Glass Skin Makeup for Acne Troubled Skin ★유리 피부 메이크업 | Sissel AB
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Glass Skin Makeup for Acne Troubled Skin ★유리 피부 메이크업 | Sissel AB

Glass skin. Not something I ever thought that I could achieve given my acne prone skin But oh boy was I wrong You can really do anything with a nice skin care and makeup routine So the trend has actually been around for many many years It originated in Korea And it really is filled up on this very very healthy glowy skin That’s obviously flawless. Some time ago The trend was brought up again by Elie Choi She posted a picture of her very very beautiful skin But the reality is that’s not how most of our skin looks so today I’m going to show you guys how I achieved this look Given the acne prone skin that I have Keep on watching! I double cleanse my skin every single day as well as applying a toner and moisturizing sleeping masks But when it gets to putting on makeup, I also like to gently remove any baby hairs on my face Without the little hairs on your skin, the foundation will glide on smoothly and sit on an even layer. I make sure to exfoliate my skin at least a few times a week in order to remove any dead skin cells that can be clogging my pores and preventing my foundation to lay on smoothly. Especially when you deal with acne, it’s very important to find a gentle exfoliator. These pads from Neogen has a soft and slightly rough side. I gently rub my skin in an upward circular motion on the rough side, without putting too much pressure on. Afterwards, I’ll wash my face with room temperature water and move on to moisturizing So moisturizing is the key to good healthy looking and glowy skin. So don’t ever skip this step, no matter what skin type you have. Snail lotion is known to prevent collagen degeneration which means that the skin will keep it’s bright and even skin tone These skin lotions have been very popular in Korea which is basically the nation for great skincare. I have for a long time being a trusty fan of the class BB cream But this foundation from Espoir definitely is my new favorite It’s not full coverage Which is actually good if you want a natural finish It does however provide me with just enough of the coverage to even out my skin tone and the dewy finish just gives the skin a perfect glass-like finish. I’m applying it with the Espoir foundation brush and these two together can honestly do magic on your skin The NARS concealer is perfect for both my under-eye circles and my blemishes It doesn’t cake up and by using the damp Beauty Blender you’re able to softly press the product into the skin creating a flawless finish. And that’s it! I hope you found this video useful if you did don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel I would really appreciate it 🙂 See you in my next video Bye (^-^)/


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