Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin : Facial Scrubs at Home
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Facial Scrubs for Dry Skin : Facial Scrubs at Home

Now I’m going to give you some tips for making
an at home facial scrub. You can simply use table top sugar and you can mix it. You know,
you could either go to your health food store or some store that sells sweet almond oil
or you can use flaux seed oil, anything that’s really beneficial for the skin, that’s not
going to clog. And you can mix a little sugar with that, and just, you know, again, being
very gentle with the skin. Sugar is a natural exfoliant and actually sugar is the base of
most of our chemical peel exfoliants including glycolic acid. So sugar is a great, simple
at home treatment to use on your own. So today we’ve gone over many great ways to treat your
skin. A lot of phenomenal specific techniques to really treat your skin and even if you
can’t make it to your skin care professional for a nice invasive treatment, you can still
take these tricks and use them, you know, in your daily day routine at home. And, you
know, your skin is what you show and your face is what you show to your peers and your
family and your friends and to the world. And what you do to your skin everyday and
everynight is going to make the most difference in, you know, in your outward appearance and
how you feel about yourself. So if you take care of your skin, it will take care of you.

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