Favourite Ingredients For Clear Skin – Acne, Clogged Pores, Even Skin Tone + More ✖  James Welsh
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Favourite Ingredients For Clear Skin – Acne, Clogged Pores, Even Skin Tone + More ✖ James Welsh

– Hello everybody. Welcome back to my channel, where we talk about skincare, grooming, and sometimes hair, so if
that sounds like a thing, make sure you are subscribed. Also, come and following me on Instagram where I post a lot of stuff you’re not gonna see here on YouTube. So I feel like I talk
about hyaluronic acid and niacinamide all the time. All the time. And they are amazing, and
they’ve done amazing things for my skin, but today, I
want to share some ingredients that I haven’t really talked about, but that have done great
things for my skin, as well. So I thought I’d share them ’cause maybe they could work for you too. Let’s start with sodium
copper chlorophyllin complex. Can you believe I actually said that? I got that right. So this is a semi-synthetic sodium copper derivative of chlorophyll. This has been proven to reverse
the effects of UV damage, as well as deliver a good punch
of antioxidants to the skin. This also antibacterial
and antiinflammatory, so very, very good for
acne and spot prone skin. It’s also rich in vitamin A, C, E and K. So it’s also a great
ingredient to look out for in your anti-aging products. There’s also various
studies that show that skin treated with chlorophyll
improved in a similar way to skin treated with tretinoin. Hmm, interesting. So it has all these amazing benefits that I feel like a lot
of us could benefit from. My favorite product
that include chlorophyll is, of course, the Enature
Squeeze Green Watery Gel Cream. This is one of my favorite moisturizers, if not the favorite
moisturizer of all time ever. I love this stuff. I go through it like it’s water. This is so beautifully
lightweight on the skin, but really nourishing and hydrating, and unlike other gel moisturizers, it doesn’t just disappear into your skin in a horrible drying way, it leaves you with a really nice glow and your skin looks so
hydrated from within. As well as chlorophyll complex, this product contains parsley and kale to help with blemishes
and deliver nutrients. This also contains these
little oil capsules that pop on the skin. They’re not in little plastic micro beads or anything like that, they’re
just little bits of oil, but again, they just glide on the skin, they disappear instantly and
they don’t leave your skin looking bogged down with grease. It’s extremely light. I love this so, so much, so, so much. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting about
this nonstop for months. And if you see this in stock, get it because it is always out of stock and for a very, very good reason. Azelaic acid. I had no idea what azelaic
acid was a year ago until everyone in my comments section started discussing it amongst yourselves, asking me for recommendations,
I had no idea. I guess I was a bit like, at first, this sounds like something I don’t need. I had already had so much
stuff I wanted to try and add in my routine and I was like, I can hold out on this one. But then I was reading
some of the comments and a lot of people said it really helped with their redness, the little bumps, the sort of little pustules,
and random breakouts, as well, and the overall texture of
the skin and I was like, that actually sounds
amazing, I need to try this. There’s a lot of research,
to put it very, very simply, that azelaic acid can almost pinpoint the exact area your skin needs help and kind of interrupt
any potential breakouts, any potential problems that
may be happening on your skin. It can also help reduce the
appearance of clogged pores, dark spots, blemishes, redness, overall texture of your skin, and improving overall skin tone. So it has really got a massive checklist of what it can do. As I mentioned, I wanted to use this for the redness on my cheeks and the little bumps under my cheeks, and this helped overnight. The product that I’m
gonna talk to you about helped overnight, no exaggeration. The product I was using was The Ordinary’s Azelaic Acid Suspension and I hate this product so much. I’m not gonna lie, it’s awful. It feels like a primer
mixed with craft glue. It feels horrible on your skin. It makes your skin feel tight and dry and it’s kind of got
this fake softness to it, but with The Ordinary, you’re
getting what you pay for. If you want fancy formulations, go for Paula’s Choice Azelaic Acid, but it really, really did help. So I’m kind of just
using this in the evening as a direct spot treatment, and also, when I get
flareups on my cheeks. I’m using it, it’s working, I hate the product I’m using, but the success of
azelaic acid has made me want to look more into
other azelaic acid products. So I’d love your recommendations. Aloe vera. I used to talk about aloe vera on a weekly basis on my channel, but today I wanna talk more about why I don’t use it direct from the plant. It’s an amazing ingredient
and I love using it, but not straight from the plant. One, it smells. I think it has a horrible
smell straight from the plant. I don’t know, it’s like a bad BO. Two, most importantly, there’s
a certain part of aloe vera that has a yellow-y, pungent smell. A yellow-y smell. What does yellow smell like? It’s yellow to look at. And this can be highly, highly irritating when applied directly to the skin. Plants can’t run away from danger, so they create their own protection, and you’ll notice that aloe vera has little spikes on it and it also has this smelly, yellow goo that tastes bitter, so when
an animal bites into it, it’s immediately put off
by this horrible taste. This is often referred
to as the plant’s latex and this contains a chemical called aloin and this can cause irritation and this does make my skin irritated. When you see your moisturizers and other skincare that contains aloe, this is a purified
version of aloe vera juice with any potential yellow
irritating goo taken out with preservatives in, which I think is really, really important. I’ve seen people cut up aloe vera and keep it in the fridge for a week and it’s just not for me. I personally use aloe vera to
hydrate and soothe my skin. If I’ve damaged it, I don’t know, maybe I’ve gone a bit
crazy on the actives, I use this to soothe
and also, in the summer, it’s a perfect moisturizer
for my oily skin. The Nature Republic Aloe
Vera Gel is a cult classic and very, very popular. And this is the product that actually got me into Korean skincare. It’s one of the first K-Beauty
products I ever tried. So as someone with really oily skin, this would be my moisturizer in the summer and then more into winter,
I’d use it as a serum. Finally, let’s talk about allantoin. Allantoin is an ingredient
I didn’t know I liked until recently because it’s in
one of my favorite sunscreens and it’s often used in sunscreens. So here’s my problem, it was a problem, but it’s not anymore. I like chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens, if they
don’t leave a white cast, they get caught in my
facial hair, my eyebrows, and leave often chalky lines everywhere. So a chemical sunscreen
is perfect for my skin, but sometimes they can sting and irritate, especially when I’ve already got areas of irritation on my skin. When I have particular vicious breakouts, then I got Krave Beauty’s The Beet Shield, which I’ve got on now, and I talk about this in the comments, it gives my skin a really
nice even looking glow. I don’t know why. I don’t think it’s even part
of the product, a feature. And it doesn’t irritate my skin if I’m wearing it for a
prolonged period of time and this could be potentially
because it contains allantoin. Allantoin is known for its soothing and
moisturizing properties. It’s often found in acne scar treatments and moisturizers because of its ability to give you smoother looking skin and it’s largely used
in sunscreens, as well, for that purpose to stop
any potential irritation. So there we go. There are a few more,
four more, ingredients that I really, really love that I don’t think I’ve talked
about much on this channel. Please share your favorite
ingredients down below in the comment section and let me know if you have any products that contain any of these ingredients
that you really love and think I should check out, as well, but that’s it for me now, guys. I will see you next time. (slow music)


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    I love using tea tree oil products for acne. The body shops anti imperfection daily solution and Lushs grease lightning. For me, my skin can tolerate tea tree products daily with no irritation. But i'm finding that it's starting to have less of an effect on my acne? Like it's used to it or something.

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    I really need to try Azelaic Acid! One that’s been a total game changer for me is Pycnogenol 5% from The Ordinary. I have dehydrated oily skin too and Pycnogenol feels like it balances hydration in my skin and just makes it look healthy and glowy ♥️ I’d just need them to make it in a bigger size! Haha.

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    I had the same experience with the azelaic acid from The Ordinary. Absolutely hated the feel of the product, absolutely loved the result. My skin texture was the best in YEARS. Dark spots fading at the speed of light. Small zits completely disappearing overnight. I ended up mixing it with my face oil in my palms to make the application more bearable, it still seemed to work. Gosh, it's gross but I think I'm rebuying it.

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    So far I’ve been a massive fan of
    guaiazulene found in Klairs Midnight Blue Calming cream and NeoGen Sur Medic’s Azulene Soothing Cream. Love using these creams after physical/chemical exfoliating, shaving my face, or using a higher concentration of glycolic acid like the Ordinary’s Glycolic toner. It basically tells my skin to calm TF down and heal it overnight

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    Clear skin requires patience:
    1. Drink lots of water
    2. Take zinc supplements
    3. Use SPF, sunscreen
    4. Face mask: potato and lemon juice
    5. Exfoliate and moisturize
    6. Exercise
    7. Eat healthy- you are what you eat

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