Flying Ace: London’s Championship Skin
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Flying Ace: London’s Championship Skin

It all comes down to this. Are you ready? London Spitfire have done it! They will fly high as your Overwatch League champions! Hello, London Spitfire.
Welcome to Blizzard. We’re here to celebrate you guys being the champions of our inaugural season. We have something special
to show you today. So, of all the characters
that you all play, which one do you think we made a skin for? -Winston.
-D.Va. OK, Mercy, Winston, D.Va. Which one do you least expect? Symmetra. So, when we make a skin,
it starts off with David Kang. He makes the concept. Then I’m on the character modeling side.
Dylan is our tech artist. The Spitfire plane was a huge inspiration
for this particular skin. We had to sit down and find ways
that we could add the movement, like, for example, the propeller
that’s so iconic in your logo. Like a hat? Are you guys ready to see
what we made to celebrate? -Let’s go.
-All right. So, this skin was based on what
the London Spitfire pilots were wearing. London Spitfire pilots were pilots
in the World War II era. Everything from his vest
to his headgear is based on the suit. The Spitfire Mk.II was the plane
that it was modeled after. So, we spent a lot of time
trying to make sure we did a correct homage
to that particular plane. So, everything from the shape of the wings
to these booster packs, which are actually a fuel tank that certain models of the plane had, they all match the engine
of the original Spitfire. So, from this angle, you can see
where we put the front of the plane. The front is on Winston’s backpack. So, this is the extra animation. We wanted to find a way to have that
propeller always spin on his backpack. This is July 28th 2018, when you all won the championship. He goes… We can show you. Here. Now that you guys have seen it,
you’ve had time to absorb it, how would you like to be some of the first
people to test it in our playtest lab? Nice! “This match appears to be unbalanced.” No!


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