Get FLAWLESS Skin from Head to Toe
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Get FLAWLESS Skin from Head to Toe

you can already see with all the
mattifying product that I’ve applied on my face without a primer my skin looks
really smooth my pores are gone and you can see this really nice like natural
kind of glow hey beautiful people I am beyond excited to share with you
guys something that we’ve been working on for a long time you guys know we
spent a lot of time developing our products but this one is really special
because it kind of came out accidentally we weren’t planning on doing a body
product we had always hoped we would but I think when it came to body makeup it
need to be something that would be really really really cool and
non-transfer because you know we like things to last a really long time but it
was really inspired by Yonsei and the way she would perform on stage we all
know we saw her last show at Coachella she just like literally owned Coachella
but those legs that she would have and she always wears these amazing pantyhose
and her legs just looks so fierce and so amazing and shiny and flawless and just
like perfect you know we always said if we did a product we wanted it to look
like you know those legs like those amazing you know flawless sexy legs so
we’ll be actually creating this product which is so beautiful it literally
looked like pantyhose and I was joking with my team and I was like we need
pantyhose and one of my girls said not your momma’s pantyhose and I was like
nip so this actually originally started as a face product and then we formulated
it to be something that would be non-transfer so it is actually a body
and face product and I’m gonna show you guys how amazing it is on your face as a
primer before your makeup like literally I feel once you start using this you’re
never gonna stop nothing will make your face as glowy as this it’s so shimmery
it’s almost 30% just shimmer or super long-lasting goes on super smooth and it
gives you those liquid pantyhose kind of effect wherever you put it so we have
three different shades we have one for light skin that is called Luna Luna is
the goddess of the moon it is a really nice kind of pearly I would say a golden
shade and then the medium shade is Aphrodite she is the goddess of love
Aphrodite is a really good medium shade it is made for shades like my skin tone
even a little bit lighter and even a little darker and then the last shade is
called Aurora and she is the goddess of dawn Aurora has
but of a warm coppery undertone to it it works really well with undertones for
darker skin tones I actually have used this on myself as well really lightly
and it makes you look really bronzed and really beautiful you can always mix and
match if you want to go a little darker add a drop of a darker shade if you want
to go a little lighter add a shade of a lighter one it’s really really nice I
love this so much we’ve also created a body brush this
brush is our blur and glow it’s very dense and these are synthetic fibers and
they just really grab on to the pros in such a nice way and blend everything out
I’m gonna start with Aphrodite this is a brand new bottle should always shake it
first because again these pearls are no joke you want to make sure that you get
a really nice amount of pearl blended with all the other ingredients I’m gonna
go ahead I’m gonna squeeze a small amount on my hand right here and you can
use the blur brush if you want on your face but you really want to make sure
you keep it for your face and don’t mix and match this is brand new I’m gonna go
ahead and use this for my face because I’ll get more space done so I’m gonna go
ahead and I’m gonna just kind of blend the product on my brush and I’m gonna
look crazy so I’m gonna go ahead and start applying it on my face I’m going
to avoid my t-zone area because I don’t want that to look shiny so I’m gonna do
my forehead but I’m not gonna do the area between my brows and if you don’t
wanna use this as a base it’s really good to mix with your foundation as well
really really easy now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start applying my makeup
exactly how I normally would and I’m gonna start first using macchiato which
is our faux filter I applied two squirts of the faux filter here and I’m just
gonna go ahead and grab our brush and I’m gonna apply it right on the skin you
can see as I’m applying it and getting this really beautiful kind of luminosity
underneath I’m just taking my blender just dabbing in my face in case I have
extra product now I’m gonna grab a little concealer I’m gonna use our
concealer in granola and I’m gonna apply it under my eyes I’m gonna squeeze a
nice amount here I’m gonna go directly under the eye just gonna go ahead and
grab this brush I’m gonna take whatever’s left of my product just put
on my chin like to me my chin look a little bit bigger I’m gonna grab a
little bit of contour this is a cream contour and I’m just applying a small
amount here and areas where I want to contour and I like to first apply the
product cuz usually have a lot more on your brush and then blend it out make
sure all things are planted really nicely I’m now just gonna look I’m gonna
grab some baking powder and banana bread with our basic B blending sponge and I’m
just gonna go ahead and quiet on the areas under the eye also my
laugh lines and then whatever is left I’m just gonna go right the whole skin
so I’m just gonna move on to highlighting and then we’ll do the body
but you can already see with all the mattifying product that I’ve applied on
my face without a primer my skin looks really
smooth my pores are gone and you can see this really nice like natural kind of
glow and I’m gonna go really light with a highlighter now they’re just dusting a
small amount and put a little bit on top of the brows here on top of the lips and
then whatever is left on my brush I’m just gonna Pat it on towel and I’m just
gonna like literally of it everywhere I’m just gonna apply a little bit of
setting spray on the face and if you really want to intensify your glow this
is optional not necessary but it’s also amazing making sure your makeup stays in
place while you still have that glowy skin look you could apply a little bit
of the nymph take your sponge just completely douse it
and then glowy skin is so beautiful it’s so healthy the problem is it moves all
over the place so by the end of the day you look like a mess so this is the way
to get glowy skin that is in place that looks super healthy and that will not
move so it really makes it look like you have beautiful natural glowing skin and
that’s what we’re about ahead of beauty we want to make sure you stay in place
all day long I’m just gonna finish this off with some lips just applying a
little tiny matte days so you can see on my skin everything looks really nice and
blurred the pearls that high concentration of almost three percent
pearls really gives you this like soft focus like beautiful like non textured
porcelain like skin where everything looks so smooth when I have a lot of
acne scars and a lot of indents and a lot of pores and this really kind of
softens everything so it’s really really wonderful it’s also super long-lasting
because it is water resistant so this has become my favorite primer in the
whole entire world which we didn’t expect to be a primer and so I’m like
really really happy to find out that we could use in so many ways I’m gonna
quickly just bronze my body a little bit cuz you can see my foundation is a
little bit darker at than my skin so I’m just gonna apply a small amount of nymph
on this tray here and I’m just gonna quickly grab my learn glow brush and I’m
just gonna work it in a circular motion and then I’m gonna drag it down working
it into the skin and then dragging it down I’m just gonna go a little
you go down and you can see the first one I just put barely one squirt and
that’s fine now I put a full squirt score and a half and I’m going really
heavy because it is water resistant and it has a little bit of a water base to
it you want to make sure that you let it set completely before you get dressed so
this way it does really kind of set in place and it will give you that
long-lasting effect it’s literally so easy to apply
you can see the difference there with applying a really small natural amount
now I’m gonna go a little heavier in my decollete I’m just gonna work it into my
shoulders look at this this does look like liquid pantyhose like no pantyhose
pantyhose nope anyhow pantyhose look how nice that
looks I feel like I need slow motion music yeah okay I’m now just gonna do the rest
of the body so I don’t look like an insane person and again when I first
apply there’s a lot of product so I like to kind of like apply and I’m buff and
it really is easy to blend in the brush really does help kind of spread out the
pearls even after its dried a little bit you can take the brush and just like I’m
doing right here I mean it looks like I have a property you can see now that
it’s set I’m just gonna take a napkin and just kind of quickly rub it and
nothing has come off if you rub it many times you’ll probably get a little bit
of transfer cuz there’s so many pearls but really I can’t wait for you guys to
get your hands on the NIP not your mama’s pantyhose from hooded Beauty make
sure you guys post any looks that you guys do with this on your face tutorials
on your body we want to see it all we also want to see what you guys create
with it make sure you guys hashtag hoodie beauty nip and liquid pantyhose
so we can check it out and hopefully repost and I’ll see you guys next time
bye my love you


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