Fungal Acne-SAFE Skincare Routine l That Acne Never Goes Away? It’s NOT ACNE
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Fungal Acne-SAFE Skincare Routine l That Acne Never Goes Away? It’s NOT ACNE

have you ever got acne on your body or anywhere after shaving or waxing Or have you noticed acne on your scalp? These
actually might be (beep) Hey guys it’s Iris here and welcome back to WishtrendTV today we’re here with another episode of WishtrendTV VS Acne
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acne we’re gonna go through everything about fungal acne from symptoms, causes
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push alert settings so you can watch our videos ASAP Round 1: Symptoms of acne So today we have a very special guest because we’ve
heard that this guest is suffering from breakouts and is not sure if it’s quite
bacterial acne or fungal acne so let’s welcome our guest Hello nice to meet you
please tell us your name Okay um my name is Simon and I’m 28 years Welcome Simon my name is Iris I’m going to be asking you a few questions today first of all are you well aware of your
skin condition currently? I believe I am okay
yes oh okay I’m pretty sure no actually not no oh I don’t know
ah okay I think you’re on the right track I can kind of feel like this
you know caring self-care thing in you right now You got that right yeah but
you’re a little confused sometimes we’re all confused yes
okay then an easier question tell us a little bit about your skin type please I have a dry skin okay very much dry skin that’s
terrible because it’s getting colder in Korea so does dry skin cause breakouts
for you I’m not sure if this is related mm-hmm between those two? (okay okay) you
know like it stimulates the skin Yeah it’s bad for you, your dry skin I’m sure
it’s one of the factors that causes the breakouts and actually I wanted to
ask you um you have a bandaid on your forehead right now yes can you share a
little bit about what’s going on with your skin? um I had to meet someone right
before this and you know I really wanted to hide it ah okay
I have a huge bump Do you know the difference between fungal acne and just normal bacterial acne? No Yes okay I saw that coming no and a once again that is why we have
you here today and to briefly explain more about fungal acne fungal acne is
basically an infection that’s caused in your hair follicles and it may be caused
from shaving or waxing If there’s sebum underneath the acne
then it’s just normal bacterial acne but if there isn’t sebum it’s considered
fungal acne because it’s an infection but how do we tell this apart well then
you should be watching until the end of this video because we’re going to teach
you guys how to prevent, treat, and also recommend you guys good ingredients for
fungal acne shall we get going Shall we get going? let’s get going~let’s get going! Round 2: Causes of fungal acne So the cause of fungal acne is because of Staphylococcus these look like little grapes winded up into each other and this is what we call
fungal acne and as we mentioned in the beginning
fungal acne is caused from shaving or waxing because it causes infections in the
hair follicles and these both have internal and external factors the
internal factors include obesity pregnancy, use of steroids, birth control
pills, stress, and fatigue And the external factors include too much skin
care product left on your skin Bad ingredients in your cosmetic products
high humidity high temperature heat sweat and etc and most of the times it’s
hard to just pinpoint one factor because it’s a combination of various of these Round 3: fungal acne treatments like we said
before the most important thing before we start treating our fungal acne is to
actually differentiate if it’s bacterial acne or fungal acne and like we
mentioned before we aren’t professionals and to untrained eyes it’s kind of hard
to notice if it’s actually sebum that’s under our acne because if their sebum
it’s going to be bacterial acne like we all know but without sebum that’s what
fungal acne is so it’s really important that you get a proper diagnosis because
if you’re treating your fungal acne like normal acne you’re just going to worsen
it The second step is to not feed demodex folliculorum if you don’t manage
your demodex folliculorum it’s going to cause both fungal acne and
bacterial acne so the demodex folliculorum actually live on your sebum
so if your sebum is getting overly produced it’s going to thrive onto your
skin and how do you know that you have demodex folliculorum well your skin is
going to be itchy it’s going to get infected and it’s going to cause painful
acne that’s full of pus so it’s really important that you avoid these and how
you do it avoid high heat and high temperatures and also try avoiding fatty
acids and oils except we do have exceptions that we’re going to talk
about more in the next round so stay tuned and last but not least to maintain a good level of immunity if you visit a
dermatologist they gonna say this over and over again listen to me make sure you’re
getting your skin clean try and stay away from drinking alcohol
oh no smoking don’t go to bed too late get your beauty sleep don’t get stressed
out too much don’t touch your face with your hands and have a balanced diet
rather than eating instant foods Oh get some sunlight too okay? Okay If you’ve
ever been to dermatology you probably heard this so many times and it’s really
simple and small but trust me it works Round 4: Good ingredients for fungal
acne To start off by cleansers actually cleansers don’t have a big role in
fungal acne because they don’t actually stay on your skin but if we still would
recommend you anything, try to stick with a low pH cleanser lower than 5.5
because you want to only get rid of the excess oil that you should be getting
rid of second, fatty acids and oil If you’re suffering from fungal acne you
should be staying away from ingredients like fatty acids and oils except we do
have these three exceptions Firstly, MCT oil, also known as coconut oil except you
have to be careful that your coconut oil does not have lauric fatty acid the
ingredient that keeps the coconut oil from crystallizing in room temp
and also you can use unscented mineral oil which is also commonly known as baby
oil these don’t provide the nutrition
Malassezia which is the responsible yeast for fungal acne so unless you live in
a high temperature area that’s very humid then you’re fine with using these
we also recommend squalane oil because it’s going to protect your skin from the
UV rays and also they’re gonna be effective on getting rid of the fungus
on your skin because they’re antibacterial for other ingredients
we’d like to recommend, there’s BHA that has exfoliating factors. BHA a is going to
dissolve the fungus on your skin and also impurities from your pores but
again you gotta be cautious that the product you’re using isn’t mixed with polysorbate which is a surfactant that Malassezia loves so be
careful for that also we recommend honey and propolis extract and although
scientifically there isn’t proof yet that honey has an effect on Malassezia
we all commonly know that honey has a strong antibacterial effect so if it
feels like applying honey to your skin is a little too much we recommend that
you use a product that has propolis extract in it
lastly sulfur ingredients sulfur is really effective on Malassezia because
it promotes the fungus to be removed from the layer of dead skin cell and it
also restraints Melissa Xia directly but we all know it’s kind of hard to get our
hands on sulfur if you’re just like a normal individual so guys I heard that
By Wishtrend is working with a new product that’s a spot care cream and
their main active ingredient is guess what sulfur and it’s also available on
both your face and body so you should be keeping your eye out The winner of today’s match is WishtrendTV yay let’s go get clear skin
with the facts we learned today How did you like today’s episode if you have any
questions or just any comments leave them in the comments below and now
getting back to Simon did you learn a lot today?
yes I’ve learned a lot today So what are you planning to do now well first of all I think I have to go to see a doctor yes please visit the
dermatologist or the clinic to actually get a proper diagnosis on what’s going
on on your face so our video today is over I hope you enjoy and this was iris
and Simon on WishtrendTV VS Acne


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