Facial Steps | Facial Treatment at Cocoon Salon

Facial Steps video Tutorial shot at Cocoon Salon (Product used: Natures’s Essense Fruit Facial) If you are a beautician, before inviting a client into a facial room, make sure the facial room is prepared, clean, hygiene and air-conditioned.Also make sure that you are maintaining hygiene. Get the required products ready Beautician : Megha Take Cleansing cream for fruit facial treatment Take face scrub for face dead skin exfoliation An important step in facial treatment, take massage cream Take Facial pack which is the last step in facial treatment. Now invite the client into facial room Model: Suman Close the facial room for privacy Give the client a facial gown but here for shooting purpose we used the towel to cover her. Sometimes, for women, facial massage will be done to the neck and blouse line part. So being in a facial gown helps her. Cover the hair with a towel and or with a headband. Usually, before starting facial procedure, you want to ask the client to remove ornaments by herself and keep it secure. In this facial video, beautician removing the ornaments. Clean the face with cold and wet facial towel If the client has makeup on the face, use makeup remover. Now first facial step is to apply cleansing cream Gently do the facial massage to apply the cleansing cream. Clean the face from the facial cleanser. Next in Facial steps is to apply scrub Spread the scrub to the face and do gentle and simple massage Concentrate more on the areas where the more dead skin appears. While applying scrub prepare the facial steam machine ready and switched on with required temperature. Now apply steam for about 2-5 min. make sure it’s not too hot and depending on the skin, you want to decide the time and distance. usually 1-1 and half feet from the face. Facial steam temperature should usually be 110 F. clean the scrub from the face while steam is on Now the face is prepared for black head and white head removal. take blackhead removal Facial step: Remove black and white heads Remove gently. Do not apply too much pressure. Now take toner and clean the face to close the open pores. Facial step: Apply massage cream Do gentle massage for proper blood circulation, oxygen. Use pressure points cautiously which gives relaxation to the client. Facial massage in Facial Treatment helps the client get natural glow through proper blood circulation to the face and more collagen production which helps get a natural glow. Facial massage in Facial Steps helps the face prevent wrinkles. The final Facial step is applying face pack Cover the eyes with rose water pads. You may use cucumber slices as well. After 5 min of face pack clear the face The client can wash the face with cold water if desired Thank you for watching Facial steps tutorial

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