Angelica Dzana

    What about those of us with neutral skin tone. I’ve been told I have pink and yellow undertones. I look at my veins and they are both blue and green. 🙁

  • Laurie Herzog

    This still confuses me! I have pale skin that looks splochy with lots of age spots that are darker than my pale skin, reddish purple in other places. I grew up a honey blonde. I don't think I look good wearing Browns or yellows or oranges or certain reds. I've been using the lightest box color 10N and after awhile it does look yellowed but then tends to have darker undertones and have more dimension. When I colored my hair red more of a copper penny red I'd get tons of compliments, that it looked so natural with my skin. But when my roots would show they'd look green because my hair has darkened over the years to a dishwater dark blond that does not look good with my skin! So I'm confused am I cool skinned and that's why warmer hair looks better?

  • Maryam Malik

    Thank you soooo much ! It’s been so useful n helpful listening to your video .. I’ve been thinking of the hair tones recently n this answers my questions well, thanks love 💕

  • Fabiane A.

    Hi Justine. I just recently saw your videos and subscribed! I love them! My question is about hair color. I m a typical Latina with olive skin (warm undertone), brown eyes, and dark brown hair. My hair, which I have been coloring, is about 50% grey (I am only in my early 40s). I would like to stop coloring and let my grey come in, but I want to do it in a way that is elegant and goes with my skin tone (warm). Is there a way warm skin people, like myself, can do this? What do you suggest? Or, is this a lost endeavor? Please help.

  • なはいきつなや

    My problem is I’m tan in the summer and I lose it in the winter. In the summer I look great with golds and browns but I’m the winter I look good with silvers instead. I feel like colors change with seasons for me.

  • Krissy Murray

    Fantastic! I learned SO much from this video. I finally feel confident that I can make better choices to suit my skin tones. Thank you!

  • Hawaii

    Natural haircolor is the only one. God didn't make a mistake on the birds, animals or flowers. He didn't make a mistake on your hair either. Dye ruins it.

  • peggy T

    I am going silver, very silver! From dark brunette. I used to put gold in my dark brown hair but now I know my skin is light with cool undertones. I always looked good in berry colors! Duh! How do I know if my silver is cool? It is very very silver. Is this a good clue to go with cool?

  • Metallics86

    Thank you for your videos! I learn great deal from you. Yet about the hair color and skin… no one addressed the issue of cool skin or neutral with red blush spots in the skin and what colors would work with it…

  • King Boo

    I am cold-olive and no rule book works for me, my veins are blue-green and turquoise depending on what veins you are looking at.

  • Michelle Scarborough

    love your videos, you explain cool and warm very well. Wish I could have you style me from head to toe! I'm 56 and look like I.m in my early 40's. I have a hard time finding clothes and makeup that looks good. Clothes are either too young or too old looking. Young women at the makeup counters don't understand mature skin or colors either. There just there to sell! HELP!!

  • tirsden

    The irony is, I was born blonde, spent my earlier childhood years blonde, but after moving from Australia to the USA, my hair turned brown… and it looks awful that way. I discovered by dying it black I don't like black either, possibly because it's too close to brown as a darker color. So I bleach it blonde and am much happier with it, even when cheap grocery store bleach kits turn it yellowish, orange, or even "wow that's almost red." I want to get mermaid-hair color done at a salon sometime, but I think I have to grow it out a bit more to really pull that off (and I usually prefer it super-short so I'm not sure I'm going to last through growing it out much longer lol, d'oh!). Your advice here is very helpful, I may try a pastel version of mermaid hair before a full-blown, bright rainbow version as I'm not actually sure what my skin's undertone is. I'll definitely ask the stylist first what they think, if I do manage to get it done. 😀

  • Miss Lyntheena

    Olive toned girl here: I can be both, pale and tanned. I have yellowish undertones in my face. Should I go for warm tones then? Depending on the light though I can be really greyish/greenish.😳

  • AS W

    Just spent 5 months in Africa, came back with a beautiful ginger/blond hair I really love…but that doesn’t fit me. I feel like dying my hair but it d be a shame to erase that interesting colour. Don’t know what to do 🙂

  • LorDoriel F

    When I was a warm blonde, I looked great in Orange. Now that I'm a warm red head, I look awful in most shades of orange but look great in teal & turquoise. When I was a blonde both those seemed too overpowering for me.

    Everyone thinks my hair color is natural and comment on how healthy I look. My hair stylist posted my picture and has gotten many people asking for this color.

  • Nina Peiter Carballido Mendes

    I have cool toned fair skin and cool brown hair, but it looks more flattering when I have a hint of warm highlights (gold/copper) in my hair, cause it brings more colors to my face. I feel that I need to wear more make up to look healthy if I wear my natural hair color

  • Alyssa Hoyt

    I am quite pale, but my veins look purple and green-blue. I also can tan pretty well in the summer. I look better with silver jewelry, but can also pull off gold. I'm confused! Haha

  • Meira Avrahami

    Oh, no, I disagree with this one. my skin tone is very similar to yours, Justine and my original hair was almost exactly the same. The only difference is I have dark brown eyes. I look horrible as a blonde and now that I'm mostly silver, It ages me. I am old but the silver hair which did come in very pretty just washes me out. Just darkening my eyebrows takes several years off. I've been wearing only dark red, thin eye glasses for the past 7-8 years and that bit of color helps. I stopped dying my hair because it grows very fast even now and I sometimes had to touch up within 3-4 weeks. I was concerned about safety. So I live with it or wear some sort of scarf or hat in the cooler weather and just don't worry about it in the Summer. Summer has always been my worst season anyway. I can't tolerate the heat and I never look put together. Even if I wear a nice dress, an hour outside and I'm all rumpled and sweaty.

  • percha099

    I HAVE The same thing with my eyes, i'm very similar to you, or Anne hatheway and very white and tall , and i wear greenish very natural contact lenses that blends better between my skin, my natural eyes are cool deepbrown

  • Ivana Stjepanovic

    I would like if you'd put warm and cool grey hair pictures… I wonder how I'm going to look with my grey hair because I'm warm toned, and I've seen some women rocking it and not having to damage it by coloring 😁 but all of them were cool toned. Grey is by nature cool but I understand there are warmer "options"

  • Oksana Kovalchuk

    Maybe this phrase will sound to dramatic, but I think you're the most pleasant and charming blogger i have ever seen. Your explanation is amazing. Thanks for explanation.
    my dream is to dye my hair platinum blonde with purple tone, but it's too radical.

  • Sophie O.

    My mom keeps telling me that "Mother nature does it right. Your natural hair color is the right one." I have very cool, almost pink skin, and my natural hair is a golden-ish brown. I think it looks kinda gross on me, whereas I could settle for a cooler shade and it would look much nice, but I still want to experiment with color a little bit

  • Mary Hoeft

    What if you look good in a color that’s not your natural color. Example I’m naturally a light brown, but I look better as a blonde. I’m also tend to be more cool so does that change what colors in clothing and makeup I wear? I’m having problems finding the right foundation, it’s either too dark or too light. Same with clothes, either sick and tired or way to light.

  • condorgig

    I usually colour my hair with natural red henna but I have a cool undertone. I really like the mahogany effect it has on my dark brown hair and it makes my greys copper coloured. Do you think this would be a bad idea for my cool undertone? I tend to wear mostly deep reds, purples or black and I don't really want to go back to chemical hair dyes.

  • anatolia0222

    I'm so confused now. I grew up with the 'seasons' colour theory where you are a spring, summer, autumn, or winter person and I always assumed based on this I was a winter person because jewel tones look really good on me, and pastels make me look ill.

    I've always come up neutral in undertone tests and have been able to compare against both of my sisters, one of which is a warm toned gold only undertone and the other is a very cool silver only undertone. So yeah a bit confused now. 🤔

  • fenella Paris

    Hi Justine sorry I know this is an old video but I have a question. The veins on the inside of my wrist look blue/purple so therefore ok I’m cool skin tone BUT the veins on the upper side of my wrist and all the veins on the upper side of my arms etc looks green so therefore I’m warm skin toned.. I have no idea what I am! Any advice? Thanks. Oh and also, no I’m not tanned, so that’s not the reason for the greener veins.. it’s always been this way for me

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