FINAL STAGE Prisoner Skin (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay

Some while ago I created the Prisoner skin from Fortnite stage one and while creating I already had the last stage the Fire King in mind, so I made the head replaceable. When the Prisoner skin came out I decided to create this one, the one with all the lockers and the crystals on the body, because I thought this guy is the most unique one from all the four of them and then I heard about this story. That he is… Well, the Prisoner is the name he was already given away and that he is developing into the Fire King. And this made me think again and then I read all the comments and well, it was sure that I had to change this guy again because also you asked for it. And here we go! Let’s change this guy this Prisoner skin and let’s make an upgrade from stage one to stage four. So we are just skipping the ridiculous steps two and three, because I didn’t even like them visually. it was a bit tricky because now you can see the arms are very thin and we will fix that by adding some further layers of clay. I really hope that I still have some old clay from this project I made two or three weeks ago, but let’s focus on removing first. Maybe we can use the chains as well. Yeah, I really try to use as many things as possible from this character and we will place it right on the torso, removing all the old clay pieces. Yeah, this is all the stuff I put into this foil and I’m really happy that I kept it. It’s a bit difficult, but somehow we are managing to get this blue and it has the same structure because it is from the same tutorial, where I create the stage one. And now we can make the arms a little bit thicker. And also the other arm as well. It looks very skinny. We have to make this guy a little bit fat. And sometimes it is quite confusing working with clay because… Before oven hardening some of the colors tend to be a little bit too bright and after oven hardening they are getting a little bit darker. Now I try to get some texture into the arms. This is also on the plus side when we put an extra layer of fresh clay on top of the oven hardened clay. We can make and draw all this pattern inside where we will add the bright red and orange fire and lava color. Yeah. Apropos lava I know and I heard the rumors that a volcano is coming. And I think it has the new season, season 8. I haven’t played it till now. I haven’t read any news about it. I know that there probably will be a volcano, but this is just a rumor for now. And I think Epic will continue the story of the prisoner AKA the Fire King. Yes a wound on his left shoulder. I think I will make this again and this is the head for our Fire king. Size comparison. So, this will be the head and… You know that I’m not really good at creating faces. I tell this in every tutorial where I have to create. Somehow a human face, but luckily this is not really human It’s the Fire King and no offense, but he looks a little bit ugly. Also on the original version so I could jump into the creation. I was not worried that I would screw up on this guy. The cheeks turned out really great, now the eye, the iris which is just yellow clay we put inside. Oh boy I’m really curious to read all the news and to play Fortnite season 8. Now that I published the Apex video, Apex Legends last week, some of you were really afraid that I would stop creating Fortnite. I don’t think so. Of course I will also continue other stuff but Fortnite is still such a huge creative inspiration for me and for a lot of other guys in the community. So don’t worry, we won’t stop with Fortnite. There’s so much stuff still about it coming to my channel. Now we can go into the oven! Freshly baked Fire King! That was close. He was about to fall over. Yeah, you see this. Skirt he is wearing. You can see the gleaming effect from the fire, because it burned away all the lower parts and we try to accomplish that by using some really bright colors. Acrylic colors, but I forgot to remove the leg chains. The lockers. So we will do that right now with the scalpel. Yeah, I’m really happy to have my scalpel and now some pens, this is polish pens. I guess this is grey and we try to get in some more shadows and make it even more dirty and used, because the skin evolves and changes from stage 1 where he looks… too clean to stage 4 where he really looks dirty and ragged, yeah. Now we take the black one as well. And this is not for the shadow effects. This is more for the parts where the fire burnt his skirt. Now this works great and you can just use your finger. It looks like that, but you get a really good feeling for your creation. Also when you draw on paper. I am painting the first layer, which is white. Why am I doing this? It looks a little bit like ice or snow. I’m doing this because when you start with white as the base layer all the other colors, which are coming on top will be brighter and shinier. And this guy really looks shiny because the fire lives inside. You get me, you know what I mean. Also the bald head. This is… It’s for marking text. Maybe you can write it in the comments what they are called in English. I’m not familiar with this word. Text marker probably. Yeah, let’s go with text marker and they really bring this artificial glowing bright shiny effect in the creation. And after that we will add some acrylic paint which really looks amazing when it is still wet, but when it gets dry it will lose some of its luminosity, yeah I looked that word up. It already looks amazing. Also the wound. Look at that and also the other arm as well Of course I could have also removed the hands and we created them with red clay, but I thought it would look even better to just paint the hands. But maybe we should take a little darker red, but let’s focus on the legs first. This looks so sick. I love this skin already. Yellow maybe. This was too much, but yeah let’s remove this as well. Yeah, this is the darker red. We can throw in also on the hand. Yeah before this tutorial is over I should mention. This is video one for this week. This means there is another one tomorrow. I have created already prepared a map location from season 7 the one which you requested the most. So I will create it and show it to you tomorrow while working on the fla… That was close. While working on the flame effect. And then I will wait for all the news and play Fortnite season 8 till tomorrow, so let’s find out together if the map location, which I’m about to create has changed. This happened the last time with Loot Lake and you know that I had to do all the updates again for this video. Maybe we should add some acrylic paint to the wool. This is a really nice fire effect. Putting in some sprinkles just a little bit of yellow. Maybe some more orange right on the head. And what about the mouth? Maybe some lipstick for this tough guy, because he isn’t that tough at all. Yeah, these are some tiny tiny pieces for these fins, thorns, whatever this is on the back side of his legs. I’m just creating it and guys… That’s it! The Fire King stage 4! This was my upgrade of the Prisoner skin now with stage 4. Please let me know you have already seen some of the new skins from season 8 which skin I should create. I haven’t seen them till now. So I’m really curious to read your comments down below. I guess that’s it for today. See you tomorrow with another video. Bye!

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