FAMILY Meal Prep for the Week! Mexican Casserole, Turkey Burger Buffet & Lunch Kits!
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FAMILY Meal Prep for the Week! Mexican Casserole, Turkey Burger Buffet & Lunch Kits!

(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, welcome new and old. I am so happy to have you here. We have waited months for the next launch of our comprehensive
course, Meal Prep Ignite. And I have good news, it’s back. So many of you have emailed me asking when you can enroll next,
and the time is now. From today for one week
only enrollment is open. If you don’t know, my
Meal Prep Ignite course is a comprehensive course to teach you how to meal prep for your lifestyle. We did the first launch back in April, and since then, we have
learned what our students liked and what they wanted more of and added to the course for you all today. So many people said
they wanted more family meal prep content, so we added
that in the form of videos, recipes, and inspiration pamphlets. We have also added additional
meal prep video examples and simplified our Meal Prep Ignite system so it can be universally
applied, whether you’re prepping for one person or for a family of people. If you’ve already enrolled,
then you have access to all of the changes, but
if not, now is your time. And we are doing a special
back to school discount for this launch only. You can learn all about
it at But it is seriously only open
until August 9th of this year. If you miss out, then that is it. We are not planning on opening
enrollment again until 2019. So if you want it, get it now. To celebrate and be
excited about this launch, I am sharing a family meal
prep with you all today, and I used my Meal Prep Ignite system, which I also updated and
simplified, to plan it out. It’s a step by step system to
take you from knowing nothing about what you’re going to eat next week to figuring out what you’re going to make and how you’re going to do it efficiently to save you time and money. This example prep is for a family of four, two kids and two adults
for four days of the week. It can be more manageable sometimes when prepping for a family
to not do the weekends so there’s less planning,
and maybe you buy or have a work or school
lunch once a week, a family dinner out, whatever it may be. The menu for this family meal
prep is self-prep breakfast. One of the new concepts I introduce in the updated family meal
prep section of the course is an inspiration pamphlet with ideas for things that you can have ready that your family members
can make themselves. Today you’ll see DIY instant oatmeal, toast options, and cereal with fruit. For lunch, we’ve got tuna
salad pitas and/or salads and squash and chicken sausage bowls. For dinners, we have a Mexican
casserole and salad bar as well as a turkey burger
bar with roasted veggies. And of course, we can’t forget
snacks for the munchies. Get it, munchies like you’re hungry but also munchie like
you, the mind over munch? (beep) For the DIY instant oatmeal,
I combine quick cooking oats, oat flour, cinnamon, and
salt in a large container. Mix to combine. When you’re ready to eat,
simply get about a half cup of the mixture, add a cup of water, and cook over the stove
or in the microwave for two to three minutes. The oat flour is optional,
but it actually helps make the mixture a little creamier. Having this bulk buddy ready makes it easy for any family member to
grab their own breakfast and prep it themselves, and it saves money from buying those instant packets. And not to mention, reduces waste. You could of course portion
out the oats in advance if you want to cut down on an extra step, which could be helpful
depending on how old your smaller family members are. I’m also making sure to have available bread for toast with topping options. In the pamphlet, I give a whole chart with fun toast combination options, but you could do anything. Coconut butter with banana,
cashew butter with blueberries and cacao nibs, or avocado
smashed with lime juice and salt. Making sure that the
ingredients are accessible to your family will be
the key to getting them to prep items on their own. And last but not least,
some cereal with fruit. I’ve got a video sharing tips for making healthier cereal choices,
and I’ve also included a guide for what to look for in the Meal Prep Ignite course as well. Breakfast is served, or, well prepped so that everyone else
can serve themselves. You get it. I’m starting my first lunch
with a tuna salad base. I start with canned tuna
and then add diced celery, red onion, parsley, dill, Greek yogurt, or you could use mayo although it’s not as meal prep friendly,
whole grain mustard, lemon juice, and a pinch of black pepper. You could make any tuna salad you prefer, or maybe your family prefers
salmon to tuna, whatever works. For meal prepping, I’m making
salad and sandwich kits. I add the tuna salad to containers and for the adults, add
salads using spinach and microgreens with a lemon wedge. Baby carrots with nut butter
on the side for dipping, and a squeeze fruit pack for
some extra nutrition and bulk. For kids, I’ve got that
tuna salad, baby carrots with nut butter, the squeeze fruit pack, and instead of the salad,
I’m adding a pita pocket. These kids are ready to go. This keeps the contents separate and fresh and makes for a fun DIY
lunch experience, too. My second lunch is a squash
and chicken apple sausage bowl. I love the Meal Prep Ignite system, because it makes it super easy to plan out different meals for the week if you don’t want to eat
the same thing every day. And it shares tons of
tips so that you don’t have to eat leftovers
if you don’t want to. For the second lunch, I’m
using the same components to change just a few things
for the kid and adult meals. First, I roast up butternut
squash with a little avocado oil, salt, and pepper. (upbeat music) I also chop up some chicken apple sausage. For the kids, I skewer the
sausage with blackberries. Food on a stick is just more enticing. When the butternut
squash is out of the oven and cool enough to handle, I combine that with some fresh blueberries
and slivered almonds. (upbeat music) For the kids’ lunches, I add
the butternut squash mixture and skewers to containers. For the adults bowls,
I add some additional chopped chicken apple sausage to the butternut squash mixture. I fill their containers
with cooked cauliflower rice and the butternut squash mix on top. That is an easy prep that
required the same foods, but we end up with
different food experiences, and that is what it’s all about. I also have some celery with guac packs to add to the adult meals. Premade guac packs can be more expensive than making your own guac,
depending on where you live, but for meal prep, they
can be really great because your guac isn’t going
to go bad or turn in color and it’s pre-portioned. You can of course portion
out your guac the day of if you aren’t a fan. Lunches are done. (techno music) Okay, onto dinners. We are starting with a
Mexican lasagna casserole that I am going to make a day ahead. In a skillet, I cook onion and bell pepper in a little oil until softened. Add lean ground beef,
or you could use turkey or anything else, and
cook through completely. Add chili powder, salsa,
and diced tomatoes. Stir and remove from
the heat and set aside. Separately, I mix together
drained and rinsed black beans, corn, olives, and some green onion. (upbeat music) In a large baking dish, I place a few tortillas on the bottom. Use corn, wheat, gluten free, or whatever works for your family. I add half of that beef
mixture followed by half of the bean mixture and
some shredded cheese. Repeat those layers until
you’ve got two, of course topping it off with that cheese. Save for up to a day before
baking, or bake immediately. I’m storing this overnight
so that I can have a fresh-cooked meal on Monday
with leftovers Wednesday, but it is your call. This can also be frozen once it’s cooked. I am prepping salad bar
ingredients to go with it. Use any ingredients that
your family will eat. A salad bar is a fun way to DIY dinner and encourage everyone to
eat a few more vegetables, not to mention it requires no cooking and is super easy to throw together. Tomorrow night, Monday
for me, I just throw the casserole into the oven
and put all of the salad bar ingredients on the table,
and dinner is served. That Mexican casserole is
freakin’ delicious, too. And the salad bar concept flows right into our second dinner, which is a burger bar. So in the updated course
content for Meal Prep Ignite, I also added an entire
pamphlet with buffet family-style meal ideas. This burger bar is one of them. I get my burgers made on prep day. I mix ground turkey,
Worcestershire, Worshester, Worshe, Wooshter …
– [Camera Man] Worcestershire. – Worcestershire, brown sauce (laughs), parsley, and salt and pep
together and make into patties. Make a slight indent in the center and cook them on the grill or skillet until cooked through, about
five minutes per side. I can store that with the
prepped toppings of my choice. I am also getting some
broccoli and cauliflower ready to go to roast the
day of, and it wouldn’t be a burger bar without
fries, so I am cutting up some sweet potato fries as well. Okay, so bear with me,
but there’s a lot to say about sweet potato fries,
and baked fries in general. First of all, cut potatoes of all types are not great for meal prep. I share this with you in
my Meal Prep Ignite course because I have an entire list sharing the best and worst
foods for meal prepping. Potatoes that are sliced are not ideal. But there are some things you can do. If you are going to cut
sweet potatoes in advance, or any potatoes, submerge them in water, and they’ll last a day or two. So I am only prepping fries for one of the burger bar dinner days. The other, I will cut the day of. Okay, so this meal is prepped. When Tuesday night comes,
I dry out the fries. (upbeat music) Toss them with some oil, salt and pepper, and any seasonings you
like, and then add them to a baking rack on a tray. (upbeat music) I also add those prepped veggies to a tray and toss them with oil and seasonings. (techno music) Into the oven they go,
and in the meantime, I can reheat the burgers
and put out the toppings. I include both buns and lettuce wraps for those who want it protein style and get the table set. And then I’ve got a super
fun dinner experience that’s healthy, veggie inclusive, and family fun for everyone. If you like the bar concept, you will love the other ideas
I have in that pamphlet, a ton of versatile options that you can customize for your family. For a later night dessert, my household loves to keep fruit on hand. I am keeping strawberries whole, because I know thanks to
my best and worst guide that they won’t make it through
the week if they’re sliced. Instead, I simply pop off the stem. This is actually easier
than cutting off the ends and you retain more of
the berry, it’s a win win. I’ve also got cheese
cubes, portioned trail mix, and single serve edamame
ready to go for snacks. For the edamame, I simply
transfer frozen edamame to jars portioned out. This makes them accessible to my family. Then they can just grab
one from the freezer, pop them in the microwave, for a quick protein-packed and nutritious snack. Or you can even just thaw them out in the fridge and eat cold. And that is my family
meal prep for the week. Totally customizable and versatile. It can be completely
gluten free, dairy free, nut free, or whatever your family needs because you can design your own and make the choices
about what ingredients will resonate most and which won’t. The idea isn’t for me to make
a perfect meal prep for you, because I can’t, I don’t know your family. But you can, and I give
you the tools to do that in my Meal Prep Ignite Course. Grab it now, that back
to school discount ends August 9th, at If you like this type of video, I have more examples in the course not available anywhere else. There’s a vegan example,
a gluten free example, a family meal prep, and another
full week’s meal prep video available to course students only. Also, are you on Instagram? If so, are you participating in the 30 day My Self Love Challenge
that I’m hosting right now? You can jump in at any time, so come join us and check it out. I will see you next week
for a brand new episode and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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