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Get To Know | Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Collection

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deftab720 pardpardeftab720ri-340partightenfactor0 f0fs20 cf0 Each morning before we choose
an outfit for the day, we take lots of things into consideration. But do we do the same
for our skincare?
Think of Alpha-H’92s Vitamin Profiling Collection like your skincare wardrobe, allowing you
to personalise your approach to your skin depending on what is happening in your day.
Today I’92d like you to meet Alpha-H’92s
four Vitamin Serums and find out the benefits of each.
If you think Vitamin A, think Anti-ageing.
This night specific regenerating serum utilises retinol’92s natural exfoliating properties
is set within a hydrating formula. The results? A smoother, softer complexion. Not to mention,
improved firmness, texture and tone.
Vitamin B’92s power is its ability to build moisture. Containing Niacinamide, Copper Tripeptide,
Chia Seeds and Ferulic Acid, it works hard to enhance your skin’92s barrier.
It’92s benefits? Increased elasticity, suppleness
and hydration, giving you an overall firmer, plumper complexion. You can use this one morning
or evening!
Vitamin C is for clarity and collagen. This intensive serum helps to stimulate collagen
production and inhibit UV-induced free radical damage, which can lead to hyperpigmentation.
Layer Vitamin C under your SPF of a morning
to give your skin the ultimate protection against harmful UV damage.
Vitamin E is for emergency repair! Packed
full of antioxidants, this potent and nurturing serum provides hydration and enhances the
skin’92s barrier, helping to improve the appearance of rough, dry, flaking or cracked
Each of these serums are available individually, or as part of Alpha-H’92s Vitamin Profiling
These Vitamin Serums are the perfect partner for layering under our Multivitamin Super
Cream. Find out more at}

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  • Christie Harrison

    Can certain vitamins be used together in the AM or PM? I use VitC in the morning and VitA in the evening. Can either of the other vitamins be used at the same time? VitC with VitE or VitA with VitB?

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