Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin : How to Remove Gammage Exfoliant
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Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin : How to Remove Gammage Exfoliant

This is the removal stage of the gamage scrub.
And again, we’re just going to make sure that it’s not tacky anywhere on our face. It feels
pretty dry. So you want to take a tissue. And to save, you know, expense, I always split
the tissue in half. Most tissue comes in two ply. And you just want to fold the tissue
paper, kind of along your client’s neck here, because these are going to pick up the little
residual bits of the product that we’re going to sloughed off here. So just make sure it’s
kind of in the crease of her neck, or the nape of her neck here. And what we’re doing
is, is just gently with our fingertips, rubbing the product off which is giving the client
a nice exfoliation. And again, this gamage is ideal for a thicker skin type, if someone
has a lot of sun damage or someone who’s just really dehydrated and just needs a big boost
in or help in exfoliation. And you just really, you know, focus in here. So you just want
to wipe away the excess residual product here. And now we’re going to remove the gamage or
the excess bits of gamage with a nice warm towel that I’ve gotten from the steam cabby.
And the benefits of using a nice warm towel is, first of all, it feels really nice, but
also, it enables you to get every little last bit off of the face that you can’t see here,
you know.
And just do a little wipe through, like so.

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