Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin : How to Apply Gammage Exfoliant

A gamage facial scrub, it’s a little different
and almost, it’s a little messier to use than your traditional facial scrubs. It’s very
thick in consistency, if you could see and it’s creamy. And you just want to use a very
light application, but you take your fingers and you kind of warm it up a little bit before
applying it, and you want to spread it a very thin layer across the entire face and again,
it’s a wet product but as it dries, it only takes a few minutes to dry. And as it dries,
you’re going to use your fingertips to gently sloughed off the product. So, the product
is going to be dried in just a minute. And as it dries, you’re going to gently use your
fingertips to remove the excess and in doing so, it’s going to feel kind of like dryer
razor shavings to your client, but that is going to remove any flakiness, dryness, basically
the top surface layers of our skin, our pretty much dead skin cells anyway. So by using your
product like this, it’s really going to soften and just give you that baby soft feeling that
most of us are striving to get. So I’m just going to let it, kind of sit up for a few
minutes and you just want to kind of feel around and make sure its not tacky, cause
if it’s still tacky it’s still drying. And we want to make sure it’s nice and dry so
that we can really get a good exfoliation out of the product and on her skin. So, as
this product dries, it usually takes about two minutes or so, we’ll just wait a few minutes.

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