Foundation Routine For Different Skin Types – Foundation for Oily or Dry Skin

Hey girls, okay today I’m gonna be giving you all of my best tips and tricks for foundation slash concealer. And these are specifically tips based on your skin type or skin concern so I’m going to show you a couple of things you can do if your skin is really dry, or some things you can do if your skin is oily or if you’ve got discoloration or texture on the skin or your pores are really bad stuff like that. I’m gonna give you some tips for minimizing all of that. And just a quick disclaimer in this video I’m gonna be doing all of these things – you do not need to do all of them. Just pick which one relates to your skin concern and then apply that method. You don’t need to do all the methods I am in the video just for the purpose of showing you all of them But you just choose the one that suits you and your skin and your skin’s needs I hope that you guys find this video helpful Alright girls step number one prep your skin. This is so huge if you want a foundation to look really great I like to use the rose water because it’s going to immediately calm down your skin, hydrate it and help take down any inflammation or redness. Then using the glorious touch primer use a small amount less than you think you need to I’m telling you a little goes a long way and you don’t want to overdo it Press that primer in using a blending sponge and this is really gonna help minimize pores, redness and keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. Let it sit for about 60 to 90 seconds Okay, my next tip is if you have extremely oily skin or if you just need your makeup to stay all day long try taking that same blending sponge and taking a little bit of translucent setting powder Emphasis on a little bit and putting that onto your skin before you put on your foundation I know this seems crazy and nuts but just try it. This little trick will keep that foundation locked in place and it’s great if your skin is very oily. My next tip is if you have really dry skin and that is to mix your foundation with a drop of face oil This is going to help so much If you have any dry patches the oil plus the foundation mix together gives you the most beautiful dewy glow. This is one of my favorite tips. I do it all the time. Another tip is when you’re pressing that foundation into your skin use medium to even heavy firmness You really want to press it in there You kind of want to roll the sponge on your skin and lift it and that’s what’s going to really give you that airbrushed finish Okay, my next tip is if you have really dark under-eye circles try color correcting them before you apply concealer You can do this using a product that has a pink or peach undertone to it I’m actually using a cream eyeshadow and it works perfectly Just apply it right where the darkness is and then let it sit for just a second And while that’s sitting here’s another trick if you have really large pores visible pores which I do right around my nose. Take a little bit of foundation on a Blending brush something with a fluffy head and buff that foundation into those pores I know that sounds kind of weird but go in small circular movements and it literally it makes the pores disappear. This is just try it you will be amazed The key is really that buffing motion going back and forth and in those little circular motions so that the foundation gets in all those little Little pores. Okay. Now you want to place your concealer on top of the color corrector. You don’t ever just want to color correct by itself. You always need to apply concealer afterwards I apply the concealer in an inverted triangle to lift and highlight that area Then blend it out. When I’m blending it out, I am pushing it into the skin and moving it out and up You never want to bring it down You don’t want to drive that concealer down because that one turn cause your eyes to look like they are being pulled down If you have a blemish that you want to cover Try putting a little bit of translucent setting powder on it first and then apply a tiny amount of concealer. It’s really gonna help To cover that little spot and to keep that coverage there all day long Your skin tends to get oily throughout the day Try taking some tissue paper on a sponge and mopping up any of the extra moisture In your skin then take a sponge in some setting powder and set your face My last tip is to set everything with that rosewater. It’s really going to give you a glowy look and you’re all done

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